Staying Down, the Humanitarian Energies, and Finding Our Safe Havens

Things are moving right on track, all in perfect evolutionary order. Finally, it is time for another reality to begin…Why? Because we have reached a vibrational frequency where nothing less than a higher vibration can continue to exist. Enough of a critical mass has been reached, enough of a preponderance of the higher energies is present, so that the denser and older manifestations must now depart, and depart they will with great intensity for the next few years.

Little by little we arrived at this space, and this space is different from any other. It is no longer a situation where separations occur bit by bit, piece by piece. This pattern was needed to build the critical mass for this particular stage of our spiritual evolutionary growth, or in other words, to get us to where we are now. Now a great leap is present, and this will be the separation of the worlds. The worlds must separate now, as one reality will constitute safe havens, peace, and a higher way of being, while the remaining reality will fall with great intensity through natural disasters, meltdowns, implosions, and great changes and dissolutions of governments and systems. It is now time for a complete departure of the old reality, and because of this, a critical and amazing ascension has become available for many.

The dam has finally broken and “the end” is near, but a very good end it will be…and this is because of the opportunity at hand for a real ascension. It is finally over. The step-by-step evolutionary process has finally reached its end for this particular stage. The old will now begin its very rapid departure.

Physical manifestations? Being cold, with an inability to get warm. This occurs when we are greatly shifting within and moving from one level of consciousness to another. Being unusually cold is a very common ascension symptom. Feeling like you are hyperventilating. Higher energies can be difficult to embody, and our bodies go on overload. Same with heart palpitations. Exhaustion. We are being re-structured at a cellular level. Old injuries or ailments, flues, and the like may occur as we are being forced to “stay down.” More about this further on in this post. An inability to sleep. This will occur if one is not residing in a good geographical location. More on this further on as well. Sleeping a lot. This will occur because of the re-structuring and exhaustion, and if you are right where you need to be.

Emotional and mental manifestations? An inability to make up our minds or to feel certainty about much of anything. This is because we are in transition, and beginning our new residencies in another reality. We don’t know where we are right now. Confusion can also be present. A scattered feeling. Losing things is also common during this period. Losing people, things, and the like. Things do not quite know where they belong right now, but they will. A loss of power. This is because we are needing to tap into our very true power, which is Source and our higher selves. We may feel a loss of confidence, or not know exactly who we are right now.

Spiritual manifestations? A sudden deep and intense desire to serve humanity. A feeling of oneness with everyone and everything. A knowing that there are no leaders, as we are all very connected now at similar levels and united as brothers and sisters. A strong desire to give back. More on this further on as well.

So how do we know that we are in the best possible geographical area for ourselves, as so much on the earth will be rockin’ and rollin’ ? Are each and every one of us in a safe place of true sanctuary? When we come to higher levels in our spiritual evolutionary process, our souls begin to run the show more and more. In this way, we will always be right where we need to be. There can be no room for an error here. No mistakes, and no danger possible.

Recently, my new sister-in-law, Norma, called me from Massachusetts. She described to me a recent situation she and her family had experienced regarding what she referred to as a “dove.” One day, a dove had suddenly arrived at their home. This dove had an ankle ID, and being that it was so loving and tame, she was able to record the ID information and track it on the internet. But even so, the owner and she could not connect, as there was no response from her e-mail. After several days, she discontinued feeding and watering the dove, and began to tell it that it needed to leave, as it could no longer stay there. This dove had made a substantial impact on her family, following everyone around and truly infiltrating itself. After several days, Norma heard the cry of a hawk, and just knew what had happened. The hawk had destroyed the dove.

She knew there was an important message here. This situation had affected her and her family in a way that it was not to be ignored. When I asked her what she thought it meant, and what the main theme about it was, she replied, “The dove could not stay here, as it would be in danger.” And this was her message from her soul. They needed to move. Just about this time, her husband had been contacted by a headhunter, with a very possible offer of a new job and move to San Diego.

If you have experienced a sudden situation with your home (a wiring problem, or mold, for instance), which has forced you to relocate, you are most likely being guided as well. We will always be right where we need to be.

A rule of thumb for being in our safe havens in times to come, is that we match the vibration of our area. This places us in alignment with where we are, and keeps us “safe.” It opens a portal to a higher vibration. For example: Phil and I will be living part time in Europe. We have found an area that we feel will fit us well. But in addition, we are keeping our small rental cabin here in the ancient lands of Arizona. Our ancestors are here in the ancient lands. We speak to them often. We are very at home here. But this area will experience some topsy turvy times, and although we will be here part time to assist in any way we can, we will also be abroad in our safe haven and sanctuary, or our current heaven while our future heaven is still adjusting and aligning itself. And while we will always be “safe” in our area of matching vibration (northeastern Arizona), we will still be coming and going, from one reality to another.

