May 16, 2004: The Transitional Void

Wanting to sleep, rest, and do absolutely nothing with a lack of motivation are the earmarks of our current energy. There is a stillness, a quiet and a void in the air. You may be feeling “lost”. We are in the transition period in between one of the greatest energetic leaps in evolution we have yet encountered. As a big punch of New energy arrived in full force at the end of March, it activated much change within us. The seed, so to speak, was planted. It was so strong, it could not be overlooked. We were catapulted into the New. As this very New energy of a New World has integrated within and without, the last final touches of this particular stage are being completed. When everything is aligned and in order in an energetic sense, we will soon again move forward. We have almost literally been lifted from one reality into another. This is wonderful news, as what is ahead looks like a New World washed clean from a spring shower (but know that this is only a beginning with many stages yet to come). As always is the process, we rest and almost hibernate so that we can build our energy reserves for the changes ahead. We will soon land in our New “homes” and in our New realities. But know that for each of us, it is up to our personal choice and our intent.

Changes in friendships, relationships, residences, careers and so on are and will continue to abound. Like energy attracting like energy (or synchronicities) is prevalent as never before. Just in making daily business calls to perfect strangers, I find myself chatting for a good half hour as we find a very common link between us. Recently, this has happened 100% of the time! In the past six months, I am no longer giving soul readings, but in the process of completing a book about finding your passion and joy, identifying your own unique contribution and purpose, and connecting to your soul path. I will also be giving workshops and classes around this. This puts individuals in their own power as creators and also in their own power utilizing their own intuition and connection with their own soul's guidance. I have discontinued fabric design for clients, but will continue to design and create, only creating now in the moment so as to sell or give an already completed piece of art. I am also moving to a New residence next week. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with the rapidly evolving changes and with myself! The process of integrating, changing and letting go can at times be challenging, but in the end, isn't it fun to be able to continually create and experience in an ever-expanding way?

As the planetary vibration remains high and continues to expand and rise, much is being pushed to the surface. This is a continuing on-going process. Negativity, darkness, and Old patterns are emerging from within and being escorted to new homes. And at times when we are purifying, we tend to see through the eyes of what is being released, making things appear even more dark! As this occurs, it may feel as though there is much unpleasantness surrounding us, but at the same time, there is also an emergence of beautiful, New energy. The light is being uncovered, as it was there all along. It is only our misperceptions of what we thought was real that are being revealed and removed. Letting go of beliefs we thought were “right” and the way we thought it “was” is a fast road to the Other Side. What we choose to focus on and look for “evidence” of is what we will see and what will become our reality. (The trick is not to focus on what is being released and purifed, but on the beauty and divine that lies underneath it all). There was a study done once involving a man who consulted six different psychics with the same question. Each psychic gave him a reading according to how they themselves (the psychics) were vibrating, or in other words, what their specialty or interest area was (or their reality). Some involved Native American slants, others energy, and yet others nature was the focus. I once met a psychic who had a degree in linguistics. She therefore, received all of her information as sounds or in visual chunks of energy similar to how words are formed.

As we evolve, we will find that our beliefs around many spiritual things were but an idea that someone channeled or professed to be true and that we all went with as reality. I have found this to be true for much of the “spiritual” world. If our beliefs don't make us feel good, perhaps we need to examine them and find some “New” ones. I don't personally believe we are here to suffer and to “learn lessons”. What if we were all here just to create and experience and to have fun and play, and not here at all to continually be trying to “get it right”? Where did that idea come from? What if we decided to return to source just because we had gotten bored, expanded as far as we could go and wanted to start over? What if we had been creating around us all this time according to these professed “beliefs” that most of us had bought into? Hmmmmmm…..But then, that is just MY reality!

Many are experiencing the “memory loss” phenomenon. Short term memory has become an obsolete word as we seem to have none! For me, what I did yesterday or at times even only an hour before, becomes lost out in the universe somewhere else. We are living very much in the moment now. We are creating moment to moment…..we are creating a New reality, it seems, with each breath. Things and experiences seem to be gone from my existence almost immediately, unless I choose to create them again. Yesterday I was out of town for several hours. I began wondering on the way home if my house would still be there! But as we all know, when more than one of us has the same thing in our realm of reality, it manifests in form for many of us. Through our intent and focus, we are learning to navigate which world, which dimension, and which reality we choose to be a part of. Many have reported that they feel almost as if they are going mad. We are experiencing an awareness of the vastness of the universe with all its dimensions and all of our multidimensional selves. While sitting in a sewing class the other day, I suddenly became very aware of some of the many places I had infused my energy over my existence. I felt and saw my spark of existence in other people I had barely known who were a part of my soul family, as well as experiencing vivid memories of these individual's own experiences, as I then realized that they had been mine as well. We were and are all so very connected! As we have decided to move forward with this divine plan of returning to source, we are in the process of releasing all the places where our energy has been infused. We are starting over from scratch and creating a very New beginning and a New way, as we allow it to unfold and formulate the New within each moment. We are planning and creating as we go.

