Diversity - One Mind

Question: Is it possible to collectively merge with others in the physical?

Abe: When you individually come into vibrational alignment with who YOU really are, now you have become that collective consciousness, and so now as you are connected in that way, and now pursuing your life in physical form with others who have also done that, then what you are talking about is exactly the case.


But we want you to never lose sight of the idea that while that sounds blissful and wonderful and alignment with your Source truly is what you're all seeking, that it is also a wonderful thing that you deviate in your asking from your physical format, because it is only out of that variety, that new ideas can be born.

In other words, if we were really only all of one mind, then there would not be the variety that gives birth to yet the new improved idea. And so thats why you were willing to go from your collective conscious status... Do you know thats what it's like for us, we are a party that hangs around together just like you were describing, where we are of one mind you see.

But then you said, "I'll go forth and I'm willing in my physical, human, leading edge, brilliant, genius, creative form... I am willing to deviate from the perfection of that alignment and mix it up with the variety of others who are seeing life in different ways, for the purpose of seeing how far we can finely tune this expanding world", you see.

And so, don't worry. In other words, you'll never get everyone on your wavelength, and that is a very good thing. And you will come into vibrational alignment fully with who you are, when you finally embrace the idea of their differences. In other words, thats the strongest point of alignment that we would like anyone to achieve.

If you could get to the place where you could look out into a divergent world, and even aware of things that you do not want to personally live (and you'd just assume that nobody else did either), but you rise above the nitty gritty of trying to choose for them, and instead you say, "I choose not for others, I choose only for me, but I condemn others NOT for what they choose." ahhhhhhh


(comparing life to sports games like football/basketball) Everyone is playing their particular position that they chose and continue to choose, all for the sake of adding to the platform from which we all continue to expand. And our eternal expansion is so delicious and so understood as valuable to all of us, that our differences are not a point of concern, but a point of appreciation.

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camelman555 1st September 2008 9:10 pm

nods " I feel them all , all the time"