December 16, 2005: The Temporary Stand-Still


As the energies continue to shift very rapidly now, we are experiencing yet another interesting phase. December 12 (12:12) brought in the opportunity to integrate with the higher energies of the New World that arrived on 11:11. The onset of these New energies that supported our integration certainly felt wonderful, as we were pushed forward into the New and as the New was revealed to us. What immediately followed then was one big incredible halt.

“Am I going backward in time?” you may have wondered. What happened to that crystal clear, bright and shiny energy of the New? “Why has everything stopped,” or “I must have been impulsive making all these plans when it now appears that nothing has changed!”. I can assure you that these feelings (if you are indeed experiencing them) are only temporary because this is what is occurring at the highest levels:

We are in another meeting at the soul level. When the energies stop suddenly, many times it is because things are being discussed by all of “us souls” before we move forward. There is no question that things are progressing according to plan and everything is right where it should be.

So what is going on in the meeting? We have all gathered together to define our roles and to decide who is going to be doing what in the New World . This isn't even a metaphor here, as we are really and truly having a meeting and deciding……. who wants to be involved in assisting in the stepping stone world? Some of us raise our hands. Or perhaps, who wants to move ahead and teach the ways of being and creating in the New World ? Some of us raise our hands.

According to each of our own special gifts and talents, according to what we have chosen in regard to “staying”, and according to what we have worked out with our star families and so forth, we will each find a perfect niche that fits us like nowhere else.

We are literally being put into position for the New World …..we are being put into position for this grand unfoldment (is that a word?) of January, 2006. This current time of decisions at the highest levels is like no other. Come January, we will be anchored in so deeply and so assuredly that a bulldozer could not budge us, and we certainly could not be budged by any upheavals or darker energies either!

This is a most miraculous and amazing time. 2005 was the year for an incredible sifting, sorting, and release of the old, and when we reached critical mass in August, all the changes and plans and phases for creating the New World could then begin.


(And know that in regard to our star families, we are “ascending for them” as well through this incredible experience we are having on this planet Earth of ascending through our human selves.)

What are some of the ramifications of this enormous shift on the very near horizon? Many will chose to leave now through the 3D process of death. Although this has been on-going for quite some time, this advent of 2006 will precipitate the exodus of many. Many of our mothers will be going. They have carried the beautiful energy of the feminine and of the mother, and will now be passing it on to those of us who will be embodying it in the New World . They have held the torch for a very long time, and can now be released from that old reality and that old role.

Basically speaking, it is as if the trains have arrived at the station, and we will all be choosing whether to get on board for our arrival in a very New reality of our making, or stay behind and infuse our energies into another experience better suited to support our souls.

You also may be inspired or motivated to begin living “off the grid”. The Native American tribes here in Northern Arizona are going to solar power for all of the reservation land. I am canceling my internet connection and will only connect sporadically at a different site, as I am being guided to reside in a New reality with New connections. (No, this will not affect or change in any way the energy alerts or books). So in many different kinds of ways, you may be leaving the old and extricating yourself or removing yourself from this world and this reality.

And yet there is more going on during this brief period of transition that is now occurring as we prepare to enter the New World in 2006. As mentioned in the energy alert of December 12 (please see archives), we are “bottoming out” in regard to our old roles and our old means of support. We are “in between”, so to speak, as part of this integration process.

“Do I have to go out and get a job?” you may have recently found yourself wondering. “Why has everything dried up?” “How am I going to survive?” And with all the rising prices of real estate, the fuel situation, and the “out of control” energies, it may feel like a time of desperation. But this is simply not the case.

Here is what is occurring at the highest levels:

KNOW THIS: All lightworkers will be taken care of and supported. We did not come here to create this Shift Of The Ages, be triumphant and successful, only to crash and burn precisely when our time has finally come! Not going to happen. Our souls are creating and navigating everything. And they know exactly what they are doing.

A few days ago, the transmission in my old Ford Explorer suddenly went out. It was really time for a new car (my old “vehicle” was gone and I needed a New one to support me for my New life). Needing to be free and clear, I have not had any debt for several years. In addition, I have not worked “a job” for several years. I haven't been in that reality for several years! So there I was in need of a new vehicle, and a totally bad prospect for any kind of financing with no credit and no source of income.

I also could not relate in any way to paperwork hoop jumping and proving anything. Don't we just create simply by knowing and receiving instantly? Well, I walked into an auto dealership and left with a brand new vehicle…the perfect vehicle for me with a great 4-wheel drive, and 3 miles on the engine. The 3 was very significant to me as this is the number of ascension. I never filled out any paperwork regarding income or whatever. And I love my new SUV!

So yes, we will be totally supported so that we will be able to fulfill our roles. We will most certainly be taken care of, as we will be so very instrumental in showing and teaching the New ways for the New World .

During this time of great transition with the old outer world, during the next few weeks it may be best to “lay low”. We will not be affected by the big shifts and changes in the economy. It will not be the reality for lightworkers. We will easily and readily side-step the experiences of the mainstream as it transitions. It greatly helps not to buy into the media and the experiences and the panic and fear of the crashing of the old world. Try and concentrate on your upcoming role and what your special contribution will be to the New World . Know that you have powers and abilities that others do not have. And with the advent of January 2006, you will most likely begin to remember what they are………

This is also a time and will continue on, for the near instant manifestations. It may seem that things are changing so quickly now, that it is near impossible to make any plans. We think that something is settled and about to occur, and then suddenly, poof! The whole situation changes and a New situation arrives along with a New adjustment period, and then poof! This situation changes as well. We are certainly learning to live in the moment now. But in the higher realms, it is intended for us to create fresh and New in any given moment.

In the higher realms we can have whatever we want. We will not be holding onto much, as we will know that it can be gone in an instant and be replaced with whatever we intend. If one person is not offering to us what we want, we can easily let go and another will arrive to offer us a different scenario….and these types of situations will occur very rapidly and very regularly as we are now residing in a higher dimension.

And know that a higher and deeper plan also exists at soul levels that creates the “home” or “plan” or “box” for the variety of different experiences and creations to reside in. Like an arrow flying through the air as it moves toward its' intended target, there is always room for variance and change as it continues on its' path, even though it will always reach the same ultimate destination.

Along with this type of manifestation in the New World , in 2006 we will also finally begin manifesting in the palms of our hands. This is going to be such an exciting time! And I cannot wait to begin sharing these experiences with you and this information through the new What's Up On Planet Earth? mini books! Wheeeeee!

In 2006 we will also really begin working and creating and experiencing in a group or team format. I am going to be in close quarters with the star beings, as they will be part of my “group” and reality and I am so excited. Unity will abound in all ways. It will truly be a time of living and experiencing the higher ways………FINALLY! And all because we reached critical mass. It may have seemed like we waited forever, but now that is has finally arrived, it feels great. It reminds me of the pains of labor, but after a beautiful New baby and New life arrives, the memories of the labor pains usually disappear in an instant.


Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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