If you are fairly sensitive and remotely psychic, you may experience flashbacks and all kinds of strange phenomenon as you are releasing all of your prior existence. (Concentration can be challenging, and I still cannot seem to process any “two step” thought processes. Only the simplest for me!) I have learned to just roll with it and let it pass. It also helps a great deal to stay focused on something in the here and now. (If you work at home or spend a lot of time alone, you will probably experience and feel things a great deal more.) Being in the New higher energies is also a great help. This puts us in alignment with the New, and feels so much better. I love to be in the company of the New babies (ours still has not arrived!), as they are so very evolved and aware. They feel like home. The elderly have the same affect on me. Both are closer to the higher realms. I love spending time with my friend's 99 year old grandmother. These older beings seem to have such an awareness of things. And know, that as many begin experiencing these strange symptoms, our medical and healing communities will adapt their awareness and be there to assist. We will be so very needed to assist those in crossing over and making their transitions. This is already occurring. And as difficult and painful as our experiences may seem to us, we are never given more than we can handle. Yes, we are being stretched to the highest maximum possible, but as my ascension guide told me: “You wouldn't be going through this if you couldn't handle it.” (I promptly told him “FU! You get in a human body and try it!”). The many times I have viewed things from the higher realms, it always appears the same. We like to whine a lot, but we are actually much tougher than we think. Things never seem to be as bad as we think they are.

Meanings of things seem to be changing as well. During my big “transition”, I began seeing all things New. For a brief while, I couldn't remember what anything was, and had to access the Old part of me. It reminded me of A Course In Miracles, seeing all things without meaning. Nearing the end of this big transition, I automatically wanted to go back to my old comfortable self as the familiar, but I wasn't really there anymore. I suppose one could liken it to feeling like a “walk-in”, but again, I don't believe in walk-ins, as it has been my experience that this is just a situation of a vast and sudden expansion of awareness and a much deeper connection to source. We humans tend to love a dramatic story….it makes things more interesting! My friend Joy Drake is the creator of those beautiful small little angel cards that have been around since the early 80's. Almost daily, I drew “birth” and “transformation”. I continually tell her how comforting her cards are. Shortly before this transition period, I had done a reading for myself and seen a doorway open above me, while I passed through into a New world, waving good-bye at trauma, pain and suffering and an Old world below me. My first thought was “uh oh. I'm dying”. Then I realized that in fact, I WAS dying, but only while I was alive, and just making a transition into a New reality. It is the same for all of us. It is a choice. What will you focus on and make your New reality? What will you look for evidence of and bring to you? All is here. All exists here. What will you choose to be about? What and how will you choose to vibrate?

At the same time, we have the opportunity to experience greater states of love. We are gaining the ability to see “through” things. In these higher realms, we can many times see “all”. We are then able to see that individuals are just in pain or in their fear or misperceptions. But the best part is in seeing the beauty and gifts and talents of each person. It seems that when we focus on that, and look for “evidence” of that in each person, then that is all they become for us. Yes, even with people, our focus becomes our reality. My mother just left after a ten day visit. Although we frequently talk on the phone, I hadn't seen her for several years, and our usual tolerance time in the physical is about an hour. I found that in letting go of resistance and focusing on the beauty of her, that her true self emerged. We had such a good time, that I invited her to come again soon and to stay for at least a month. She brought so much to me and introduced me to her beautiful world as well. (Not being much of a T.V. watcher, I am now a fan of American Idol!) This New energy is most certainly opening our hearts.

Creating the New is a good way to find an anchor as we may be feeling like we are floating around in a void, as well as experiencing loss from the release of all the Old, lower vibrational parts of ourselves and our environment. Within this void, the New will emerge for you. Someone will ask you to do something for them, and it will be just the very thing you are so good at and that you LOVE to do. Or you will find yourself suddenly inspired in some way. Or perhaps someone will need assistance, and you can assist in a way that brings you joy and pleasure where they can find none in that particular arena. In some way, it will just come forth from you. As the layers are being released, it will be uncovered.

In addition, creating in the New energy is different than we have experienced before.  As well as creating by being in the moment, our intent seems to be “our” part, and source seems to take care of the rest.  As many of you write with questions, beginning with this energy alert, What's Up On Planet Earth? will be offering a question with each issue that will be responded to by an energy reading from me, as well as a response from Sherri Bishop, a gifted coach with vast knowledge and experience in working with the New energies.  With a life-long passion for creating and manifesting, Sherri brings to you her experience and training in various metaphysical realms with highly gifted trainers and teachers, as well as her devotion and passion to living her life   based on the Law of Attraction using the focus of positive intention. She is the happiest person I know!  Sherri also provides individual phone coaching and energy readings to assist individuals in finding their joy, creating with source, and living an extraordinary life of their dreams.  To find out more about Sherri and what she does, please visit her web site at .  What's Up On Planet Earth? will be posting these on-going series of questions and answers in archive format on the “Questions and Answers” page at

Which world will you choose to be in?  Which world will you create?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert.  Many blessings, much peace and incredible joy in these miraculous times,




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