Hitting The Bottleneck With Nowhere To Go


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We are currently experiencing what I call “bottleneck energy.” The higher energies created great movement and they have pushed the lower vibrating energies into a corner, or basically into a grouping. In this regard, they are creating a sort of stumbling block…and we are butting up against them. They are cluttering the road to our forward movement. If you have been feeling that there is nowhere left to go, or that everywhere you look is a scenario of old energy that feels ughy, or perhaps that you cannot possibly succeed or move forward the way things are…this is because of the bottleneck energy.

The bottleneck energy is not the same as the stop sign, or roadblock energy that I sometimes speak of. The stop sign energy occurs when things are being aligned at higher levels and we are prohibited from moving forward, as it is not yet time. Bottleneck energy involves a removal of lower vibrating energy so that we may take its place. These higher energies that greatly arrived in July, placed us in higher ways of being and really made us wired for the higher ways. Basically, we are now ready, but the outside reality is not there yet. But this time, it will be readying very quickly.

This readiness involves great changes in the way we have done things in the 3D reality. Old systems and the like. Because the higher vibrating ways are now here to stay, and we are now in them , they are the majority, so to speak. In this way, they are pushing any lower vibrating ways and energies aside. What is a bit different in the way this may feel, is that we are not feeling the pushing so much inside of us, but it is now that the pushing is being done on the outside, resulting in New and higher ways that will be created in our outside world. Hopes that makes sense.

August brought in another opening and opportunity to connect even higher to the higher realms, and because of this, we are now really wired for the higher vibrations. This is how evolution works…going higher and higher in small and steady steps, and it will continue on for a very long time. With all this “higher” stuff going on, there is now a bigger gap than ever before in regard to the old outside manifestations. For me, it always feels as though I am experiencing some kind of inner anguish or turmoil, as it becomes more and more difficult to become involved in much of anything of the old world. I can literally become ill spending too much time in the “old.”

So then, we may be ready to move forward with our New and higher vibrating creations for the New World , but the old systems and supports will not be able to hold and support us much. This then, creates the bottleneck or hold up. It can really feel that there is nowhere left to go. We can feel stuck. As if we are in a box with a very tight lid. But rest assured, these older energies are dissipating as we speak, and will be moving along very soon.

This debris in our road in regard to energy, can also manifest at lower levels as a desire to clean out your closets, clean your house, or similar. This is simply because we are wanting to clear the clutter and move things aside so that the higher energies can now move through and forward. The bottleneck energy can also manifest as feelings of not wanting to make any important decisions right now…as if we know at some level that something is about to change or that perhaps things are not quite ready for us.

With this experience of being “un-anchored” anywhere, along with a much more substantial separation and dis-connect from the old world and lower dimensions, and added to our New sort of separation from our ever familiar guides that are allowing us total freedom to create the New World, it can feel as though we are absolutely nowhere, with no sense of direction, and so sense of place.

Remember, we are now in the New reality with much more of ourselves, and we are then, not having feelings of getting anywhere or going anywhere. We are already here . So that ever familiar feeling and experience of connecting to a higher level or communicating with a higher guide, which are all outside of ourselves, may be gone and feel very strange. It's like usually looking to the future, and then suddenly being in it. And being in a space of being able to have complete and total freedom to create whatever we want, without “planning” or waiting for the big day to arrive, or having our guides tell us what we are “supposed” to be doing, because we forgot, may feel oh so strange indeed. We have graduated because we earned it. We are here now. We are at the helm.

The bottleneck energy will continue through September to some degree, but things will begin to change in October. As the now present higher levels of light persist, as mentioned before, these congealed areas of denser energy will eventually dissipate. This will manifest as a clearing of the way to now proceed forward with what we are wanting to create. It will also create the opening and situations that will support our new endeavors and creations. If you are wanting a physical store-front or piece of land, for instance, it most likely would not be available until October. Again, this is simply a part of our expansion and evolutionary process, as things need to occur step by step. New things will become available then that are not available now, as they will be let go by un-matching energies, as they move out of the way.

Yes, October will bring in a much greater “anchoring” for us, but as mentioned in the August 18 th energy alert, we will really be anchored in, in about two years. Two years will be a total anchoring, so to speak. 2008 is a “1” energy for New beginnings and October is a “10,” or “1” month as well. So you see, even the vibration of numerology supports my energy readings! We can't go wrong!

We will also be moving into areas of support that are vibrating higher. It is difficult to get anywhere now because the older vibrating ways do not fit us and certainly do not match our frequencies. New ways will begin unfolding and begin to make themselves known as our creations and desires begin to be put into form. These new structures, businesses, passions, and supports will suit us much better and allow us to move forward at greater levels and give us even greater supports.

It can be greatly beneficial during this time of “waiting,” to simply spend time in your personal sanctuary until your “spot” is available. Upgrade your sanctuary, allow yourself to just “be,” create some art or projects you have been wanting to create, and just enjoy yourself. You can even continue to prepare for your New “spot,” in any way you choose.

When the bottleneck energy dissipates, things will really flow in regard to New things becoming available to us that are currently not available. Part of this is related to what I call the “big clean-up.” Now that we have reached critical mass, anything vibrating lower will not be allowed to reside on our New Earth. Currently, there is much focus being given to issues and instances of pedophilia. New bills have been passed, much is coming to the forefront in regard to exposing and bringing light to this situation, as it will become part of the “clean-up.” This is just one example, but these kinds of things will become more and more prevalent.

The denser and lower vibrating energies are congealing together, as like energies always attach and attract like energies. And the higher energies are congealing and coming together as well. This is creating the big gap and separation we are experiencing. But the denser energies will be departing and the higher energies will be coming together in regard to connections with our soul groups or “project” groups. All is in order, as always.

Our evolutionary process is ever moving ahead, like a sailboat tacking on the sea, and even when it may appear that nothing is happening, or that we are getting nowhere, I can assure you that this is never the case. As soon as the “debris” of the older and denser energies begins to clear, just watch as we begin taking our places in these now vacant and cleared spaces!

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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