Endings and Beginnings


O.K. Here’s where we are folks, and things are moving right along. January heralded the advent of incredible new energies for the New Planet Earth. For the past few weeks, we have really been fine tuning and integrating these energies. We have been experiencing continual blasts of higher energy in patterns of every ten days or so, and these energy blasts last about three days…I won’t even bother to give you the dates, as there are so many (and it really doesn’t matter anyway, as it’s always better just to focus on having a life in the physical).

Because the road in front of us is now clear of all resistance and blockages, as so much density has been removed, we are simply preparing for the road ahead. From now until the latter part of March, we will continue to integrate and align with these energies, and they are truly awesome.

Common symptoms of this integration include nausea, severe headaches, dizziness and vertigo, spaciness, and head colds and pressure. Symptoms can vary depending upon who you are and how you are wired.

Exhaustion and fatigue are common as well, as we are needing all of our energy to integrate these higher frequencies. It can greatly help to stay as still as possible when the blasts occur…it can be easy to become overtaxed. At times, you may not even have the energy to talk! This is OK and will pass. After each blast and integration, there is then a space of feeling greatly cleansed, lighter, clearer, and incredibly joyous for no particular reason (oh, yes….this is our natural state of being).

If you spend any time on your computer, you may notice that it is behaving rather strangely, along with other electronics and devices, etc. And as we are basically computers ourselves, much of everything is experiencing some sort of strange dysfunctional behavior!

If these blasts of higher energy had occurred several years ago, we would not have been able to survive them. We are now at a point where we can much more comfortably embody them. We have come so far! And what a glorious time we are in!

So then, now is the time to get those ducks in a row in regard to our store-fronts. Have you noticed the new and sudden emergence of the new ways that are being introduced into the mainstream? Suddenly, new ways of healing for the mainstream, respect for the earth and the environment, ways of creating (I hear the movie The Secret is being noticed far and wide!), and an introduction of psychic ways of being are now being introduced to all of the whole….and these ways are being accepted now where they had not been embraced before.

This is because the road is finally clear, it is now our time, the New Earth is ready to be created, and we are now at the helm. And in this regard, it now time for our store-fronts to become a reality, as they will be the doorways to introduce what we have always known to the whole of the planet…and they will be the creations that will provide abundance for us, so they we can move ahead even further.

For the past few months we have been connecting with what we will need for our work and offerings to be presented. Things have been lining up for awhile, and are continuing to do so at a now rapid rate. Just what we need seems to literally fall into our laps. With the now absence of the prior density that existed, connections are now much easier as there is not nearly so much for us to wade through to get from here to there.

There is also an interesting phenomenon occurring that my girlfriend and I have been referring to as “having to go around the block to get across the street.” This may seem contradictory to having everything fall into our laps, but this is a different category all together. When we attempt to interact with and utilize the old ways of being, then we become involved with “going around the block to get across the street.” We can no longer create in the ways of the old world. In the New World, everything is effortless. So then, jumping through all those hoops of the 3D reality will simply not work. If anything is an effort, we can simply declare that we are unwilling to participate, and then wait for the effortless manifestation to arrive….and it will.

In addition, setting up our store-fronts can involve realities of the old world. This is because many of us will be introducing these new ways to many who are still residing in their minds, in the old world belief systems. So then, having to become involved in old world manifestations while setting up can be a real challenge. But once it is done, we can return to our spaces of higher vibrating reality. These store-fronts have to be located in a reality where the mainstream can have access to them and be open to receiving them, and this is why they have to be set up in this way.

Messages are coming to us rapidly now….whatever it is we need to know arrives in record time. So then, when we are done setting up our store-fronts, it will be about the time more new energies arrive at the latter part of March. And these new energies will now carry us on one huge wave of manifesting and abundance, as our store-fronts will be the vehicles.

And we can add another twist to this scenario….the roadblock energy. This scenario can occur if we are trying to manifest something very big, not the smaller connections and supports we need for our store-fronts, for instance, but the bigger and permanent manifestations. In many cases, we are being delayed or blocked because the energies are simply not yet in place for these manifestations to occur. Things are still being lined up. These manifestations will occur in March, when everything is finally ready. Things will be different for us then, and we will be able to manifest much more then, and have more information and things in place, than we do now. It will serve us much better to wait, and so we are being blocked in some areas.

And yet another twist is evident as well. The first wave of lightworkers, mostly those of the baby boomer generation, are now feeling strong urges to retire. Working and putting out any kind of effort can feel downright horrible and exhausting,to say the least. First wavers are ready to be done and to sit back and receive their bounty. When conditions, or when certain benchmarks have been met, then some are activated within their programming. This activation involves retiring, or simply being done. There is much now that has been received by the masses, and will now be taken over by all, so that the first wavers can now sit back and relax. All those years of raising the vibration of the planet are no longer needed. Trying to continue with any type of work that involves any kind of effort or producing, is now near impossible. This is also related to our new and permanent energy of “effortlessness.”

Yes, much has occurred of late, and much is yet to change.

Are you ready? Wheeeeeeeee!

(A brief afterword:  Anna Nichole Smith has taken the energies of struggle, powerlessness, and suffering to another realm. She embodied so much of them, that she decided to take them as an indication and a movement of energy, showing us that these ways can no longer be present upon the New Planet Earth. She was a beautiful being indeed, and now these energies she embodied are being healed and dispersed through her in another realm, as they can no longer exist in this new reality.)

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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