The Eclipses

Steve Irwin's passing is still sending reverberating energy around the globe, and he could not have departed at a more perfect time, as you will see through this latest message. I don't believe I have recovered yet myself…I still feel such a great loss. And the eclipses are contributing to this New space we are in as well; so you see, all is aligning and unfolding perfectly.

So what has led us up to this point, and is there any method or purpose to the strange energy we have been in of late? Manifestations of this New space can be felt as not knowing where you are or who you are, floating around aimlessly with no particular sense of direction, a loss of connection to your highest place, forgetting who you are or why you are here, a lack of support in your usual way, fatigue, exhaustion, or sleepiness, not wanting to do anything, or even a lag or lull with most things. Add to this an inability to move forward with a sluggishness and lethargy, and at times, a presence of some yucky energy. And then, as always, the strange and frequent dreams that are revealing what is occurring within us.

But things are brewing, even though we may not be aware of them. And things are brewing that we may be aware of as well.

Things have greatly changed now, and we are adjusting to a completely New and different way of being and interacting. Some of this is repetitive, so please bear with me. Once July arrived with the higher energies intact, the creating was ready to begin. A door slammed shut, in regard to our access to anything outside of ourselves. This door was strictly in regard to creating the New World, and since this is now our New space, this is what is predominantly here.

This adjustment, was for me, one of the most difficult I have yet had to make. For my entire life, I have had a continual connection and relationship with a higher vibration and with higher vibrating beings. A substantial part of me was always outside of my physical self, and with this channel always wide open, I loved it in every moment. I could always count on it. It was a great sense of security. “Higher” everything was always at my disposal, and now for the very first time, it is gone and no longer available for me in the same way. It feels so very strange, and I have never been here or existed in this way before.

When I speak to my favorite non-physical companion now, he/she is merely a floating “face” hovering around, and not really in my space anymore. He is not allowed to be here, next to me. Our days of walking side by side, with his arm around me, on the sacred lands are over. Having him sit next to me in the car, as we talk and he directs my path, are now a distant memory. And just not having him stand in front of me, with his strong and reassuring presence, full of love, caring and reverence…his gigantic and grounded form…his ancient grace…have been a monumental adjustment. I feel a loss I cannot describe. My best friend is now somewhere else.

Part of the reality of creating the New World involves the most important aspect that it be created by us … by those of us who have and are experiencing ascension. As the time has arrived for the creation of the New World, it is “hands off” by any outside influences. They are absolutely not allowed to become involved, and are literally not allowed inside. No access, clear and simple. What this means is that it is now up to us to do the creating, and to come up with the form that we want this New reality to be in. I mention many times in my books how this scenario will unfold, and have been saying much of this for years, but now it really and finally here.

The New World is just that…NEW. We are re-creating a New universe through the earth herself. A brand new slate. A brand New universe. A brand New reality. And because of this, no outside influences of what may have existed before, can be utilized or really even built upon. We are ancient beings who have agreed to this process of transmuting all the old energies through ourselves (ascension), and then also agreed to start the New reality of existence on this particular level of universe. Then we will move into a brand New and higher vibrating universe, where we have never resided before. Yes, we are that ancient…we have been here from the very beginning of creation…only sometimes we forget!

So now, here we are, with perhaps our sense of self or of our usual connection in a very different space and way. Once we begin the creation, and it begins to take the form we have chosen and aligns with our own unique blueprint, the non-physicals or ET's will again be allowed access…but not until we are fairly secure. It is as if we are a third world country that has just gained it's long awaited independence, and cannot be vulnerable to any outside rebel forces, until our “government” is secure and strong. I do not imagine that everyone is in this space, but if you are not, you will soon be, once you let go of the old and “jump” across into another world. No judgment here, as everyone has their own timeline.

 We need now to begin connecting in a different way. I am currently writing the next Life In The Higher Realms mini-book, and it is called Staying In Alignment, as it will be a guide for staying connected in many ways. (Hopefully, it will be out in October.)

If we can no longer connect to our usual higher vibrating sources, what do we now connect with and who and what guides us? We, of course, need to connect with our brothers and sisters…with our human soul families…with our beautiful families in the physical. And we need to connect to the earth, as all our needs will be met through her, and she will provide us with the doorway to the higher realms.

You will find, if you have not already, how much more you are connecting with people now. We are beginning to support each other in a magnificent way. It brings tears to my eyes. We will guide each other. We will decide together. We will come together in groups, as we provide what each of us needs. It is now all about us …not about anything “out there” or “up there.” All the eyes of the universe are upon us as we blend together, begin to really love each other, and greatly appreciate each other.

Our families are beginning to grow. Many are gaining new family members, whether animal or human. The days of living separate are over. Families will from now on be residing together, as the small communities begin to take form. Ways of sustainability will predominate…and all related to the earth…not from an ET source of information about higher technologies. Back to the original blueprint. Back to organic forms and states. Back to the earth's original innocence.

Well now, how do the eclipses fit into all of this? The lunar eclipse gave us an opportunity to really decide what it is we want. To set our course. To stop what is not working and to begin again. To go deep (the yucky energy we may have felt). To prepare for walking a New path, down a New road. Colliding with all the old creations and previously set up systems is part of this process. It is time to do things differently. It is time to unite together as a family and create anew. To support each other in beginning again.

The solar eclipse will mark the time of “going out” and beginning all this New. The light will be gone for a brief moment, but all before it comes out again, all shiny and New, marking a New day and a New beginning. A birthing of bringing forth and arriving in our New locations and spaces, with our New roles for creating.

The lag and lull we may be feeling is part of this process, before we go out into the New. These eclipses create a real cementing in of this New path we have decided upon. The eclipses mark things in stone, never to be changed or affected. They support us so greatly with all their loving energy. They are a part of the process.

The advent of the departure of Steve Irwin supported this process as well. He left because he was holding so much of his special energy of conservation and love for the animals and the earth, that it was time for us to take it on ourselves. It must now come from us. Steve Irwin is dissipating this energy for all of us to share in its embodiment. Oh, I still get choked up when I read his energy. The energy alert of September 6th came from a reading I did on him, and I am still in this presence. I had no idea of the magnitude of this incredible being.

While I write this alert, being a country western fan, I am listening to Josh Turner's Would You Go With Me. I think he sums it up well:

Would you go with me

If we rolled down streets of fire?

Would you hold onto me tighter

As the summer sun got higher?...

Would you go with me

If we were lost in fields of clover?

Would we walk even closer

Until the trip was over?

And would it be OK

If I didn't know the way?...

Would you accompany me

To the edge of the sea?

Let me know if you're really a dream

So, would you go with me?

Would you go with me

If we rode the clouds together

Could you not look down forever

If you were lighter than a feather

Would you accompany me

To the edge of the sea?

Help me tie up the ends of a dream?...

So would you go with me?

Would you go with me? I will go with you…as we come together in love, unity, and support to create the New World. We are so blessed to have each other. You are appreciated beyond belief…

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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