"2006" The Year Of Manifestation


(A brief note: I decided to publish this article for January 1 on December 28 th , as the energy has shifted today. The back-up booster rockets are firing, readying us for a big catapult into a New reality in January. We are finished with the integration and decision making process at the higher levels as to our New positions in the New World and the next phase is beginning that will get us there. Being highly sensitive to energy, I awoke this morning with a strange sense of anxiety, as I could feel much stirring, whirring and movement as the momentum is building for our movement to the “other side.” This energy will serve to push us ahead and over the top so to speak. Wheeeeeee! Are you ready?)

2006. The Year Of Manifestation. Our time has come. We have reached critical mass and the ball is in the court of the lightworkers. We will be supported in oh so many ways as we are now ready to create the New World .



Right Before We Get There

The second half of December, 2005 was a time for integration and for aligning with the New. And know that these time periods vary for each of us……they are not exact.

During this time, there was a sense of “completion,” as our old incarnations and old roles of the 3D reality were at an end. It was time to wrap things up. You may have found yourself letting go of much. Ending old outdated relationships that would not serve you in your New role and New life…..or perhaps redefining them and taking them to New levels. Cleaning out closets and downsizing. Selling old computers, cars, or anything that defined and supported you in your old reality. Moving from your old residence. Getting a New phone. Basically, readying yourself to move .

There are countless ways that the energies of this magnificent transition into a higher dimension can manifest. So if some of your items from your old life began to breakdown and leave you, it was only because it was time for them to be replaced by brand New, shiny, clear and bright New manifestations that you will need in the New World.

During this time, there was also a lot of “transferring” energy as well. Basically, some things needed to be transferred from one world to the next so to speak. Things needed to be “re” set up in a different way in order to support us in our New roles. Yes, we are leaving much behind. And during this time, there may also have been a sense of urgency about it all….as though it all needed to be done and completed by January 1.


To recap:

  • August 2005 brought in the energy of finally reaching critical mass.
  • November 11, 2005 opened the stargate or stairway to Heaven, where the energies and reality of the higher realms were now upon us in complete totality. No more going “back and forth” with glimmerings here and there of higher ways and a sense of being “there”.
  • December 12, 2005 was the time for integration of these higher realms.
  • And now, January will mark the beginning of the New World .

These past few weeks have creating much in regard to this integration. When any New energy of a higher way and higher vibration first arrives, it feels glorious as it is creating a New blueprint. The next phase is always an alignment period where everything within us needs to match up. This creates much purging and in the beginning (especially over the past few years), it can be uncomfortable. But the more we clear out, allowing a more pure alignment with Source and a higher vibrating existence, the easier it gets.

Also, during the last few weeks of December, 2005, much was being aligned at higher soul levels as well. You may have experienced this time as a time of confusion…..not really knowing or sensing what you wanted to do or what was what with certain things. It may have created a feeling of being lost or disconnected. This was because you were disconnected……..disconnected from one reality as you are ready to enter another! And you may have felt lonely. You may have felt that you did not belong anywhere and that there was not a place that currently existed that you may have wanted to go to! This is because we can no longer tolerate the old creations and are really ready to create the New higher ways of living and being.

This confusion and disconnect energy was also here because at higher soul levels, we were all in a meeting deciding who wanted to do what in the New World . Things were being defined in perfect order for our New roles. Things were being defined in regard to which souls wanted to “stay” for this experience and which souls have decided to take this latest exit point and move onto another experience not on this planet.

I likened this time to residing in a “tossed salad”. Much was now dislodged and up in the air. This was a key transition point. We were neither here nor there. And also during this time there was a lot of “commotion” energy. There were many, many souls floating around lost. For me, it felt as though there was too much in my space poking and prodding and coming at me, even though this really was not the case in my physical reality. (Making an edgy and cranky Karen!) At soul levels, many were not sure where to go and were wandering around. This is how it is during a death process or transition process in the old 3D reality. We die in the physical, have a massive release, and then wander around a bit before we transition completely over. And then we have a New role on the other side! J

This was a time of incredible “death”. You may have had dreams or themes of the walking dead or of dying. You may have felt as though you were dying yourself. You may have been experiencing your own personal life review (and this is also a very common ascension symptom…..reviewing and examining one's life). You may have had panic and anxiety as you may have felt that everything was leaving and you were not yet clear about exactly where you were going yourself! And you may have looked at your life thus far and wondered why you hadn't done this or that, or created this life of your dreams, as you were so dedicated to your lightworker job. (But your dream life is finally ready to unfold in 2006….this will be a completely different time and experience.)

