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We are in what I would call the “crossover” phase, and it can be especially interesting with its own set of challenges and very exciting occurrences. Like two ships passing in the night (the old reality and the New one), we are literally experiencing a hightening of the old outdated energies and ways while at the same time experiencing the New and exciting ways of a much higher dimension.

Rapid movement, hightened emotions, much activity and a total intolerance for the old are but a few earmarks of this particular time we find ourselves in. One current theme seems to be that we are over-ready and most certainly at a place where we now want what is ours and what we feel we have finally “earned” so to speak.

If you are feeling like you absolutely can no longer give, wait for anything, support without getting back, or hold up this planet on your own for one minute longer, you are simply in this space of knowing at some level that you have finally arrived, that we have finally completed our missions and initial purpose here, and ready for our just rewards. Yes, we are ready to receive !

While waiting and watching the old outdated ways heightening before they depart, you may be feeling outright horrible just experiencing this energy, as you are certainly no longer wired for this way of living and being. These old and lower vibrating ways always become highlighted and exaggerated right before departure because they need to be very visible in order to give all an opportunity to choose and create something quite different and to be willing to leave the old behind.

Another current theme that has become quite prevalent is the “greed.” There is quite a large story currently being played out that involves doing anything or living in a world for the purpose of self-gratification, separation and money.

This is because things are coming to a head right before they collapse. They have been stretched and drawn out as far as they can go (which is always the case before a departure)…….this allows for as many as possible to be able to experience these scenarios so that change can occur. We must summon the New, while at the same time experiencing and feeling its arrival before we summon (or in perfect tandem), in order to create a perfect culmination from both sides (above and below) so that a creation can occur.

Everything happens at once. We summon because we know at higher levels that the New is arriving and therefore we are then prepared. So we summon while the arrival occurs and then we have a New creation. No linear time here………all happening at exactly the same time.

So then, this Spring will bring in a much more magnified and intense experience of the unraveling, and May and June will be pivotal months for a collapse with the economy and much else. And know that timelines are impossible for anyone to predict as we always have opportunities to do things differently. One can only view the current energies and go from there…..but in addition, the general plan is always set in stone with wiggle room in between!

With the unraveling phase moving forward at rapid speed, get ready for things to be replaced by the New. There will be New ways regarding income tax (I have been seeing a process of one simple page for many months now and it is finally time), to name one of many. Basically, the blueprint now is that much New will be able to arrive and be put in place because the darkness or dark agenda will no longer be holding the reigns. So just think of this and you will be able to imagine and see what ramifications this will result in……..and all wonderful! This absence of the dark control alone will affect much.

And as I have mentioned so many times, our manifesting experiences are becoming quite fun and interesting. We will be moving from levels of manifesting through synchronicities to levels of manifesting in the palms of our hands. This is all a process and as always, will occur in graduating stages. (As I write this sentence, I am in hotel in between moving. The heater in my room just went out, I got in the elevator to go down to my car to get my computer charger, and found myself with the hotel repairman who immediately came to my room and is currently installing a new wall heater……and what a delightful man he is!)

If you are experiencing roadblocks or an inability to manifest, it is usually because the particular thing or situation you are desiring is not lined up with your soul. When we cannot manifest something that we believe we want or desire, it is because at the highest and deepest levels, our souls know exactly what our plan is and always keep us on track.

And now with the arrival of the New World finally at our feet, our soul plans are most assuredly being played out. And it is so much easier for us when we are in constant and deep connection with ourselves at the soul level, as we always know what is arriving and where we are, with no room for confusion, panic or uncertainly. It is here that we really and truly know and remember who we are and why we are here.

So know that there is never really anything “wrong”, as we are always in perfect alignment with our plan, even if we do not remember what it is. And again, there is always wiggle room in regard to our choices along the way…..the arrow always reaches its pre-determined target, but along the way, there can be many different paths. And in addition, in order to comply with our pre-determined soul plan, we need to go through certain phases or steps to set things up and to set the stage for our plan to unfold in the best way possible. We cannot always go directly from here to there….we need to lay the foundation.

During this time, you may be experiencing strange head and sinus pain. Our heads are “stretching” so to speak as they are being readied for a much more higher level and higher consciousness way of living, processing and being. For me, it has felt as though the bones in my head are widening and there is much pressure there. Also, this can really affect our ears as well. For several months now, I have been feeling much pressure and strange sensations within my head and around my ear drums.

So then, we are now simply experiencing all the energies and dramas of leaving one world and arriving in another. An intolerance for the old as we know we are finally done, an excitement regarding being able to manifest the New, an alignment with our soul plans in regard to relationships, careers and lifestyles, and most certainly, a feeling of living in the “tossed salad” as much is changing in an instant and a New plan seems to arrive before we can even adjust to the latest one (indicating our New ability to manifest in an instant with the power of a simple thought or desire).

Get ready for February, as it will usher in a whole New scenario, which I am delighted to be able to report to you in future messages!

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




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