Depression And Chaos


Well, January finally arrived with all its anticipation and the energies have been every which way, to say the least. What is all the turmoil, chaos and depression about? Why aren't many of us feeling oh so wonderful now that we have arrived in the higher realms?

Perhaps you can't seem to get anything done as something very important to you is taking what seems like forever . Or maybe you or others around you are continually canceling or changing plans, creating a lot of instability. Or just maybe something you had in the works just very suddenly falls apart and the bottom falls out.

Emotions running high? Apparent frustration? Feeling deflated, powerless, confused or acutely disappointed? Too many sudden changes? Not sure where you are? Can't get comfortable anywhere? Nothing to hold onto or nowhere to go that feels right?

There is a very simple explanation here: We are going from upside down to rightside up.

We are smack in the middle of a monumental transition……..and one with the magnitude of this one has never been experienced before. The ramifications reach far and wide and are affecting much, but as always, all is in divine perfect order.

Everything is aligning with the higher ways and the New World energy. Although we have been aligning gradually (even though we certainly felt very stretched at times!) for a few years now, after reaching critical mass, everything is now aligning all the way , so to speak. Can you imagine arriving at this point without experiencing all the preparatory phases through the ascension process? We would never have made it, and so we must know that all our stretching and releasing and complaining was to get us precisely here.

And we are mostly aligning in the physical reality …..which is always the last to catch up, but is now unraveling and becoming New right before our eyes.

This then, is creating all the chaos and rapidly changing energy. The old can no longer function, so we may get started with it (especially in the form of the old systems and ways) and then things suddenly don't “hold.”

Or, we may find a fair amount of chaos and turmoil involving a project as things are rippling and affecting all things around. And with many energies involved in a project or creation or manifestation, and with these variety of energies going through their own experiences and change with each person involved, it is no wonder that things may seem haywire and crazy! But through it all, the things that need to manifest for our highest good and New positions will eventually arrive, even though the road to these manifestations may be rocky, tumultuous and very delayed!

Other scenarios are present as well. Some things just seem to very suddenly fall away, disappear, or appear as if the plans or reality we had during that time were only a big joke or maybe some dream or illusion as suddenly they are no longer. This is because we are most certainly being protected, among other things. We wouldn't want to be involved with or connected to something that will soon be leaving or crashing or unraveling. At the higher levels, we are navigating a most New and uncertain road……..but with the guidance and protection of many non-physical beings and with our souls. Although things may seem uncertain and crazy, all is actually in divine order as we make our way through this “tossed salad” of sorting and sifting as we arrive and anchor in the New.

And even though it may not feel like it, we are making our way forward with rapid and unusual speed. Sudden endings…….always bring New beginnings. Death brings New life into a new reality and a much higher dimensional way of living. And at times the New can arrive before the old has left (as we may have been holding on for too long!) and the old can leave before the New has arrived (as we have to be willing to let go, release and trust to make room for the New). In any case, our souls had a pre-determined plan that especially involved this incredible time we are in regarding our arrival into the higher realms. Things needed to be put into place to support our New roles and to place us in our New positions that we have been waiting for for so long.

Like pre-programmed computer programs, when we reached these higher vibrations our programs were then activated and all was lined up to move us into position.

So why are things not feeling as good as we thought they might? Why are some of us feeling so challenged and perhaps even depressed?

Firstly, we are now most certainly wired for the Promised Land. When we became activated for this New World we are now in, we became ready for the higher realms. In the higher realms, all our needs are met. We have everything we need, we manifest easily and effortlessly, there is no longer any negativity, suffering, darkness, greed, manipulation to get what we want, powerlessness, money based ways of creating and living and on and on.

When these ways are still here, as they are still in the process of moving out, we are still experiencing them around us and they feel downright horrible, as well as intolerable. “What in the world is this kind of reality?!” you may find yourself wondering, as you can now see oh so clearly what really is . Ugh! It may feel like you are in a quicksand of lower energies that are bogging you down, or perhaps a very severe feeling of “I can't do this anymore! Not for one more second!”. Experiencing old patterns that are still going round and round after you thought you were done can feel quite uncomfortable and intolerable, just as can being in the energies of the old.

We can become depressed when we feel powerless to create or feel unsupported. We know our time is finally here and therefore we need and want to feel supported to create what we know we came for and want to create. Even though we are now in the much more rapid energies of near rapid manifestation, we are also in these intense energies of the “tossed salad.” This means that much is flying around in regard to our intent or how we are vibrating…….and we may not be aware of exactly how we are vibrating! But just look at what has manifested around you and you will quickly know how and what you are about and are vibrating.

With so much energy of creating and intending and also simply just “being,” all being greatly magnified in these higher realms, much, much and much is manifesting rapidly and it can arrive in a very conflicting way. Like a room full of bumper cars, our thoughts and desires and ways that we are being are creating very rapidly New and different scenarios and not much in alignment with each other! When all things are not lined up with each other, creating can become very interesting and certainly chaotic.

Add this to the rapid process of what was upside down now being turned rightside up and we can only marvel at how we are surviving at all!

And here is another situation. Recently, I took a quick glance at where I was to gain some clarity for the day. There I was, up high surrounded by white, white and white light, with nothing else around me….just floating around in some higher dimension. If you are feeling spacey, not here or there, getting confused on what day it is, where you are, are finding it difficult to formulate a sentence, you are probably experiencing your New arrival into a higher dimension. My mom recently prepared her home for her bridge group. She got ready with the table settings, hors d'oeuvres and the like, and no one showed up. She had the wrong day……..

We are in a New reality and we have yet to really set the foundation and lay the groundwork, so we're sort of floating around without the driver's manual and without the guidebook. We need to jump into place with our intentions……..our personal as well as our planetary intentions. And in this high frequency for manifesting that we are now residing in, we will know how clear we are being, as things show up either to our liking or disliking, ready for a tweaking to become what we really want.

Sometimes we don't know what we really want until our creations show up and we are actually in them. In this way, we can gain much clarity on what really feels right. Go for the top. Don't accept what you think is possible or probable. These possible or probable old roads and realities are quickly leaving, so you wouldn't be there long anyway. And if we go for the top, we are in the higher vibrations and can create much easier as we are in alignment with where we are now residing. What then, do you really want?

So basically, we are acclimating to something very New. Things haven't quite settled in yet. We haven't quite settled in to our New grooves yet. And we are wading through much chaos to get there. But the New will be very New.

I have been connecting regularly to a non-physical being from a very far off place who vibrates very high. He/she and this “group” of souls have not connected with the Earth before, as the Earth was not ready for this much higher frequency of ways and messages. I first enjoyed this contact five years ago when I began a rapid ascension process, as these beings knew what was to come. Only now they are here interacting on a very regular basis. This is a brand New beginning for me with a brand New group of beings with a brand New family very different from my prior soul role that I had fulfilled for eons of time. I have finished a substantial round of soul purpose and so have you. I am so excited and thrilled to be having this experience and having the opportunity to go so much higher than my soul has ever gone before.

Our souls have completed much. This is a very exciting time of New beginnings and an opportunity to create a very New planet Earth. And as we are ascending all beings throughout the cosmos through ourselves and this incredible Earthly experience, we are vitally the center of attention now and highly revered by all beings.

What kind of New World will we create? What will your role be? What will we paint on this brand New palette? The brush is in our hands for something very New. It is up to us. Wheeeeeeeeee!

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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