The Shark Frenzy Energy


There is so much energy moving, it is hard to keep up with the energy alerts! It seems that writing a message every three days is not even enough to be current with higher realms reporting!

With these higher and faster frequencies now at our disposal, much in the way of being and living needs adjusting and explanation. Depending upon our interpretation and what we choose to tap into, many scenarios are possible now. Below are some of the current common manifestations and experiences of living in these higher vibrating energies:

The Personal Attacks

 So much higher light is bombarding the planet now, that much is being stirred up. We are most certainly “at the end.” In this way, any of the denser, darker, and lower vibrating energies know that their time is up. They become terrified, cling on, and react in an immediate knee-jerk way to the higher light. At higher subconscious levels, they know they will need to depart. Higher and lower energies cannot exist in the same space. It is not possible, and being that we are now in higher vibrating energies, the darker and “pre-existing,” or “older” energies are receiving their retirement notices.

This can manifest as receiving an “attack” of hostility, anger, or just plain ugly energy coming your way. The higher the light, the worse the attacks seem to be. If you are a sensitive person, as most of us are, these energies aiming right at you, can confuse you, take the wind out of your sails, or even cause you to doubt yourself, but that is what darkness, or “no light” does. If you can know and remember that this is the way of polarity, and that all is in order, as it is simply acute fear that is behind these situations, it can be easier to “re-group” and continue to hold your light.

There is still a substantial gap between the higher and lower vibrating energies currently existing on the planet, even though critical mass has been reached. These lower vibrating energies do not understand the ways of the light. The higher ways can seem strange, but most importantly, at higher levels, the light is now in charge and the older and pre-existing energies do not want to loose their foothold to something strange and unfamiliar…and what they have always interpreted as “wrong”!

So as those that are bearing more light and introducing higher ways, or even simply vibrating that way, begin to receive great amounts of fear based energy from the energies that will need to change and adjust, know that your “job” or “mission” is still very much in alignment…it is simply the imminent changes that are causing much resistance and fear. The power is still in your hands, as I am sure you have realized from all the amazing manifestations that are occurring!

Generally speaking, it is the “gap” in vibration that has not yet been reached from the higher and lower vibrations that is causing this fear and volatile energy to erupt. When I receive attacking correspondences (which are rare, but always occur at high energy points), 100% of the time, it is because a reader is not understanding a higher vibrating message, or simply immediately reacting to something that is not in alignment with what they believe I am saying.

So as we begin to introduce our New creations and projects for higher being and living while we create the New Planet Earth, expect that you may very well be attacked along the way!

Where Are The Boundaries?

Whenever we reach a higher frequency, we can feel as though the walls have disappeared and we are really hanging out there, with no privacy or barriers between ourselves and everything and anything else. In the old 3D world, this can be very uncomfortable, at best. We may wonder what ever happened to our personal sanctuary, and wonder why we are suddenly being grouped and integrated with everything that exists around us. At physical levels, this can even manifest as having much in your space, literally. Or if you are highly sensitive, you may just feel it for no particular reason. The walls seem to be gone.

In the higher realms, there is a different experience. This scenario manifests as a uniting with our soul groups and our loved ones. Much more frequent communication with friends, a re-uniting or re-union with others, and even very New connections can be experienced now, and they feel great. We are really uniting now with our vibrational matches, whether in regard to individuals, projects, or even geographical locations. Like energies attract and connect to like energies as never before, the higher the vibrations are.

Higher vibrating energies that manifest in an old 3D reality can be uncomfortable and challenging, but by living and being a higher vibrating way, they can be glorious. The more we evolve and the more things change, the easier it will get. The “no boundary” scenario is teaching and encouraging us to connect with each other and with those who share our passions, projects, and experiences. With much less in the way of boundaries now, we can really be exposed to who we are by what we find in our space!

I Forgot What I Am “Supposed” To Be Doing!

With so much energy whirring around us now, we can at times feel like we are being tossed and turned this way and that way, without time to even remember what we were planning for ourselves!

The more we are hooked into or attached and residing in the old 3D reality, the more we will feel totally overwhelmed and running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Like a deer in the headlights, so much is manifesting and moving at rapid rates, that we can easily get caught up in the chaos and forget who we are and why we are here and where we had thought we were going!

Manifesting is very rapid now. If we allow the outside world of busy-ness to dictate to us, we can find ourselves spinning around like a top, exhausted, overwhelmed and overloaded, and in tears. Again, in the higher realms, these energies were not meant for a 3D lifestyle. If you can, it can greatly help to take a day or two off and connect to what really matters…what lights you up, what brings you joy, and what you love to surround yourself with or create. The July 30 th energy alert gives more information about this.

If you are still confused, your soul will guide the way. What manifests very easily for you, indicates your true and rightful path…even if it does not make sense. Yesterday I assembled my new spinning wheel. First I waxed it, and then I waited a day. Next, I looked at the mile long instructions…the most complicated thing I had ever seen with 31 individual steps. As I completed each step, slowly and enjoying each one, I arrive with a more formed spinning wheel as I proceeded forward. I had no idea what would come next, but just followed and was present with each step as it was revealed. In the end, I had created an incredible tool for spinning. What had seemed overwhelming and daunting at the on-set, turned out to be very simple, and I ended up with an incredible creation that I simply love to just look at!

Follow the crumbs…they will take you where you need and want to go. Stay out of what is “leaving” as much as possible. Detach from the negativity and shark frenzy energy that is present, as the light activates so much movement. Connect to Source through your dreams, creativity, and passions. Be in your own world. Ignore the negativity and pessimism of others, as you create your special contribution to the New World . Know that you will be supported at every level for your New and higher creation…this cannot not be.

As you create your own special and sacred space, you will find, if you have not already, what Heaven is really all about…and you will again remember why you are here.

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times.

Until next time,  

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