What Life Wants from Me or What I Want from Life?

Guest: Is finding my purpose in life more about asking what life wants from me, or what I want from life?

Abraham: It is what you want from life; you are the creator. And, really, the other part of it you can't get wrong anyway. Because, what life wants from me -- oh, such a good question -- what life wants for me is talking about this non-physical energy that is really you.

In other words, who you were prior to coming into this physical body is still who that non-physical energy is. In other words: So, you came with intention. So, then as you stand in your physical form, you could accurately ask the question, "What does that part of me want from me?" And we would say, "What that non- physical part of you wants from you is new experience. New life, new contrast, new exploration; new conclusions...that what? New conclusions that that part of you can sink it's teeth in; can vibrationally become.

So, can you see how, no matter which way you ask or answer that question, it's right either way? Because this non-physical part of you is the life that is wanting from you, and this you is the projector of the life that you want.

There are a lot of people who are saying, "It is inappropriate to want." And, sometimes we go there, as we visit, because we know, we hear it from many: that there are some philosophies that seem to take issue with the idea of you, egotistically, identifying anything as desire. And, sometimes, as we listen (and we always love to hear the conversations no matter what they are about, because people are earnestly seeking) and, after they talk about how desire is inappropriate and that they have been taught that if they can be desireless, that it will be better and we say, "And what is it that you will gain from this philosophy of letting lose of desire?" and they say, "We'll be happier!" And we say, "And is not happiness a desire?

And so, that's the way it all wraps together. In other words: you are pure positive energy; wanting to expand and stay in alignment.; and expand, and stay in alignment. Because expansion without alignment can not be! But the way everything is established, there can only be expansion with alignment. For this reason: in your exploration which causes the expansion (we're talking about your human form, leading edge experience which causes the expansion)...(pause)

Even if you expand and don't keep up with it, the larger part of you has kept up with it, and will be the eternal basis from which you come forth again. So, the only risk that anyone ever runs, is to come forth, and life causes them to expand further than they can allow themselves to be in any moment, and that they have the discord of not keeping up with who they are.

But then, in the death experience, they keep up again!

So, what life wants from you, is joyful expansion!

And, what you want from life is joyful expansion.

Abraham Law of Attraction Workshop Series 8.23.08


k 26th April 2009 9:29 am

The Buddhists say desire is the root of suffering. If what we desire is not in alinement with what our higher self knows to be best for us, the aquisition of what we want will not come to us easily or be very rewarding for us once achieved. The material things pass away, but the soul work we do as we met the obstacles and challenges of this life will be with our soul in the aeons to come. True abundance does not come from material goods or high adventure, those are distractions. Where ever you go and what ever you do...there you are still unchanged, seeking more adventure and more material things. It is our challenge to do the soul work, face our true selves and become masters of ourselves. What greater investment is there than in ourselves to become the best we can be. The world around us can fall apart, but if we are masters of ourselves we will walk with courage because nothing can hurt us. We have an inner resolve, a power that can only come from God. Instead of manifesting the next car, or adventure, consider with love, working toward creating a better world for all creatures.

paola 27th April 2009 6:46 am

grazie grazie grazie... :smitten: