November 10, 2004: The Startgate


We are on the eve of what appears to be a most incredible and spectacular event. After just experiencing a very extreme and forceful culmination of the denser/lower vibrational energies, we are now poised for just the opposite.

11/11 opens an incredible stargate. Never before have we had access to the higher realms that will be accessible through this opening. This opening and event will give us an opportunity to connect with much higher realms and much higher dimensions. This "alignment" has been set to unfold for eons of time, and all that we have experienced thus far has led us up to this point. We planned it that way a very long time ago. We knew this time would arrive when we would be ready.

When I first arrived in Flagstaff I was awakened in the night with information regarding an alignment soon to come that would bring in much higher frequencies and a connection to other worlds and realities. This alignment would pour through the top of my head and through my feet, anchoring itself on this beautiful mountaintop city of Flagstaff. We are all conduits and will anchor this energy in many other places as well.

We have reached a stage of evolution and a vibratory level where we can now move into much higher realms. We have substantially "bumped up" in recent months, and very quickly as we have done so exponentially. Our bodies were being prepared to accommodate this very new frequency, and we were very tired much of the time as we were being upgraded.

This new frequency that is now accessible puts us in a whole new reality and way of being. There have been light beings around me for the past several days from a star that has a much higher frequency that I usually communicate with. They have come through the portal that will open tomorrow and their vibration is incredible. They are such beautiful beings and now we will be in alignment with and have access to their energies on a regular basis.

This higher dimension we can now have access to and will integrate with, will reveal itself in many ways. At this level, it is more apparent than ever that all is just an illusion. We will feel SO GOOD in these energies that nothing will seem to bother us any more. The colors are pastels, shimmering and glowing in an illuminated array of rainbows. Very crystalline.

At this level we will no longer have the desire to change things, fix, or do. We will finally see clearly that there is never anything "wrong". This alignment and stargate has come to us now because our Old lightworker duties are over. As it will assist in evolving us further by just being "in it", we are here now because we need no longer change the planet, "save" it, make it different, or push against anything. We are finally at a vibrational level where all just "is".

It is time to bask in the higher frequencies, and to absolutely just "BE". This new level will support the reality of just "being" as we have been rewiring ourselves for this for awhile now.

Our presence alone is enough. With all the goings on in the media and the seemingly pain and suffering going on around us, we will realize the illusion there, the purpose in the illusion to provide the contrast needed to awake more of the population, and feel a strong desire to create a New and beautiful place to be that supports how GOOD we are all feeling.

Lightworkers will feel this energy long before the masses do. We will begin activities that just feel good to us for the sheer joy of doing them. Someone asked me once why I was writing a book, as that was Old World. It is for the pure joy of writing as I love to write and I love the subject matter of my book. I find pure delight in expressing energy relating to our gifts and talents, our perfect expression of who we are, and anything to do with energy at a soul level. The book is designed to make us all feel good when we tap into the remembering of who we are and what we are vibrating. It is just fun and very in alignment with ME.

This past week all the energies seemed to culminate it a very intense and abrupt expression of any lower vibrational aspects of ourselves that were remaining. The election results supported this process in many. Many felt attacked by some vicious feeling energy that perfectly coincided with our "wounds". We were being touched at our deepest levels as this powerful energy of darkness, lower vibration, denseness or perhaps just a powerful punch of higher vibration magnifying all (whatever your interpretation or comfort zone, as all are correct depending upon which dimension you are viewing things from). I had a day of crying and releasing with all of it. But it was short, because look what is arriving now. It was a powerful culmination and push for an eruption into the New.

This latest experience is literally catapulting us through what looks like a membrane and into the light or a much less denser reality beyond. As we become uncomfortable, we literally summon more energy of light in perfect culmination with the stargate that is due to arrive. Above and below will meet in a perfection creation.

As all of the illusions we have created and bought into begin to reveal themselves and are no longer needed, get ready for a whole new level of being in a whole new reality!

Please join me in welcoming Michelle Burdsall to our volunteer staff at What's Up On Planet Earth? She brings to us her special connection to Source through her talents as a web designer and her ability to beautifully match energies between clients and her heavenly designs. By mentioning that you found her through the What's Up On Planet Earth? site, you may receive a discount coupon for 25% off of her talented services! You may contact her at .

Are you ready to create the New World? Are you ready to make your unique and special contribution through your passion and joy?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,




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