October 10, 2003: THIS CLOSE To Crossing Over


We're waiting.   We are ready and waiting.   Many of us are “over” ready. Like anxious loved ones in an obstetrics waiting room, we are at the tail end of the ups and downs of the birthing process.   As in a human birth, right before the glorious moment, we wonder, “is this baby ever going to be born?”.   We may feel edgy, irritable, tired and overdone from the whole process.   We may wonder if all the pains of labor are worth it.   “I didn't realize it would be this difficult”, we may ask ourselves, while in the throws of this birth process.   I remember saying during my labor with my daughter,“I changed my mind”…..

 Here's the good news:    We are about to totally break through to the other side.   Energetically, it looks like a big push through to a brilliant light filled world…..and it is THIS close.   Wow!   I have to say, it looks magnificent.   (I have recently received many e-mails regarding the November 8 th planetary alignment which perfectly coincides with what I have been seeing and feeling energetically.   Yipeee!)   It brings with it an incredible “lightness” and dropping of much density.   It almost looks like what we see in movies…..brilliant light and clouds, with angels abounding. Oh, the Other Side…..

This energetic “lightening” is beginning to manifest in a variety of ways.   Many feel as though the rug has been pulled out from under them.  This again, is the dropping away of the Old.   In addition, many are experiencing manifestations relating to “freedom”.   We are experiencing freedom in relation to our finances, relationships, sexuality, and in our old patterns of behavior.   As we come closer and closer to the “light” and are becoming true “light beings”, we are rapidly dropping our density and any lower vibrational energy.   We are beginning to vibrate as whole and complete units of energy, unattached to other energy patterns.   We may be feeling “disconnected” or as if we are floating in a void.   The old “hooks” are leaving.   We can begin to associate with and attract others through our genuine love and appreciation for each other, and not through our matching “issues”.   This happening for many of us NOW.   This is the New (or forgotten) human.  

This “lightening up” energy is also manifesting in our governmental structures.   There are beginning, and will continue to manifest, great changes with the IRS (again, our “freedom”).   Our up-coming political candidates are different from ever before and many are not from our existing political structure.   It appears we are summoning what we want, while at the same time, the energy is here to support it.   With the burst into the light we will be experiencing, we can expect miracles abounding.   Our planetary structures will have to match the new planetary vibration and great changes will begin to manifest.   (Personally, I enjoy following presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, as he matches most closely our new vibration.   As the planet embodies more of this light, will miracles continue to abound in this arena?)  

The light is ever present and in critical mass.   All is in order.   The plan and the foundation are in place.   Those behind the scenes are ready to emerge as they match our new higher vibration…..the New World.   At the same time, there needed to be enough individuals summoning this new higher way.   These changes could not and cannot occur until people are receptive enough.   The falling away of the Old World and the disappointment with the darkness lay a perfect foundation for the readiness of the New.

In addition, this much higher vibration, along with breaking through to the other side, is activating our coding, or our way of being in a higher way.   Many individuals and groups are becoming more of who they are, or “fine tuning” their vibrations.   This has been manifesting as a breaking up and coming together of   more closely matched vibrations. As mentioned in past issues, and as I continue to see in most of my readings with individuals, our time is ripe for what we each came to do (which is our “passion and joy”).   We will be taking this passion, or purpose, to a higher level now.   We could not do this before, as the planet was not yet ready.   We had to apply our mission, passion and purpose to 3 rd dimensional manifestations.   Have you noticed that you have been taking your “work” or life to a higher level?

At the same time, the same energetic blueprint or theme I have been seeing for awhile is still evident and has not changed:   We will continue to lay our personal foundations at a higher level through December.   In January, we will be poised to assist and be fully present in the New World. We need not necessarily become involved with the “falling away” as we might best use our energy to create the New.   Each of us has a specific role (and again, it is also our passion and joy).   Some came to scout ahead and establish the New.   Others will be assisting those in transition through their gifts as healers, etc.   As you all know, these roles are all in perfect alignment with our personal numerology, astrology, geographic location, and choice of human family origin.   All has been in perfection to support our evolution for this amazing time.   As the first wave will be in place (you all know who you are!), and as mentioned many times before, they will hold the energy for others to cross over.   The crossing will come in waves, and I have to say, it is a beautiful sight.   A truly beautiful sight…..

In addition, another theme has been present and has shown up in nearly all my readings with individuals.   We Light Beings (or Light Workers) are being totally supported in our preparation for the next three months.   This energetic message has come in extremely strong.   We WILL BE on our mark for our exciting roles…..there can be no mistake…..we have much assistance at all levels.   This connection is strong.   We are each right where we need to be.   As we all know, when we decided to come forth and infuse ourselves in the physical, we made great plans.   It appears that the “waves” of individuals crossing over are just according to our original plans about how we chose to fit together, to assist and to experience the Shift of the Ages.   We all wanted to be in on the excitement.   It absolutely has nothing to do with our “levels” of growth!   Each of our times will come at precisely the “right” time, as each of us has an equally valuable contribution to make.   It does not matter “when”, as no one actually goes “before” or “after” anyone else.   It just depends upon the matching up of our particular contribution to the particular moment it is needed.   We are all in this together.   We came to have fun and to experience this exciting occurrence and to be in on the creation process.   (We just needed something to do with Source Energy!)   Do you remember?

As a beautiful friend of mine said recently, “It is as if we are currently going from one ranch to another, and are right in the middle of the creek!”.   All is in order.   All is lining up as we want it to.   So many times I have received information from non-physical beings saying how much they highly revere us.   They have a tremendous love and appreciation for us here on the earth.   They greatly admire us and are continually present with us, as they observe how we are creating this New World.   I believe we are doing a wonderful job…..

Which world will you choose to be in? Which world will you create?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,




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