Ailia Mira

Ailia Mira

Ailia Mira is a conscious channel, author, artist and entrepreneur, collaborating primarily with the Council of Radiant Light and Archangel Michael. 

The Council of Radiant Light is a collective of non-physical beings who remind us of our sovereign, eternal nature and share practical guidance for opening up the flow of our expanded capacities. They remind us that we are One with All That Is, and powerful co-creators with all of Life. 

Offering inspiration and practical guidance, Expect Wonderful programs explore potentials for freedom, joy, ease and authentic expression. It is possible to tap within you, a flow of unconditional love, and feel and know first hand, the perfection of Life, of who we truly are. A life of unconditional joy, powerful creativity and radiant well-being is available in a very real way through understanding the vibrational foundation of life and learning how to live in sovereign alignment. 

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