The Final Pieces

This week-end a friend took me to an ancient site that was unknown to most. Perched high upon a rocky cliff, along a ridgeline, it was awesome indeed. From this ancient dwelling that was occupied during the 1300’s, one could easily see a vast amount of the world below. With 180 degree views, there was a clear connection to three other ancient sites and communities that were occupied at that time. Through the immense knowledge and experience of my friend regarding ancient sites and cultures (and it is rarely what the archaeologists suggest!), and with my psychic observations, we were able to interpret what the purpose of this unknown site had been. Looking out over the vast expanse of land and incredible open spaces of the area, one could decide if they wanted to focus on one particular ancient site in the distance, or on another. And what were the purposes of the other sites? Yes, they all had a purpose indeed within this perfectly planned community of ancient ruins.

And this is where we are now. We are perched high within the higher realms, looking out over the vast expanse of possibilities, and deciding where we would like to go next, and what we would like to connect to next.

For many weeks we have been tuning up and aligning with the now higher vibrations that we are residing in. Step by step, we are integrating and preparing. If we choose, we can set up a storefront….an energetic front, so to speak, for the lower vibrating reality to funnel money and support to us until we are totally and completely free of a monetary based society. And through this storefront, which exists on an energetic line in between the dimensions, we are also able to serve and assist those in transition. These two purposes work in total harmony and cannot, then, fail in any way. They will support us and others, while we are learning to live within new ways of creating and being.

But behind the lines of that front, we are now completely free to create an incredibly higher vibrating reality and way of being. We are absolutely and totally free in every way. All our wishes are meant to be granted. We are in the space of no resistance and in the space of anything goes….and in an effortless way as well.

March will bring in the last remaining pieces of this transition and integration through two eclipses (a lunar eclipse on the 3rd and a solar eclipse on the 18th), the equinox on the 21st, and the advent of Mercury turning direct on March 7th.

These cosmic events will as always, support us in our process of evolution. After their completion (and our completion, then), and the supports they will bring, we will be ready for the awesome energy that has been due to arrive around the equinox. We will then be ready to reap the benefits of all we have prepared up until then. As always, all is in perfect and divine order.

These have been magical and miraculous times. With much of anything falling into our laps of late, to support this foundation we are now laying, it has been a wonderfully exciting time indeed. And know as well, that the roadblock energy that has been present with our biggest desires, has only been there to protect us. These roadblocks or delays are occurring because our foundations are not totally complete yet. When they are, we will then be able to manifest even more than we had ever imagined….so then, if we had begun the process of manifesting something too early, we would have had to start all over! We will soon have the necessary elements in place to manifest more than we had ever known.

I have to say, that sometimes this process can be frustrating in that we seem to just get started on something, and then we move into a new space of higher vibration, and have to manifest something even grander! We can only manifests from a space of where we are currently residing. So then, we begin to draw something to us, the pieces come together, and then suddenly we leap into a higher space which requires a higher and grander expression. Aghhhhhh! We cannot seem to stay stagnant for long…..

We are manifesting at much higher levels now. It is no longer about fixing what has already been manifested….it is now about not manifesting it in the first place! Even though we have always known how manifesting occurs, it is different now in that we are now residing in this way of being, so it supports us in all ways. It is not a stretch, as we are in it in every waking moment. We are now coming from a space of creating from the top, and not really even seeing what the bottom rungs are about. We don’t reside at the bottom rungs anymore. So then, we are now able to create from the top, and tweak any and everything before it goes too far.

One symptom of residing in these higher realms which is becoming more and more prevalent, is the memory loss. It is near impossible to have a normal conversation these days because we cannot seem to “find” any of the words or labels we are searching for. For me, I am barely able to converse anymore at all. It is just impossible and barely worth the effort. There are now fewer and fewer words that I seem to be able to access. For those not involved with the ascension process, it must appear that I have some sort of mental disorder or brain damage! This is because we are not longer residing in the vibration of mental or verbal communication. And most of these words or labels do not exist in the reality that we are now residing in! So then, like much else in the denser dimensions, it is a real stretch to access them.

Yes, March will be a fun and exciting month, as we complete the last touches of clearing the road ahead and fully integrating within us the higher realms. Are you ready?  As always, wheeeeeeee!

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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