Experiencing the Lull and the Big Purge of Freedom

We just completed a big purge, and thus, we are now in a lull. The lunar eclipse and full moon supported us in really seeing who we are, in allowing us to go into that scary and seemingly dark space, and now we are out and on the other side. 

If you are one who is unusually sensitive and connects easily, you may have experienced the lunar eclipse on August 16th with confusing feelings of low self worth, perhaps self-loathing, and even guilt for no apparent reason. You may have felt just plain icky and you did not know why. Suddenly feeling bad about ourselves for no apparent reason is simply a manifestation of the lunar eclipse supporting us in going deep within and seeing the denser aspects of who we are. 

After its passing, we were then given an opportunity to shed a lot around us. We may have suddenly felt as though it was time for a big housecleaning, and not just our physical homes! After all we had been through in the past few months and weeks, it was indeed time for a rest...time for us to find sacred spaces, shed and purge anything in our lives which had not felt good to us, and know that we could now live and be free and clear of any denser and unpleasant energies (within and without). 

We had actually and finally come home....it was indeed time for the "other side." We could now be here and feel the peace, tranquility, ease, and comfort that had escaped us in recent times past. It was time to be back in our comfort zones once again...comfort zones we had not been in since March of 2007. We can now know that being in the muck and unpleasantness of another reality is now forever over (except for the times we must return, if ever so briefly J). We can now know that we are done, that we no longer have to be a part of any unpleasant and denser energies. We can now rest assured that the roles we had to play in previous times of interacting with these energies to bring them "up" are now over. We do not have to do this ever again. Seeming sacrifices made for the good of another or the good of the whole were suddenly released now...and many of us were ever ready for this change indeed (perhaps part of the reason for the "guilt" as well, as we said bye-bye). 

So then, many are being guided to sacred spaces of their own, as sudden openings and manifestations are occurring when they would not before. In this new land of simplicity, peace, and tranquility, tasks are being accomplished slowly, with ease, and in an effortless way. There is no density here...only a lightness and ease with a simple and sweet flow. 

The purging and detoxing that is just finishing now and has been for the past few weeks, is simply a releasing of all of the old denser energies that we had around us. The purging is not necessarily a purging of our denser selves, but a purging of the energies of our surroundings that we were so engulfed in during recent weeks. We were trapped in denser energies for awhile and can now let them go. 

This purging can manifest as intestinal distress and pressure, bladder pain, muscle pain, and exhaustion. It can even feel as though there are toxins within our bodies that just plain hurt. It can be difficult to eat much of anything during these times, and difficult to eat at all as our bodies are going through so much. Eating light and drinking lots of pure water are always good remedies. 

When new light arrives, we can feel intense sinus pain and pressure. This is very common. It can also feel as though we are having some challenges with allergies as well (but sometimes we are just having allergy symptoms). The sinus pain is the expansion we feel when we are opening to more light...so is the upper back and neck pain. The allergy symptoms can occur when we are resisting our old environment as it no longer vibrates where we do. So then, although we have arrived in a new and better feeling spaces, we can still be detoxing from the old and adjusting to the new! 

September will bring in more of the new....more of the beauty, simplicity, and light we have been longing for. And October will usher in more rapid and solid manifestations of our new spaces, including the supports we will need in times to come. October will be much more fast moving and intense and we will barely be able to catch our breaths with all the new manifestations occurring for us. And November will very possibly bring in a rocky, tumultuous, and gutting surprise for much of the old world. 

So even though it may seem very quiet of late, it can simply be nice to have a much needed rest, enjoy the lull, and catch our breaths before things rev up once again. 

