November 8, 2004: The Election - Part II


The results of the presidential election here in the U.S. created an energetic backlash and left many in a state of bewilderment and devastation. Feelings of shock, betrayal and confusion reverberated throughout. I felt much confusion as well, not because of election results, but because the plan literally changed at nearly the last minute. This all has to do with the creation of changes at the physical level.

October brought in much energy of change and things were moving ahead energetically very quickly. At the physical level, this usually manifests as a very busy schedule, feeling as though you can never catch up with all there is to do, and just too may things to tend to, coming in wave after wave after wave with seemingly no end.

At the higher levels things were moving rapidly as well, with much movement and placement and many openings to the higher realms as well as many openings and supported opportunities for change in the lower realms. We were most assuredly being pushed forward into the best niches for each of us, and at a rapid rate indeed. There was much energy of "alignment" and ownership of our beautiful planet by the light. All was finally being felt, the time was here and we were in it.

A few days before the election, our souls had a "meeting" and came up with a revised plan. We all agreed that we could hold on awhile longer as there needed to be an awakening of more people. Accomplishing a shift in the physical is a vital stage as it affects many who may not be "conscious" as we wonderful and most advanced lightworkers are :-) . A shift in the physical is quite an ordeal and a monumentous accomplishment.

We felt that keeping George Bush in the White House a bit longer would accomplish several things. As the being George Bush had agreed to embody much of the energy that was being removed and leaving our planet for evermore after eons of time, he agreed to play his role in the illusion a little longer as there needed to be even more energy present to create this phenomenal shift forward.

What in the world am I talking about, you may wonder? In order for change to manifest in form (in the physical), there needs to be a summoning. As all creation occurs from a summoning here and a response from source (in addition to source creating a summoning as well, as it comes from both ends and then culminates in creation), and in order to create in the physical for all of the majority, all of the majority needs to be ready and open to receive a change.

There needed to be more of an impact for MORE individuals to see what was really going on behind the scenes. We wanted more people to have an opportunity to use their energy and desire, and therefore really assist in a great push over the top into another dimension in form.

In addition, there simply were not enough individuals ready to embrace a big change within our governmental structure. If the current regime were to be "ousted" right now, many would not be open to a totally New and different reality in our governmental, societal and spiritual structures. Kerry would have continued on with the same structure and Old World regime. President Bush will make the ways of the darker/denser energies so VERY EVIDENT that everyone will eventually notice. He will be like a dog with a bone, or at any rate, his extreme ways will create much attention. He is fulfilling his purpose well.

The changes coming are going to be very BIG. People will need to WANT them in order to embrace them and summon and desire something VERY NEW in order for them to finally occur and for the transition to occur in the most welcoming and gentle way. Sometimes we have to become very miserable and totally lose something in order to be motivated to make a change.

Lightworkers have known about this change for eons but for the average person, this is totally New. We have been more than ready, but we need others to be more than ready. A big, sudden and dramatic change right now would frighten many people and they would try and cling onto the Old comfortable structure and ways.

So then, it now feels as though the energy has just "stopped". We may feel shocked, as it was so abrupt. It went from great light and alignment to what feels like NO light. We may not know where we now belong, where we are going, or may feel just plain scrambled and homeless. But I can assure you that all is in order and this feeling of the darkness predominating is just a temporary illusion.

We are holding down the light energy and openings so that the darkness can really build, and then boom! The darkness has to have the opportunity to totally reveal itself. With the New build-up of more awakened beings embodying even more light and more summoning of a New way, it will create a great momentum to burst forward in all ways when the time is right. Creating in the physical needs much momentum in the physical.

Please remember that what you see around you and in the media is only meant to awaken even more of us. What is going on behind the scenes is a totally different story. This "build-up" of darkness is manifesting in interesting ways as well. It is an opportunity to purge even more of this energy, and this is OK. It activates the darkness within us and it can show itself. I have never before received so may angry and attacking e-mails, and this is OK too as there needed to be a release. When the energy wanes like this (but this time it actually feels totally absent!), manifesting really slows. Finances don't flow, and it can feel as though NOTHING is flowing. (I am still in a hotel in Flagstaff and wondering if I will EVER get housing!).

