Some interesting energy is here, and I can only describe it as “overload” energy. It is tied in with the beginning arrival and preparation for the higher energies that will be arriving in July and August.

These current energies are intense. They can make one feel as though everything is “tight.” It can be hard to breathe. Your heart can feel overtaxed or have palpitations. You may feel as though you drank too much caffeine, even when you had none! It can be difficult to sleep. You may feel stressed and unable to relax. You may be dreaming a lot at night. Can't seem to let go and unwind…can't seem to exhale all the way.

At the lower levels it will manifest as being very busy with a lot going on…more than your normal load. One more thing after another to do and get done. And when you try and relax and let go, nothing happens. Pressure and tightness remains. Waking up early and falling asleep late.

Here's what's going on. We are getting rewired, so to speak. We are being adjusted so that we can accommodate a higher frequency…we are getting amped up. It has begun in small stages so that we will be prepared when it really arrives. The volume is being turned up higher and higher in a very slow way, until we can take more and more. The first time I experienced this kind of energy hitting my dense form five years ago, I ended up in the ER with what I thought was a heart problem and an anxiety attack. Now we know better, and can then accept and adjust by relaxing and allowing. Back then, no one knew about ascension yet!

Dry and gritty eyes, problems with vision and hearing, some dizziness, head and ear pressure, and so forth are common symptoms. Muscle tightness and tension are prevalent as well…this energy is tight, tense, and creates pressure. Yesterday I really wanted to unwind as I had been in an unusual stage of busy-ness getting my new web site done and had a lot of unusual activity with my new publisher as well. I went out to the ancient lands by the river and laid down on a big rock. The weather was perfect, the sky was blue, there were white clouds and storm clouds overhead, and hawks flying above. Well, I could not connect. Very unusual. Everything was just stiff and steady and rock hard, so to speak. And in addition, the star beings were doing an unusual thing of keeping a distance. They stayed back in a 20 foot radius, or so, and would not come closer. They did not want to overload me anymore than I already was by adding their energies to my space. And this is how it currently is.

We are in a protective bubble while we are being amped up. We are unable to connect now. We are in a sort of isolated space while we are rewiring. And at the same time, we are completing old business or really business relating to laying a new foundation for ourselves. It is time to get things in order to pour that concrete that we will be using as the foundation and the rock for our new endeavors. Because once all our ducks are in a row and things are in place, we will then take off like rockets into brand new territory. We will shoot off into higher realms reality and being, while our “foundation” that we have set in place does all the work for us.

I remember experiencing the Grand Cross Alignment in 1999. Greatly anticipated, we all thought that we would feel wonderful during this time. With so many planets lined up, what else could possibly happen? Well, what happened was a feeling of great tightness. A big linear line-up of energies that squished and pushed out anything that did not fit in between the energies. It reminded me of a huge spine with no room for anything in between. Not what I had expected, but the ascension process rarely brings anything predictable!

So then, we are lining up. With all the integrating complete as of May 2, we now have to line up, have our ducks in a row, and get ready for what is to come. And what is to come? Mostly, a big “clean-up.” We will be greatly consumed with getting the planet in order now, and making it look like what a higher vibrating planet looks like. Similar to arriving at a war torn site with debris and chaos everywhere, we will be responsible for now “lining up” the rest of the planet, after we are done lining up ourselves. We will be the human angels, the helpers, the servers, and the compassion givers. We will start new projects, help others, and begin “re-building.” The time is finally here. And we will have to go back and forth in small increments, as we can only be in lower virational energy for so long. Then we will have to return to our sanctuaries and our creations of a higher order to recharge and re-connect. But we will take what we have created for ourselves and introduce it to the rest of the world.

This current energy may make you feel like crying for no apparent reason. Not the releasing, weeping, and sorrow kind of energy we sometimes feel, but just a crying to release some pressure. Oh, the pressure! Ugh! But it will pass as it always does. This current space may also feel like a very strange space. Not really here or there, or anywhere! This is because it is New. We have arrived in a New country, or are really getting ready to get off the ship, and everything is just kind of New and not really here all the way yet.

All in all, something very New and exciting is on the very near horizon. Can you feel it?

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times, 

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The purpose, desire and passion behind What's Up On Planet Earth? is in bringing a higher level of evolutionary awareness to souls who are summoning this energy, and to connect and assist us during the now rapid ascension process many are experiencing.

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