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,


bryan 24th August 2008 6:10 am

my reasoning makes perfect sense. i've always said I KNOW NOTHING and YOU KNOW NOTHING.

i also said i get "head stuff" where everything around me looks fake or "like props on a stage". i also said i've had an experience where the "movie" stopped and i heard nothing and everything stood still. i said i see this reality for the illusion that it is.

i also said my BELIEF is that we are nothingness or consciousness that occupies no space and time and we go from one reality to the next.

they are open for criticism because they claim to know by posting their channelings and such PUBLICLY. i make no such claims. i don't claim to have special powers and i don't claim to channel. i don't claim to know anything.

there are no gurus because NOONE KNOWS ANYTHING.

what i did say is that most new agers would agreee that this is an illusion. if that is so then your body is illusion and it follows then that the ascension is an illusion. in which case it would follow that we are nothingness that goes from illusion to illusion.

you are only "seeing" what you choose to "see"

bryan 24th August 2008 6:17 am

and you react the way you do because you aren't strong enough to deal with what i've told you.

it would burst your "fairy tale"...

you new agers mindlessly belief in the new age writings...you mindlessly believe nonsense channelings...

the whole new age movement is designed by the New World Order people to feed your EGOs..."i'm a healer".."i'm a lightworkers" blah blah blah...why?

because by feeding your EGOs you are trapped in the modification of the matrix story...now we start a new story of a new earth....matrix continued...different story..

i don't claim to know anything.

what i do know from my "head stuff" is that this is an illusion. that means my body is illusion and so is the ascension. which means also that the dimensions and higher realms are also illusion.

if that is the case then i'm nothingness or consciousness that occupies no space or time and i endlessly "appear to move" from one illusion to the next.

there is no new energy...there is no truth...there are no gurus.

it's all designed to keep you mind-controlled...why?

to keep you stuck in the matrix

Mark 24th August 2008 6:31 am

What you talk about isn't a new thing to me, or i'm sure many others.

I spent a few months reading about conspiracy things a few years ago, and in the end my conclusion was that it was a fear based illusion and i chose not to focus on it anymore.

And, Neo, if you have broken out the matrix, why do you keep coming back to tease those of us 'stuck' in it? Why not stay out and enjoy your freedom? :coolsmiley

bryan 24th August 2008 6:41 am

your reaction is EGO "What you talk about isn't a new thing to me, or i'm sure many others"...if you can't see that i can't help you.

my partner's dad "rewrites" history. he is "illuminati" himself and we know thru him that there are indeed people who control the monetary system, media etc. believe what you wish. it's part of the storyline in this stupid matrix. i'll tell you something. go march with a sign in front of a federal reserve office in the USA to get rid of the federal reserve which prints its worthless federal reserve notes ($US). then find out what happens with you and see if that conspiracy is true LOL!

all illusions have stories and the conspiracies are part of the "movie plot"

this matrix is anything but free and when you "appear to leave" you just end up in another illusion so why bother.

continue deluding yourself into believing the new age fairytales. continue believing you are free LOL!

bryan 24th August 2008 6:54 am

"the best prison is the one the prisoner is not aware of"


aKuna Kumara 24th August 2008 10:57 am

Guys we're talking the same thing, we agree on basics. The catch is perception!
we perceive from our own experience and belief systems. It's these belief systems that limit
perception, and till humanity can see beyond them they will cling to security of their beliefs as validation of being - ego helps create the illusion. I've been blogging for 2yrs in attempt to get others to see beyond their beliefs. It's a process of consciousness expansion that takes time by pealing back the layers of illusion, Bryan you can't strip them bare in one sitting. Ego will fight if it thinks it's being diminished as source of the self, that is part of being the human illusion.
Bryan you reflect anger, from my view it's from seeing the glass as half empty - Nothingness.
I see it half full - Allness in expansion with infinite possibilities of being. This is not
human emotion, it's a resonance of frequency a tone vibration that creates a reflection of unconditional love,compassion,oneness. Difference is perception of Nothingness or Allness. There are many aware and having the experiences you do Brian, it's just part of it and doesn't make us anything special cause eventually everyone will experience in their own way. Thank you for reminding me how reality is a reflection of the inner frequency.

bryan 24th August 2008 11:18 am

i'll repeat again....YOU KNOW NOTHING and I KNOW NOTHING

and i'm not talking about beliefs here....beliefs are meaningless...including your belief that the "glass is half full"

i'm using reasoning....following the "trail of bread crumbs" to get to the conclusion.

i've only said one belief that i have...we are nothingness or consciousness that occupies no space and time and we "appear to move" from one illusion to the next.

that's it!

how did i get to that belief...i started with the one thing i have...the "head stuff" where i can see this reality is an illusion.

my end belief follows a logical path to nothingness or consciousness "appearing to move" from one illusion to the next.

new ager perceptions follow no logical path...they read something and embrace it as belief system even though their experience doesn't verify that belief.

my belief follows a logical path. my "head stuff" shows me this reality is illusion..."props on a stage"...from there logic follows that if this reality is illusion then my body is illusion..the ascension is illusion..etc.etc.

bryan 24th August 2008 11:24 am

so keep following me with the "bread crumbs"..

so if EVERYTHING is ILLUSION what is the logical conclusion:


my belief follows a logical and sensical path.

that's completely different then having a belief and perceptions based on reading something with no logic or confirmation.

my belief is confirmed by new agers themselves if they believe this reality is an illusion. then my conclusion is proven.

i'm not angry..i'm irritated being in a mind-control matrix where people have "their heads up their asses" and don't use their intuition or their little brains. i'm angry having "puny humans" around me with their irritating EGOs and noise..especially the new agers who claim they know everything and are "born-again jesuses"...they're just mind-controlled losers who don't have a clue. this "expanded consciousness i have makes me irritated being here...einstein had it right when he said "the universe and human stupidity are infinite but i'm not sure about the former"...LOL!

Mariù 24th August 2008 11:38 am

So finally you admit that you are angry, angry with the puny humans around you and stupid new agers. Fair enough. But why do you still care so much about them? Why don't you accompany yourself with the ones that followed the bread crumbs like you did and leave others in the illusions they have? Don't tell me you are trying to convince them? No I don't think so and I'm sure you would deny that anyway, right?

I have a question now, when you followed your breadcrumbs or whatever experiences you had that made you realize what you realized, did you also get an insight of why this happens? I mean, there is any purpose for this illusional spiral of illusions? And what is the meaning of your own existence into this illusion or any other?

Thank you

bryan 24th August 2008 11:52 am

i said irritated. as always people don't LISTEN to what i'm communicating but make their own interpretation LOL!

i said the puny humans are IRRITATING..i find new agers worse than the rest...

ummmm HELLO! puny humans are all around me aren't they? they infect my surroundings with their EGO-based nonsense whether it's new agers with their spiritual EGOs or the local boy who cranks out shit hop "music"..take your pick. in case you haven't noticed in this illusion...we've had lots of selfish EGO-based idiots popping out babies because they were trying to fill their hole inside...so there are many places to escape are there? selfish idiots bringing more children into a sick mind-control matrix..they care so much for children...they bring more in to experience the misery that is this twisted sick illusion. yep...me and the rest who have followed the bread crumbs are gonna get away from them on an overpopulated planet...yep...sure...

and the meaning and purpose of this i'll never know..pointless to question...we could be slaves in a mind-simulation...could be anything...

bryan 24th August 2008 12:01 pm

like i said it's pointless to wonder what the purpose in being here is...am i a slave or do i come here to experience? you and i will never know..

but the worst part about expanded consciousness is seeing all the EGO crap...it's nauseating and disgusting..."spiritual pretentiousness of new agers" to listening to people's "diarrhea of the mouth" telling me their whole life story like i give a shit. EGO EGO EGO...it's disgusting!

anyhow...now i've got to go use the toilet...you see....in this illusionary tale i get "stomach sounds" in my heart area which leads to diarrhea and i've got to run. not only do i enjoy the monetary lacking which goes along with the illusionary tale of higher vibration and ascension...i get to run to the toilet with shitty symptoms karen bishop talks about...

yes...i feel so much love now...NOT!

the illusionary ascension story and my illusionary role in that story SUCK SHIT!

a better ending to this illusion would have been a nuclear warhead...