This is why we experienced the sudden blocks to purchasing land, and I am sure many of you have recently experienced the same. After our area has re-adjusted, we will then be able to reside on a perfect piece of land, and be able to secure it in a totally different way.

Our choice to have a dual residency came from inspiration and joy…not from fear. We were wanting to travel abroad, expand ourselves more, and Phil had spent some time in Morocco with the Peace Corps, and loved the foreign countries. So it all just fit. And this is how it will be for all of us. We will gravitate to areas that bring us joy, peace, and just plain feel good. And if our area of closest vibration is needing a cleanse or major adjustment, we will be “evacuated” to another area that fits us as well, until the adjustments are made. Deeply cleansed areas always carry a high vibration, as they are now fresh and clean, ready for the new.

Many of us are being forced to “stay down” right now. Whether from various ailments or other circumstances, the universe and our souls are wanting us to stay still awhile longer. It reminds me of the severe health situations that many of us incurred during our ascension process of the past. These severe health situations forced us to align with the higher ways…and this is what is occurring now, as we are readying to “ascend” again, to a newer level. But in addition, when higher energies hit old injuries or wounds, they will be again become activated through pain until the energies within them are neutralized.

It is feminine that is wanting to integrate within us. Not doing, but allowing. Becoming more gentle. Getting out of the way, as we cannot do anything while we are ailing. Allowing Source to create for us. Feeling as if we have lost our power, but it was only ego and old masculine power, and it can no longer exist here in the higher realms. Learning how to go through the portal to the higher realms by being still, present, and there….right where the portal is…as it is here, and not somewhere where we need to go. This always keeps us safe, and this is also why we will be safe no matter where we are as we can always create a reality within a reality. But being in geographical areas that match our vibrations, always keeps us in the higher realms as well, as we are then vibrating higher from the true alignment of matching vibrations.

As we integrate the feminine and higher energies while we are surely becoming angels on earth, every cell in our bodies is being turned inside out and upside down. Just like the outer physical world that will experiencing the same, whatever is left within us that needs an alignment is being affected. And it can make our bodies feel like they are 150 years old, as we hobble around! In the past few weeks, I have experienced bug bites almost strictly on my right side, many bites that swell all around the area where I crushed my right leg, weird acne on the right side of my face, and shoulder pain under my right shoulder blade. I carried a lot of masculine energy, and really needed to adjust! If you are of Pleiadian heritage, for instance, your masculine side may be more prevalent. Pleiadain ancestry carried the change-maker energies and required a more aggressive, forward moving individual. Those from the angel realms will not need so much re-structuring, as they are much more naturally gentle and compassionate souls, and so forth. No better or worse here, but just who we are.

During this time of re-structuring, it can seem that as soon as we think we are back again, we bounce up, get going, and then wham! Something else arrives to keep us down. We cannot move forward, go out again, or resume a life until we surely know how to embody the feminine of compassion, caring, love, gentleness, and patience.

And this is why: Not only are we being re-wired as a higher vibrating human, but we are being prepared for times where acts of great humanitarianism will be needed. This is when we will truly become the angels of the earth. We will stay in our safe sanctuaries of heaven on earth, and then periodically go out and assist in great service of love and caring for all mankind who are experiencing, and stuck, in the fall. We have big hearts…we will want to assist in many ways. It will be overwhelming to watch and we will be drawn like magnets to assist and serve. So if you have felt yourself being consumed of late with strong desires of a humanitarian nature, this is why. It is simply our programming kicking in for this particular stage of the process of the Shift of the Ages.

These manifestations of the fall will bring great rewards and evolutionary leaps as well. People will unify and join together in community, as the supports will become local and privatized. It is then that the planet will finally begin to live in harmony with the earth, and with the individuals that reside upon and within her. What is truly valued and important will become just that, as there will not be much else left.

Do you know what your humanitarian contribution will be? Is it in alignment with your gifts and talents, or your passions for the New World? Will your presence alone be all that is needed to assist, through the compassion that you embody? Will you be called to re-build your geographical home on earth, or perhaps go to another area that needs you most? Do you know and trust that your soul will place you exactly where you need to be, through magnificent synchronicities, repeating messages, and a very strong guidance that is in perfect alignment with how you receive your knowingness?

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,

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