November 17, 2004: The Big Leap


Hold onto your hats as the stargate energy has arrived and is knocking our socks off! Wow, what an energy jump and what ramifications it has created!

 As this opportunity and this incredible opening into the much higher realms has arrived, the leap was great and thus created many things now not in alignment. Computers, phones, and electronics no longer match this New vibration and are not connecting properly, causing what feels like chaos and disruption energy.

Phone calls not reaching their destinations, miscommunications and glitches and more glitches regarding alignments, are epidemic as we have been dramatically “ousted” from the energies of the Old.

 For me, I feel as if I have been catapulted out of my groove and into a reality of a floating boundariless existence. Some may feel as though they have no sense of place, have lost their rudder and direction, and perhaps landed on a planet of unfamiliarity or even “another world”.

 At the same time, it may feel as if everything is going “wrong” and that we are hitting many roadblocks with “no flow”, but in actuality, everything is just not yet in alignment with this window of opportunity that has just presented itself. The energies have been dramatically shaken up and tossed around in every direction.

 Some are feeling incredibly serene and basking in these higher frequencies and some are having different experiences. Accommodating this much light can have its challenges. You may feel on extreme “overload”, feel tense and highly stressed. You may feel surreal, ungrounded, feel spinning energy, anxiety, or that your circuits are on overload.

Your sense of security may feel compromised. My cat is very clingy today. She is in a New place and so are you. In addition, everything becomes magnified at the higher levels and the contrast between the higher vibrations and the Old denser vibrations can feel very uncomfortable. Denser vibrations can feel VERY dense and dark when you are vibrating very high.

 Know that these feelings will pass. I say this as I have been here before. The energies first appear very intense as they are anchoring the blueprint, and as we adjust, they will dissipate a bit. I went through much of these feelings when I made a big personal transition in April of 2004.

Embodying this much light can at times make you feel as though you might be “loosing it”. It you are having this experience, know that it will pass, and when it does, you will feel better than you have ever felt before.

 For the past several years I have had to consistently lower my vibration to feel more comfortable in my surroundings. So many lightworkers want to raise, raise and raise their vibrations, and I can tell you, it is not that much fun when you get there! Much better to “blend” with your surroundings. It can also help to stay in the NOW. Just be in the moment.

 As nothing may feel “right” anymore, you may not know where you belong as the feelings of “no sense of place” always accompany these energy shifts. This shift, in particular, has a very unique earmark of its own, and is unlike any I have experienced thus far.

 The defining energy is “the higher realms”. We have come very far, gone through several shifts “up”, have been upgrading ourselves on our journey into the New human, and have now reached a level to embrace and embody this opportunity being given to us.

 As this time of experiencing the much higher realms and the higher vibrations became available to us, there was also an opportunity to connect at the higher levels in many ways.

Those who have already been introduced to their “twin” souls (for use of a better word) in the physical experienced a much higher and deeper connection. The memory of the overlap and sharing of the same original energy, was for me, incredibly divine. Oh, that “union” energy and that reconnection!

 In addition, by shifting our perception, remaining open, totally letting go, trusting, and staying in our heart energy, we can allow much more of this infusion and integration of this higher way of being to become our reality. We can go through the opening to these higher realms.

 Recently I relocated from Asheville , North Carolina to Flagstaff , Arizona . I cannot tell you how much was involved in the “shifting over” process. A New ISP (and still not yet with no home!), New e-mail address, New physical and P.O. addresses, New cell phone number, New banks, New environment, New friends, and in addition, New word processing software to learn, a New cell phone to learn about, and a New web site.

All of these changes and more were needed to be “connected” to my New location and New life. During this time, with the New energy illuminating the planet, nothing was connecting! I again lost the ability to retrieve hundreds of e-mails, my New website was having several linking (“connecting”) problems, the owners of my New home suddenly lost their phone connection, and so on. And I am currently in southern California (as my beautiful New rental home at 7,400 feet and nestled at the foot of the San Francisco peaks will not be ready for a week or two).

 As we take this opportunity to bump up and reconnect to an even higher way of being and a New reality in the higher realms, just as the necessary reconnection changes needed to occur for me on the physical level, as a planet, we are experiencing New connection symptoms as well. If we choose to embody these higher realms and this higher energy, we will, then, need to reconnect.

 As mentioned in the last energy alert, it will begin to appear as though there are two different worlds. If we choose the higher dimension, we will experience a different reality and it will seem as though the denser, negative and lower vibrational realities are happening somewhere else very far away.

With the occurrence of this big “leap” up, the Old world and Old energies are being catapulted from their roots as well. And remember that there are still many layers of reality here. We are rapidly approaching a time (and some are there now) where we can easily navigate the dimensions and choose to be in a variety of energetic levels.

In the Old world reality, for instance, there will soon be changes with the IRS. Soon a New plan for a totally New tax structure will be announced, not remotely resembling anything we have used so far. It will be very simple, feel good and right, and totally remove the old energy of the Old ways of the IRS. We will feel free and good, and begin to feel free and good again about our money.

The Old world changes need to be slow and steady. Any drastic, sudden and extreme changes would frighten many people. It is important that the changes be made with ease and that people be ready to embrace them. In this way, all is in alignment for summoning the New energies and New ways, and thus bringing them into form.

On October 15 we had the Day of Reckoning and now in this mid-November time period we move into the next stage where those that have agreed to stay on condition of embracing the light will remain to support it and all others will depart. The choice had to be made in order to continue forward.

As much has been going on behind the scenes, although not present yet in the outer world, we have made considerable progress. But in these very New higher frequencies of the 11/11 energy, we don't care anyway!

And very briefly as many have inquired about Flagstaff : Flagstaff sits upon an opening of the feminine. Within the mountains buried for eons of time, there rested the long ago energy of the beautiful Earth as we knew it before the free-will “fall”. Knowing the events that would occur and the final results, we hid this energy to keep it so very safe.

This energy of the feminine is incredibly beautiful, divine, loving and graceful, full of caring, support, intuition, and unconditional love. It is now time to reveal it to the world. The planetary vibration has reached the “ready” point. We have reached the critical mass. It is now “safe” to unleash it. It's time is here.

 Flagstaff will be one of the hubs for the New world, an opening to the stars. It will connect Heaven and Earth and this New energetic opening to the higher realms has anchored itself there as well. The stars, the stars, the stars. An opening to the higher realms. Wow!

 Are you ready to create the New World? Are you ready to make your unique and special contribution through your passion and joy?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,






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