November 4, 2004: The Election


The election here in the US created an energetic turning point and created another shift forward. For several days before voting day, it had become apparent that it would be necessary for George Bush to win the election in order to support our move forward into a complete planet of light.

As much was happening behind the scenes and in the higher realms, decisions were being made nearly moment to moment, always with consideration for the highest good of all concerned.

As we have completed the Day of Reckoning, many decisions were then made as to who would remain within this New planet of the New World. Those working with the darker energies were given a choice and depending upon that choice, their paths were then determined. As we are poised to become an incredible planet of light, anything not supporting the higher vibrational ways of the light simply could not exist. There would be no "food" or support to keep them alive. There is much support occurring behind the scenes from beings of light in human bodies, not in human bodies, and of course all our galactic friends as well. Those holding current positions of power are lovingly being worked with and being taken care of.

There was much energy around George Bush for many reasons. He has served his purpose incredibly well. His soul agreed to beautifully embody in human form all that was necessary to provide a contrast so that enough individuals would begin to pay attention and to embody a desire as to what they truly wanted their world to look like.

He has had a great time doing his job for the higher good of all. His soul laughs as he feels he has had much fun with his particular "assignment" and enjoyed it thoroughly. He has successfully created enough attention to wake up many. The beloved being George Bush has allowed his personality self to embody much of the energy that we are purging. He has done this willingly and joyfully to participate in the process of cleansing and shifting the energies of the Old.

As some have become hateful and angry with him, they are only matching the energy that he is embodying for us all, giving us the opportunity to release it in mass. A turning point has now arrived. We have jumped over the top, into the higher realms and this particular phase is now complete. If you are feeling a great love for this man without knowing why, this may be the reason.

As higher beings of light are working with him now and with all of us, we are being given New direction and being given grace and great amounts of love as we begin our New journey into a New World. We will not be the same.

Changes will begin to reveal themselves as we finally see the Old regime leaving. As George Bush remains as he embodies so much of the current energy, there will be great change within his surrounding staff. Although not prevalent to the masses, there has been much change occurring within our structures. The Old knows it is about to no longer be, and is existing within a space of literally no energy. Everything is now in place. It is time for a big surge forward.

This time is affecting us in many ways. October brought in so much energy of the New that we pushed ahead energetically in many ways. Remember, we are being catapulted into a New reality and a new dimension. Feeling very tired as we have had to "upgrade" to get ready to exist in the time we have now arrived in, for some of us, this phase of great fatigue is nearly at an end. Some are again waking in the early morning hours, as they have had much occurring in the sleep state and need "a break".

The day before the election and on election day, many were extremely exhausted as we were holding the energy of the New and the shifting over within us. November 3 brought in the New alignment energy as we were now poised to move forward once again. This New alignment energy felt fragmented, confusing and off-balance as some of us were picking up on the many emotions resulting from the election results. When we are experiencing "moving ahead" energy, it can cause a vast array of experiences. Some are feeling great jubilation as at some level they know that a turning point has arrived and our time is finally here. At times we may feel a sense of loss. During these stronger energy periods, I usually wake up in the morning with a start, as it seems that I am leaving one reality to enter into another one with a vast difference in contrast. Many times I forget where I am, what I am doing, and certainly who I am. As this process of evolution has unfolded, I am at a point now of having very little sense of self. It is as if I am speaking words but not aware of where they are coming from. We have released much. We are being strongly connected with the pure energy of our soul and have left much else behind.

As we are now existing more and more in the higher realms, we have had to alter our ways of being. We are no longer wired for "leg work". Unless we continue to do it for the pure joy and fun of doing it all, it is no longer necessary. Doing everything ourselves does not seem to suit us anymore. We are now in an energy where we need only think and know that our desires and needs will arrive in due time (and due time seems to be in an instant these days!), and poof! We do not seem to have the energy to do anything but that which brings us joy, supports our purpose and path, and brings us then, into alignment with Source. There is no more "trying" energy, or "making things happen" energy. Doing otherwise only seems to make us grumpy and exhausted. The Old World ways and Old World human can no longer be.

In these higher realms, things do not exist unless we give them attention and make them real. If we do not consciously hold something in our consciousness, it seems as if it is gone or perhaps that we have not seen or experienced it for a very long time. If enough of us focus on the same thing and believe it to be real, then a mass creation sort of thing occurs and we all see the same thing. Otherwise, we are creating moment to moment our own individual realities. Some days I cannot remember who I spoke to or what happened only hours before!

In addition, we are still tired from all the rewiring! We are going through massive restructuring and it is using much of our energy reserves as well as creating a New being of the New world. All is in order. We will be fine. We are being taken care of, strongly protected and monitored very closely by our star families as they love us so dearly and are with us at every moment. We are most assuredly not alone.

So where are we now in this divine plan? The first wavers are at a point of being placed into "position" and in doing so, are having all their needs met. We are now being told that our time is FINALLY HERE. It is time to put our plan into place. FINALLY! We are being handed the reigns of the New World and told to "have at it!". The road has been cleared. We are being asked to begin the creation process. We are the New delegates and the New "rulers" of the New planet. We are being given carte blanche and it feels divine.

The first wavers have been programmed and trained for their purpose for a very long time. We must go first to lay the foundation. If you are feeling lost or confused, it just that it is not your time yet. Things need to be put into place to ready the planet and you for your time to arrive. Your time is just as valid and important as any other as we all embody an integral piece and facet of this New World.

When your time is near, you will absolutely be ready and things will unfold for you. As the frequency continually rises on the planet, it will activate you when it reaches a certain pitch. You will know. You will feel a strong connection to self.

It will soon begin feeling as though there are two distinct worlds. In this world of the higher realms, the energy is bright and brilliant, all seems to fall into your lap, there is much joy and delight, and the energy all flows in one direction. As we choose which world to be in through our conscious and uplifting positive thoughts, and become good navigators of these higher realms, our reality will reflect this as well. As more and more of us choose to reside here and to create the New in this reality, the Old world will slowly fall away into a space very far away from what we know as real.

Are you ready to create the New World? Are you ready to make your unique and special contribution?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,




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