Mariù 24th August 2008 12:13 pm

I'm angry having "puny humans" around me with their irritating EGOs and noise.. I just quoted your own words and scripta manent so you can go and read your own words again. I do listen and you? you too make interpretation of what people write or you think they might think darling :thumbsup: I find your answer about the meaning of existence quite disappointing really as I was hoping you had more to share then just complain about how others are shit, you know that you won't change that?! it's nauseating and disgusting..."spiritual pretentiousness of new agers" to listening to people's "diarrhea of the mouth" You know you talk a lot too? and many people might find what you say "diarrhoic" too? Anyway, talking about going to toilet, I'm just back it's the third time today so have more than we can imagine in common....ah...question...there is any illusion where I don't get stomach pains? I would jump into that immediately!:roll: you are a fun Bryan and You have a lot of energy to reply to all of us! I suspect you would miss silly new agers if they werent there!

bryan 24th August 2008 1:00 pm

first off...i'm not your darling..

second off...if you want my belief on our existence here i'll give it a go. i honestly believe we are consciousness that creates illusion after illusion. though we like to forget that it's all illusion. i also believe we've created an illusionary hierarchy such as dimensions and higher realms...it's all to keep us busy because without illusion that we create there is nothingness. i've seen it and believe me it ain't what it's cracked up to be...having said that i believe there is mastery in getting up to higher illusionary levels..like i said..we've made the illusionary hierarchy to keep ourselves occupied...so....this is my BELIEF....the reason i find this illusion shit and humans shit is because I BELIEVE i fit the characteristics of those they call FIRST WAVERS...first wavers have had the nastiness of symptoms for a long time already and they've been to this illusion 1000s of times...they're irritated being here because they find this illusionary reality tiring...as my partner and i do...(to be continued)

bryan 24th August 2008 1:08 pm

i said that the puny humans irritated me because they have "diarrhea of the mouth" when it comes to spewing out their EGO crap...telling me their stories..

i'm not telling you my story with EGO crapola..."diarrhea of the mouth" refers to those that wanna talk about themselves constantly "i have 3 homes...i have this job...i'm a mother...i'm a healer...blah..blah..blah"

i'm not interested in people telling me how important they are because of their EGO crap...that's what i mean by "diarrhea of the mouth"...i don't care if they're donald trump or they're brad pitt..i don't wanna hear EGO crap...

honestly i do believe i'd miss poking and prodding new agers...i enjoy immensely "popping the bubble that are their EGOs"..so you are correct there..but i'm afraid everytime i engage them and try to "pop their EGOs" they want to censor my free speech. that seems to be a quality of mind-controlled new agers i found disappointing.

Mariù 24th August 2008 1:35 pm

When you say you are not telling your story I'm not sure on that because you are telling me "a story" and it's this wonderful story about illusions...but I do understand the part about not being interested in personal details of others experience, they can be quite irrelevant.

I also understand that can be quite annoying being censored and not being able to express yourself...but not all the time is because they are mind controlled, most of the time is because they don't want to hear of things they don't like or don't match. I think that is natural on every human being trying to "delete" things we don't agree with.

Now where is the solution? I mean I'm really curious where all this is going to take you. You can't be always in the mood of poking and prodding, can you? And out of all the illusions why are you picking this one?

Another thought....have you ever thought putting all your insights and experience into a book? If gets quite a bit of exposure could poke and prod many people all at once!! (is it writing a book too cheesy/newagey?)

wHAT 24th August 2008 2:22 pm

My problem (I think misunderstanding) with what you're saying is that without the illusions we create there is nothing. There are some very great things (and of course some awful things) to be found/experienced within these illusions. They themselves maybe fake, but the perception of them is not.

There has to be an observer in all this. A point of consciousness and perception, that would be there if there were no illusions to say "nothing exists".

wHAT 24th August 2008 2:30 pm

My ideas are not any more valid than anyone elses.

But through my ideas I have found a peace and a calm and empowerment that I have read about in many spiritual philosophies, but even if I hadn't read them, feel much much much more "right" than what and who I was before.

I don't watch TV any more, since I started this journey of "fluff" and "thought-control matrix". TV is one of the largest mass scale conditioning devices the NWO has. When I come across a statement I check to see if it sits right with me on the inside, if it's already there. This is an intuitive process. If it does not than I discard it. I follow Buddha's quote:

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.

Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders

seanymph 24th August 2008 2:36 pm

Im sitting here reading all this garbage...........yes its garbage full of anger and judgement. People will see and believe what they want, when they are ready. Us puny humans are just that. You are just one of those kinds of people that like to argue for the sake of arguing. All I see in everything you type is anger, irritation and judgement. How sad for you. We are all free to read and do what we wish. If we choose to read these things AND believe that is OUR CHOICE. You dont...........so begone you have no power here.

aKuna Kumara 24th August 2008 2:48 pm

It makes no difference what anyone here says - Brian will argue
Our problem is we haven't yet realized we are trying to converse with Nothingness
As long as we give acknowledgment to this the energy will continue to be lowered.

bryan 24th August 2008 2:39 pm

not only do i have "head stuff" where everything looks fake or like "props on a stage" but i had an experience in vancouver, canada...

one day i was walking with my companion down robson street. we were talking and walking from the library after interneting. robson street is very busy with lots of people and cars. anyhow...i was walking and my friend hans was on my left side towards the street. i turned my head to look at my companion and talk to him and suddenly everything stopped. the cars stopped...the people stopped...my companion stopped. there was a deathly silence. i heard nothing and nothing moved for a couple of seconds. it was as if i was in a movie as a character and suddenly the movie reel paused...there was silence...just me and my "consciousness"....i would describe it as a nothingness. i believe that is what our existence is without illusion. nothingness. silence. no shapes or sizes. no time or space. just simply nothing.

i understand why we go from illusion to illusion having had the experience of the nothingness that is who we are.

bryan 24th August 2008 2:43 pm

because you are not strong enough to deal with what i'm saying.

it completes disturbs you because you need to believe in something.

kind of like religious people clinging onto a god.

i "stand strongly in my shoes" and those that also "stand strongly in their shoes" will have no problem with what i say and they will understand it.

new agers could not deal with what i say. they want superficial, shallow conversations with lots of fluff, hearts and fake love.

sorry i can't offer you that. i like being authentic!

bryan 24th August 2008 3:05 pm


i hardly think that you and those that are uncomfortable with what i say represent everyone reading this stuff.

usually the people who don't like what someone says are the ones that REACT with emotion.

those that understand what i'm saying would respond consciously but more likely not say anything at all.

i said i experienced nothingness when this illusion stopped for me one day in vancouver. i didn't say i was nothingness. i said without illusion there is nothingness for us. only our consciousness.

you want a god. you want something you can cling onto like energy or maybe being a lightworker.

most mind-controlled people need something to cling onto or a sense of purpose.

there is no energy to be lowered since this is an illusion energy really doesn't exist.

AKuna you are so representative of most new agers. they are control freaks who want to censor people's communications. you would make the New World Order crowd proud. aKuna wants purpose and fluff and love or she will wither and die...sad...

Mariù 24th August 2008 3:18 pm

I honestly don't think all this is garbage. There are more common things than ever here.

Not all the thoughts that run through our minds are nice or easy to face. Bryan doesn't use nice words to convey his thoughts but not all the thoughts we all have are nice. Otherwise the world would be wonderful with not a wrong thing in it.

Illusions or not illusions, we all have had at least once thoughts of this kind and wondered often what all this world was about! Ok, when he talks he seems often angry but being angry can be such a relief and energy giving than being depressed, fearful or powerless.

I guess that when we stop trying to convince the other that what we are saying is right we can start having a cool exchange of perspectives. And what would be cool to investigate is what means nothingness here without the illusion...what is nothingness? I don't really know or I don't think I can really grasp it. So...how is it Bryan? if you could describe it how does it feel?

Mariù 24th August 2008 3:20 pm
Emotions are useful here because can help us understand unless this nothingness is an new emotion that not many have experienced yet. Still, others have the right to choose the fluffy illusion if they want, right??
bryan 24th August 2008 3:32 pm


your responses are a "breath of fresh air" for at least you're willing to consider what i'm saying.

i live in the USA now after europe so i'm not really liking fluff. why? americans tend to be fluffy like new agers. shallow and lacking depth like caricatures. fluff is superficial/phoney and lacking in every way.

when i was walking in vancouver and everything stopped and there was a deathly silence it felt like nothingness. like i was alone...all alone....like i created this movie myself to keep myself from being lonely. that's what it felt like. imagine yourself walking down a busy street and suddenly everything and everyone stops moving and complete silence. i didn't like the feeling. i felt alone. i was alone for those few seconds. like i said it is as though i've created this movie so i don't have to be lonely with my own storyline and characters. kind of like the star trek "holodek" where the people would go to experience a certain timeline and had a little creating within a fixed program. i didn't like the nothingness and i understand why we have illusion

Mariù 24th August 2008 3:56 pm

Thank you for putting the example of the holodek (great fan of star trek!) as with that I can understand what you are talking about!