For highly sensitive and psychic individuals, these times of great transition and rebirth can be quite challenging. The trick is to trust and let go. Just as if you were dying in the old way of the 3D, it always helps to trust, let go and surrender. We all have many non-physical beings and ascension guides around us who are always there to assist and monitor this amazing and miraculous process. We are never alone, even though many times it may feel that we are!

But there are yet even more symptoms, and then we will get to all the good stuff! In the higher realms, things are quite different. Being much more connected to Source, we run our energy through our vehicles in much more of a straight shot. It doesn't need to ricochet around within us getting caught up in mis-perceptions about how we believe things are or even how we navigate (or rather our physical vessel that we navigate through ).

 Having cleared out much through this on-going ascension process, the energies of Source are now running through us much more clearly. This creates a sort of impatience and intolerance for much. Having to jump through hoops and go through lengthy processes of an old 3D nature (based on fear and having to prove everything) are feeling cumbersome indeed.

In addition, we are seeing outside of the box. Residing “higher” now, it is very easy to see all these illusions and misperceptions that we have been blindly living in for so long. You may be wondering why in the world individuals go through what they do to get anywhere in relation to how they process their energy. Or perhaps it is now so easy to see how individuals get caught up in an on-going circular, round and round pattern of energy exchange with others……never getting anywhere and claiming “victim.”

Last year during Christmas time I felt that this would be the last Christmas as we know it. This year at Christmas, it felt as if we were acting out an illusion. Going through the paces, or perhaps experiencing a Christmas that felt strange for some unknown reason. Will we be celebrating Christmas in the same way or even having Christmas in the New World ? (That could be an article in itelself!)

 And also during this time, things of the outside world and outside reality are beginning to peak….right before they change. Right before something changes and leaves, it can maximize itself or run its full course of energy. “How can these things and ways of being continue to exist on this planet?!” you may be wondering. Or perhaps you have simply just had enough of it all. Like Jesus with the moneychangers, it can create frustration and anger. And if you have come to be a teacher, it can really get your temperature rising! It is simply the last hurrah before the crash.

Vibrating higher always creates a very uncomfortable feeling when around anything vibrating lower. For the sensitives, being in this environment can literally make one sick. This is purposely designed so that we will reach for higher ways of living and creating….we are basically forced into it. It is all a part of our evolutionary process.



                                                                                         When We Get There…January 1

Now for the “good” stuff. And know again, that these dates are basic. We are all heading in the same direction, and for some, their path is perfect in that they are setting up things at different times in order for their own perfect experience and role. But generally speaking, these are the pivotal dates.

So what will happen after the transitioning has basically been completed by enough of us? The party begins. The party FINALLY begins!

We knew before we infused our energies into these particular forms what this experience would be about. During the first phase we agreed to embody much pain, suffering and abuse in order to transmute it and also so that it would serve as a catalyst to awaken us to remembering who we were and that we wanted better. As is the purpose of all so called darkness, it serves to provide a contrast so that we can define what we would prefer and then focus on becoming and creating that. In the New World, we create without this polarity. Being outside of the box, we can see all, and no longer need to be guided in this way.

So during the first phase, we shook things up, created ripples in the pond, embodied as much light as we could, moved all over the geographical map to balance the energies within us and without and dutifully served to fulfill our missions as lightworkers. In this first phase we basically lived under the veil and in some confusion and darkness, but we were tough! And we loved to whine about it all J .

So now the first phase is over. And our New programming kicks in. The “old” us, the “old” person we thought we were, the “old” role we had, the “old” ways we processed and believed are now over and gone. We had to be what was here at the time. We had to be that version and human model in order to shift what was. When we create, we always begin with where we are. And in order for consciousness to expand, it must be in form. So it was a necessary part of the plan. What a time we had!

