October 19, 2003: Freedom


The effects of the November 8 th alignment (or the beginning of the New World, or the Shift of the Ages, or the opening into higher consciousness, or the big awakening, or the shift into the next dimension, etc., etc., etc.!) are already being felt.   Like a mesmerizing elixir, the feminine energies are ever-present.   Basking, receiving, nurturing, relaxing, and a sense of calm and deep contentment seem to be their earmark.   Compassion and caring are filling our souls.   In addition, there seems to be a stillness and sense of “no movement”.   While things in our lives seem to be moving along as usual, they are almost occurring by themselves…..with no “hooks”, attachments or extreme pushing from us.   As a highly sensitive being, I have to say, this new energy that has finally arrived is a welcome relief for me.   With June bringing extreme feelings of “death”, endings, and a disappearing of the Old, along with ensuing months of in-between-dimension occurrences, massive blasts of source energy and movement at a difficult to accommodate level, and a general sense of being “in between” the worlds, I am happy to be basking in the higher frequencies!   Will this feeling of great “peace” be the air that the New World breathes?

As the planet earth and all her inhabitants reach these heightened states of frequency, old systems, structures and ways of being will begin falling away more rapidly now.   Viewing things energetically, it looks as if the earth and all life upon her are vibrating at such a high frequency, that anything not matching flies off as it cannot keep up and take hold.   Density is nearly non-existent.   It seems that if we try to hold on to what we might have manifested in the past, or try to make things happen that are of a lower, but more familiar frequency, nothing seems to work, and it just doesn't feel good.   A new heightened state of allowing, deserving, miracles and a higher level of all creating seem to be calling to us.  

There will be wonderful and surprising manifestations to behold.   Again, we are “lightening” up.   Have any of you been cleaning out closets, old files, and anything that brings you a “cluttered” feeling of “extra”?   Are you finding that you no longer desire to “take care of”, assist, or become entangled in your relationships?   Do obstacles in your path feel like tremendous boulders that take just “too long” to get around?   Are you craving a need to be “free and clear”?   Are your eating habits changing? This non-attachment is an integral part of ascension .   Again, this new energy is very fine and refined with a wonderful feeling of grace and beauty…..so very different from the powerful blast of August energy!   (Like a birthing process, the great push of August energy was an integral part of getting us here.)

An opening has begun…..an opportunity to experience this higher frequency to enable us to anchor it within ourselves….to create a reference point.   Can you imagine a world with no aggression, no anger, no hostility, no violence?   This energetic opening to the New World shows us the way.   Can you imagine a world with no doctors, healers or health care, as there would be no need?   No financial concerns, no problems, no complaints?   A world where all beings have a heightened awareness of all that is? (No need for psychics or channelers!   ouch…..).   A world where the words “compassion” and “humanitarian” have no outlet?   Nothing left to do but CREATE, expand, experience and love each other.

The most exciting vision I have been receiving of soon to transpire events is the FREEDOM vision, in regard to our systems and society.   As the dark agenda that has been rampant for eons on this planet no longer has a foothold, and as our frequency has been rapidly accelerating, “controls” will begin to feel extremely uncomfortable and downright strange.   For some time, I have been receiving strong visions of Boston Tea Party energy.   The people will absolutely revolt.   No ifs, ands or buts. This vision has been very strong.   We will no longer tolerate less than our divine right to FREEDOM. The timing is perfect…..an alignment and conjunction needed to be reached with enough people being ready and summoning, along with the vibration of the planet herself to support this state.   With the two combined, a manifestation will occur.   The timing had to be right, or a failure would result.   There HAD TO be enough souls summoning and ready (willing to accept and embrace the New), along with the earth's vibration beneath to support this incredible manifestation.   This cannot not happen.   All is in perfect order.   Everything is in place and will begin to unfold this coming year. The soul of our president, George W. Bush, has done a wonderful job in fulfilling its role as the “door opener” and contrast to create the readiness and need for a different way.   Yes, we are all in this together at the highest levels, and all going in the same direction of ushering in the New World.

 Another phenomenon that seems to be getting bigger and bigger is worth mentioning.   As most of us are aware, the new little beings arriving now…..our beautiful children…..are incredibly evolved.   It is absolutely mind boggling!   We have a Crystal Child in our family (as are many if not most of the new arriving humans), and she is quite amazing.   These little ones have an absolutely incredible degree of awareness.   They are tuned in and tapped on.   They stand out like beacons of light in severe contrast to the generations that precede them.   Highly intelligent, telepathic and sensitive, they are also mature and wise well beyond their years (and ours!).   Loving, calm and cooperative (with an occasional tantrum!), they are like something from another world.   I just can't begin to describe their presence and energy.   I continually feel as though I am interacting with another adult, and our Amayah just turned three!   She continually interjects comments into our adult conversations as though she is absolutely in them with us, and the comments make more sense than ours!   When things get rough, she sings…..

We have another being due to arrive in our family in the spring.   We knew she would be coming some time ago, and have been well aware of her special energy, gifts and talents.   These new ones are extremely evolved as well.   They possess very heightened sensitivities, extreme psychic ability, and are highly connected to anything and everything.    These unusual beings will require an unusual learning environment.   As we know, are current systems are just not equipped to deal with them.   They run circles around their teachers, as they basically are the teachers themselves.   Watch for great and exciting soon to come changes in our current systems.   These children, along with our heightened planetary vibration, will create our new structures.   This cannot not happen.   Won't it be wonderful when our society will soon be aware at all levels, and know in advance the experience and desires of their children before birth?   What a loving way to support and raise our little ones.   It is so delightful to know where we are headed and to experience these incredibly evolved human beings.   Proof of our future!   Yes indeed…..

Which world will you choose to be in?  Which world will you create?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert.  Many blessings, much peace and incredible joy in these miraculous times,




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