When all is finally revealed, it will then be BELIEVED by many and create the support and acceptance needed to forge ahead with the New. The best thing to do? I felt the darkness very strongly myself. When this happens I find it best to ignore it, go do something fun, distract myself, laugh as much as possible, and certainly TRUST that the light knows what it is doing. The more attention is given to it, the more it becomes real. This is a time when I discontinue watching and reading much of the media. As I have been going about my day, it is easy to see that people are happy everywhere. The sun knows it is very vibrant and alive and it still shines, the flowers still bloom, and my cat still purrs.

This absence of light we are feeling is TEMPORARY. It cannot come in as strongly as before and then never return. We are in a higher frequency and cannot go backwards. As a matter of fact, I awoke this morning feeling incredible waves of peace and love and they are continuing very strongly as I post this message. And this is what is REALLY going on!

In addition, this current energy status will evolve lightworkers to an even higher status. We need to be at a frequency where we are BEING light, and not just talking it or wanting it. If all the higher ways of light came in totally right now, many would just jump on the bandwagon without having embodied it themselves. This current situation then, will tweak us up even higher. We agreed to lovingly stay back with all of humanity and wait until all was ready.

So go walk your dog, play cards, walk in nature, take in a movie, hug someone, decorate your home, paint a picture, play with the children, indulge in your hobby and bide your time while we are "on hold" waiting for the darkness to build. Tune it out, follow your passion and just be you. And have fun! Lightworkers can be so very serious! This is also a great time to really find out and know who you are. When we know who we are, nothing can sway us and we are always connected to source. Just do and be what makes you feel GOOD.

If you are feeling burned out and ready to retire as a lightworker (I have felt this way many times myself), now is even a better time to go have fun! For me, I have to make a conscious effort as it is not always easy during these times. This is some of the darkest energy I have ever felt, but we need most EVERYONE to feel it in order to summon a change!


In the higher realms, things look much different than they are appearing, as is always the case. At soul levels, everything is always in order and energy always flows in the same direction, with a very high vibration connected to source, and with agreement by all.

In the higher realms, we have agreements with each other to assist in whatever way possible to enhance the expansion of each and every being. This is why all is always in divine right order. And Source energy is always craving expansion.

In the highest realms that I am personally able to travel in and access, we are extensions of the spark of life, of the spark of Source. We became bored, needed something to do, and decided to create. We created worlds and experiences just to have something to do with Source energy and to have fun.

The Shift of the Ages was just something we decided to do to have fun. We are playing a game, putting ourselves in it and goofing around with creative outcomes. There are certainly many more dimensional levels higher than our beautiful beings of light and certainly higher than our galactic friends. We just infuse our energy into a creative vehicle and go from there. And many can infuse their energies into one physical being at the same time as well.

Therefore, it has been evident to me that George Bush agreed at a higher level to play his role to assist in awakening the masses by exhibiting extreme behavior. We all already knew this, but others certainly were not ready to see it. He has also agreed to embody as much of the darker/denser energies as well, and we are in it with him, as much as we embody these energies ourselves.

In addition, there is really no suffering as we know it. At the higher levels, each being is in total agreement as to the experience they wish to encounter. Like energy always attracts like energy and thus creates an experience for itself. No one leaves the physical body by accident and this is also why there are no such things as victims. Individuals involved in the war are not, then, having an "accidental" experience of pain and suffering.

I remember once being in a higher realm and viewing my experience in this current particular body. Although at that time I felt I had experienced suffering, it was very clear that I had enjoyed every moment of it at a higher level. In the human body we get to feel emotions, whether they be wonderful or devastating ones. Even though we may say that we will never go through this experience again, as it was NO FUN (I have said this many times myself), when we leave our bodies we do not feel this way and are always eager to come back again. We are much tougher than we think and would not be experiencing these things if we could not handle them.

There is, therefore, no dark or light, good or bad. Everything is just energy that we choose to put meaning on. (Remember the story of a headache being a wonderful thing to an aspirin salesman?) And some energies vibrate higher than others and embody more light as well and therefore just feel better to be in and around.

I would imagine that these things most of you are already aware of, but I choose this time to highlight a few as some were confused about how George Bush could possibly be a being of light. And I must also say, that although I am very aware of how things "operate" as per my own experiences and travels, many times I am also ready to throw in the towel, as I am still in a human body and things can FEEL quite different at times. And also know that your own experience is very much your own, and the absolute right and correct one for you as well. Much love to all.....

Are you ready to create the New World? Are you ready to make your unique and special contribution through your passion and joy?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,




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