And now ………….we get to connect with our souls and embody in a much more conscious way who we are at soul levels. All the illusions will be swept away. The ascension process truly serves to support this as we literally find that we do not know who we are looking at in the mirror. But we will remember who we really are very soon as we begin looking at the image of our souls.

This New connection to ourselves at soul levels also involves our relationships with our families from the stars. These connections and identities will become very pronounced now as we have merged into the higher realms. Our star families have been watching and protecting us through this process, as we are “ascending” them as well. We are now the forerunners (just realized that that is the name of my new car!) for our star representations. We will be leading them as we also unite with their (our) wisdom as well.

So we will be workings as teams. Teaming with the non-physical beings (this includes star beings as well as those humans who have crossed over and are assisting from the other side) and teaming with our soul partners here in the physical. We will be teaming up to create the New World . The original blueprint for the planet Earth was for creating and experiencing, and we will be restoring that. It was designed to be a playground and place for Source energy to experience itself.

Our coding will now kick in as well. When we reach higher vibrations it affects and triggers our coding and we will soon be activated to begin our New roles. New conditions are now present and these will serve to begin our New experiences that we had planned all along. We had planned for these New things to arrive specifically at this time when these New conditions were present. And now they are!

With the advent of our arrival into the time and the energies for creating the New World , we will be supported in all ways. We will be provided with all we need at our disposal for what we need to accomplish and create.

Recently I was driving to California for the holidays. I usually put my car in cruise control for the trip. When going up a hill, my old Ford Explorer would usually peter out in cruise control, so I began to drive up hills with the input of my own foot. This last trip I was driving my new car. Before I could turn off the cruise control while going up an incline, my car kicked into a new gear and powered me up the hill all by itself. I felt as if some unseen support was empowering me…like an undercurrent of massive support and incredible New strength arriving to get me precisely where I needed to go, with no effort required on my part. It literally brought tears to my eyes as I was so surprised when this happened.

And this unseen and powerful support is what is beginning now and will continue to arrive in 2006.

But the exciting part is yet to come. Higher ways of living and creating will now be at our disposal as we are residing in a higher dimension. Manifesting in the palms of our hands, transporting ourselves from one place to another simply through thought and intent, moving through dimensions and to other realities easily and rapidly, and on and on. This will most certainly be the year of manifestation. Our time has come.

And on that note, those in the forefront will be residing in the higher dimensions and may choose to come back to the stepping stone world for brief periods of time in order to teach and assist. You will find that it is difficult to reside in the lower vibrating realities for very long. At the beginning of our ascension process, we would experience periods where we would “check out,” get foggy thinking, memory loss and space out. We were adjusting and moving from one dimension to another.

Now, we will experience this when we are visiting the lower vibrating realities. Things have reversed. We can't stay “down there” for very long. It is too taxing and heavy and we will “space out.”

2006 will also be the year of the humanitarian. As so much will begin to unravel in the stepping stone world, there will be a considerable amount of humanitarian energy and activity. Many will be called to assist. Even as so much excitement is unfolding, the loss of the old will create severe scenarios of a depression era nature. We will want to support and care for our human brothers and sisters in drastic ways. And as so many lightworkers are done with their own transitions and “suffering,” they will be ripe for the job. We will want many to arrive on the other side as we have.

I suppose this article could be quite lengthy, but for our purposes here, know that what is on the very near horizon will be of a very different nature than what we have experienced thus far. The old world will begin unraveling quite rapidly now, as what has been created from fear, darkness, disconnect and “in the box” reality must begin the process of undoing itself.

Lightworkers will be the human angels that serve to guide and light the way for the creation of the New World and higher ways of being and living. Some will reside in the stepping stone world and truly be in the trenches to guide and support and be, and most first wavers will reside mainly in the highest realms of the other side, traveling to and fro from one reality to another in total freedom of being while they may also serve as creators of a very higher vibrating society, just waiting for others to arrive.

This year of 2006 will be quite an amazing one indeed with much to tell at each pivotal turning point. And I look forward to continuing to share all the latest information with you through the energy alerts and books at www.whatsuponplanetearth.com.

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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