December 1, 2005: Are We Done Yet?


This Mercury retrograde has been quite exciting, I must say. But the pattern is perfect, so here we go. To recap: The second wave of ascenders made their leaps in April, May and June. We reached critical mass in August. We had a period of “stop sign” energy, as we could not move forward while things were being adjusted and readied for us. November 11 (11:11) opened a stargate to the higher realms, only this time, because of the critical mass, an overlay occurred with a total merging of the planet and all her inhabitants with the higher realms. So we are now in the higher realms to stay.

This was an amazing and truly incredible event which basically means that our mission has been successful. We have finally done it. This completion of our roles and part of our soul purpose, created a sense in many of “being done.” “Who am I now? Where do I go from here? Where do I belong?” some of us may wonder. What a sense of finality. But endings always create beginnings, so the best is simply yet to come.

After 11:11 came the Mercury retrograde which will last until the first week-end in December. Perfect. Perfect because before we move ahead and begin inhabiting a life in the higher realms, we need to go back. We need to go back and finalize the last pieces that still remain in the old 3D world before we can move ahead.

As the energies bump up exponentially, each planetary movement and each shift is more magnified than the one before. In the higher vibrations, everything is always magnified. This is why living in the high energy spots always creates quite an interesting life. So this current Mercury retrograde has been a real doozy for some of us. Why?

It's usually not advisable to start anything new during a Mercury retrograde. With the magnified energies, this time around created many situations of spinning our wheels. It seemed that we were going up and down, up and down, or around and around without getting anywhere. In addition, the energies created scenarios of much closing in upon us. For many, it seemed as though we could not get our space back………as if much too much was going on all at once.

With the newly arriving energies of the higher realms, we “bumped up” but could not go forward…….so we went up and down, up and down, and around and around….like a hamster in a wheel, we could not seem to get anywhere.

But there is more. It's the going back part. When we had to go back into old business or old scenarios that needed to be finished and completed it was quite uncomfortable. Into the old energies of the 3D world. Into the past. Ugh! As we are now vibrating much higher than even last month, going into something from another time was almost unbearable.

And as always with ascension, anything vibrating lower than ourselves feels downright awful. One would think that a higher vibrating human would become much more compassionate and nonjudgmental, but the ascension process has fooled us by creating feelings of no tolerance. This is perfectly designed so that we will evolve into and begin creating something different….uhumm....perhaps a New World ? (smile)

So we are going back and finishing up in a very deep and intense way….all necessary to prepare for………12:12! December 12, 2005 will be another pivotal point. It will be instrumental in preparing us for the amazing and incredible time of January, where we will really be anchored into our new grooves.

Part of our natural state of being is in joy, in playing and creating, and in having fun. We want to be done. Time to end the responsibilities. Time to let go of it all. Time to be free. Time to be in the moment. In the higher realms everything is in the now. We always have everything we need. We have no attachments. There are no agendas. There are no “systems” of the 3D world. There are no hoops to jump through. We are ready to laugh, to be free, and to enjoy. Thank goodness this is the last of the going back. We are now wired for a different reality and way of being.

You may be feeling that you want to get off your computer. Get away from the TV. Get out of the car where you spend too much time running errands. Get off the phone. Get out of your book. Get away from conversations that go around and around, talking about what “is.”

It is time to get out there and create your life. It is time to move into a New energy and really live in it. It is time to do something physical. Raise your alpacas, start living off the grid, build a new house, plant a garden, become one with nature and the stars, have a farm, move to the land of your dreams, sleep in late with your best friend, be with your animals, create music, dance, paint, sing and simply be present.

We are done. We are ready to create the New. We are ready to have the life of our dreams. We can, we can, we can. No more waiting for the planet to get there. It finally has.


Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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