Crikey! I don't know how I would react to an experience like that, interesting intellectually but living it I feel is something else. So, you say you didn't like it, you felt lonely but also you understood the illusion we create around us. If you were able to come back to the illusion, so things got moving again, do you think you could be able to switch to another hologram/illusion/outcome? Have you ever tried to have that experience again or feels scary? I mean, maybe there is something more and feeling bad was only the first time experience and once you get used it's a great tool for conscious creation?

One thing comes in my mind, that nothingness you experienced in that moment, could be you looking through the eyes of your own higher self for a moment? So you were that part of the Consciousness expressing itself through Bryan? I'm not sure if I'm clear here. Again I feel could be worth writing this stuff and get it out of your head! :crazy2:

bryan 24th August 2008 4:23 pm

i've talked with my partner about it...experiencing it again...i would like to just to explore it..but i'm not sure how to re-experience other than by thinking and feeling about the event again. i don't get the idea that when things started moving again i could switch to another illusion...it just continued naturally..

it was from the experience that i realized this is illusion. the "head stuff" hans and i have fulltime also shows me this is an illusion. the "head stuff" we have is very interesting. we walk through the park and squirrels look fake like stuffed animals and it's as though they "know things" and are watching us...it may sound weird...but everything looks fake...especially trees...like they are on a stage....people look really funny to us kind of like "munchkins" or "inflated dolls"...they move fast also like cars...
another thing that is weird about the "head stuff" we have is that when i look at my hands and feet they look like someone else's. like i'm peeking thru someone else's eyes and watching from afar.

wHAT 24th August 2008 4:27 pm

I read new age materials, and religious texts, as well as science magazines, and more importantly I look to myself for answers.

I seek truth, I stop "clinging" to ideas as soon as they become shallow and not worth anything. I try and gather as much as I can from every source and then root out what's inconsistent and what doesn't work or isn't practical.

bryan 24th August 2008 4:28 pm

i hope you can understand me because my mind doesn't work anymore AT ALL...my writing can be strange sometimes..

yeah..i understand what you said for that moment maybe i was my higher self...but then i get into thinking if i even have a higher self...LOL!

i wouldn't mind experiencing it again just to explore it more but i don't know what made it happen in the first place.

i've had a couple other experiences when i was in vancouver at the time...one experience i experienced flashes of light in my vision (little white lights)..i've had that a couple times...and one time i had a "complete white-out" where i couldn't see anything.

like i said i don't know why i got these experiences and why my partner and i both have the "head stuff"

the "head stuff" is the coolest thing i have at the moment...i mean it really makes you feel like an alien visiting a strange planet...my partner talks to NOONE..he avoids people "like the plague"..i'm the opposite...i blab...hoping i'll meet someone who has had our experiences...

thanks for your posts by the way..very helpful

wHAT 24th August 2008 4:33 pm

I'm not going to say I've experienced what you have. I have no idea.

But often I have seen things as fake. I'll be driving down a road and all of a sudden everything will seem flat and it's like everything that I am consciously perceiving is just on one flat surface and I could just flip it around and there would be nothing.

I'm separate from everyone else, but I have come to understand it as we (I know there is a "you" because you are responding to me. You may be fake, but you are something.) as we are all the center of the universe.

We are all the center of the universe (the observer, the sole point of conciousness). Together we all make up the universe.

I know this, there is more (or less) to "reality" then what most people are currently accepting. People have been asking questions about this idea since the dawn of time. It's so abstract that cults can be created, and people in power the idea to control the masses.

But that does not make any individual's search for truth invalid.


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