January 2003

Greetings and much love to you in this powerful year of change.

In numerology, five (5) is change, and it appears we will see things shifting into a new way of being in 2003. For many weeks before the new year, I began seeing a great light or wave of energy coming that would greatly affect the earth and her inhabitants. This light or wave appeared to be much stronger and brighter than anything we had felt before. That great shift or wave of light arrived around the first of the year. It is a beautiful sight as we have been preparing for it for years, and much more intensely in the past few months. In June we experienced the first substantial shift into a higher vibration. Being the first big wave of energy, it greatly magnified the lower as well as higher vibrations. We seemed to experience great joy or great pain. Many of us experienced health problems and reported feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, stress and tension. I, personally, felt I was loosing my grip, that these energies were unmanageable, and I was being stretched beyond my limit. There were other shifts that followed, but this one being the first, had the greatest impact for me. As the earth's vibration continues to increase, the lower vibrations no longer match her, and are basically pushed to the surface for release. In addition, everything is magnified, so whatever is within us becomes very apparent. I found I was no longer able to tolerate lower vibrational patterns within me and my environment, and became highly uncomfortable within my own skin. I couldn't seem to get comfortable anywhere! This wasn't a pleasant time for me! In addition, I felt completely out of balance and indeed I was. Three mechanics could not balance the tires in my car. Proof enough for me! Energetically, every living thing on the planet is being lifted to match the earth's new vibration.

I believe the major shifting that began in June was a purification process.......for ourselves and for the earth as we are one (you may remember the fires, floods and tornados). For me, I went to the depths of my being and excavated things I didn't even know were there. It was a difficult and painful time. If not for this preliminary purification process, we may never have survived this very powerful energy shift that arrived at the first of the year. It literally prepared us to receive more light. I liken these shifts to labor pains for the birth of the new world. It appears that now we are in the new world, but many don't realize it yet. All we need do is know we are in heaven and we will be.

So then, what is the pulse of the planet right now? It is an incredible new (or actually "forgotten") way of being. We are truly evolving into the new (or "old") human and it is wonderfully exciting. We are evolving into more purified energy. We are returning to source. I can't tell you how many instances I have had, and others are reporting the same, of losing my memory. I have been forgetting the simplest things, losing my train of thought and focus, and have felt very scattered at times. In addition, I seem unable to do anything that requires great concentration of my mind. In essence, we are losing our minds! How wonderful, because now we can just BE, which is our natural state. We get to just BE, to just plain vibrate! Our communication is evolving into a higher vibrational state of being. We will eventually be able to communicate by just being and emoting energy. Verbalizing the human language will feel cumbersome.

Over the past few months, I have had an unrelenting and irresistible urge to create. I no longer felt comfortable pursuing past methods of securing income. Creating in a state of being was the only thing that seemed to fit. If I tried past methods, I became completely drained and exhausted, as well as severely unhappy. Many are reporting this same experience. In addition, the magnified lower vibrations had a wonderfully positive by-product. The lower vibrations felt so uncomfortable for me, that I had to intentionally focus on what brought me joy. If I wasn't thinking of or doing something joyful, I felt terrible. I either felt good (I originally had a typo of felt god......perhaps that would have said it best!) or felt bad. I have now come to know that what I was experiencing was our natural state of being......pure joy. I have had to learn to continually gravitate to what makes me feel good.......to be in my natural state. It was right there for the taking.......I just had to let in.

The raising of the planetary vibration had another interesting result. We can now create instantly. The manifestation time is extremely quick now. We can easily manifest what we want, as well as what we don't want. I have found that for me, what I manifest most is what I am, or what I am vibrating. What I am BEING is what I attract. At times I have attracted some unpleasant things, seemingly contradictory to what my desire has been, but it has been a wonderful indicator of what I am subconsciously vibrating and given me an opportunity to clear it. I really got to find out some things about myself, and at times it was challenging. Please know that I am not a master at this, but along with the many messages from source (or my soul) the experiential aspects have been a great teacher and support system.

Like energy attracting like energy is very powerful now, as well as the irresistible urge to gravitate to the higher vibrations. I have noticed, as have others, a desire to be surrounded by quality. Quality furnishings, works of art, the finest of everything. This, to me, is the higher vibrations and part of the new world. Our surroundings will be paramount, or are ALREADY paramount! We need great beauty around us. We have to feel good.

There seems to be an interesting theme of psychic predictions going on. Some psychics are predicting great tragedy, suffering and gloom and doom, while others are seeing just the opposite. Is it like energy attracting like energy? Is it the separation of the worlds? One world in one dimension experiencing the lower vibrations, and the other world in heaven, experiencing incredible joy, well-being, and contentment. Which world will you choose? I recently had the experience of being in the presence of a friend who was so connected to source. She was in her joy, in her element of who she was, being her highest self by sharing her gifts. Being in her presence literally shifted me to a higher vibration. She had healed me in a sense and I believe we can heal the world, by just being our true authentic selves and being in our joy. If we are not giving our attention to the lower vibrations, or what doesn't feel good, how can they exist? Surely they will disappear without any fuel.

It seems that the worst is over.......that the bulk of the shifting has already occurred, that the new world is already in place, waiting for form to catch up. My visions have indicated that in 2003, the last of the lower vibrational residue will move out, and by the end of the year, much of the new world will be in place (but there is always room for change and differences in timing, as we are the ultimate creators). As we are so quickly opening and becoming source (or higher selves, or inner being, or our souls....your preference), our consciousness is beginning to expand and we are utilizing our higher abilities with great joy and ease, and a wonderful and exhilarating sense of familiarity. Which world will you choose to create?

I thank you for participating in my joy by allowing me to BE me through this newsletter. Blessings, peace and great joy to you in these miraculous times,




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