Navigating Life in Clarity

Hello Dear Friends,

We greet you in love.

Immense disruptions in your experience have occurred in the past 24 hours. We know this, and we see in this, your projection into the future of your intentions and thoughts and the way the fluidity of manifest life can destabilize you. This contrast is beneficial to you, for it points to the unclaimed gifts of your sovereignty.

You have within you the capacity to create your experience and we encourage you to try this out and live it. You cannot create a world in which things you dislike never happen. Your world is meant for a diversity of expression and individuation. You can, however, create your experience of this world such that you are most intentionally shaping your experience and in that shaping, creating ever-expanding joy and all the other things you want to feel.

Life is enriched when you are fulfilled. You cannot fulfill your dreams without tending to your vibration, and it is your state of being, that determines what you perceive and how you feel. Along with the patterns of thought you’ve amplified and established, creates your mindset, your emotions, and your manifest experience.

Even if you wish that this was not the case, you can live at odds, in disagreement or dismissal of these principles of energy, yet they still are in play and shaping your life. The ironic truth: the only way in which you cannot choose freely is that you cannot choose while embodied here, to live outside these laws within Creation. There are only a few laws within Creation, and beyond that, even here, your life is wide open. Wide open and as free as you allow yourself to claim and establish your identity and your frequency.

Life on Earth is bringing home this truth to you in a variety of ways. When you are focused on external outcomes to generate your happiness, you feel far less capable. When you are focused on alignment with the vaster you, as a mode of priority and orientation, then you feel better and in that better feeling state, better things are demonstrated to you.

The benevolent universe supports you unquestioningly. We wish to see you happy, yet you are entirely free to choose otherwise and to shape your life in accord with whatever focus appeals to you, and also, to change that in an instant.

So then, beloved ones, what will it be? Freedom embraced? Or denial of your powers. Of some mix thereof?

We are putting it bluntly, so it’s clear.

You have this choice in each and every moment. You may not yet know how to use your powers to their full potential, but as you begin to use your focus and develop the muscle of conscious creation and intentional thinking, your capacity will expand.

You were not mean to be here and live your life in an endless stream of frustration wanting more and feeling it is out of reach.

There is a quiet, steady, bright, clear center within each and every one of you. This soulful connection, the presence of your essence energy, is pure and clear and ever present, ever available. You either learn to relate to this inner wellspring recognizing it’s reliable and generous energy, or you don’t. You either align with that as your compass or you look outwards to other people, their paths and insights, their opinions and feedback. If you look to the outer world for guidance, you will learn that it never quite works for you, because it’s not for you. It’s not yours. Your guidance, that which is particular to you, is within you. You also can see it reflected when you resonate with something. That is the path lighting up before you.

We’re painting for you the stark contrast of living an uplifted and inspired life of inner knowing, a life arising from your truth or, a life of looking to the outer world for your security, sense of self, validation, and joy.

We paint this picture in sharp relief so you might explicitly choose.

All in your world is constructed of light. There is only a continuum of light throughout all of creation, nothing else.

Brighter or less bright is the choice before you. Know that the continuum of light moving into expanding brightness is infinite and infinitely fulfilling.

You alone shape your presence, moment to moment and thereby set your standards, generate your emotions and attract thoughts and experiences that further that point of focus. This creation is happening freely even if you do not choose to see it that way.

On the planet where you are focused there are an infinite number of locations in which to know life on Earth. Some are much more brilliantly populated, some less so. These potentials are exponentially expanding moment to moment. You can experience a life in which you move into ever increasing higher frequency light and consciousness. As you orient, amplify, tune, and focus your attention, so you experience.

Let yourself consider this and choose what you truly desire. Let yourself claim the freedom that is yours.

We cannot do it for you, nor can anyone else. But we hope today, to point it out and light the way, making it easier and simpler for you. Regardless of all the noise around you, this bright, authentic soulful path, is stable and available.

We are with you, in love.
We are the Council of Light



Eyewitness 11th November 2016 4:40 pm

I know you won't like my saying this, but my experience with the Law of Attraction has not been anything but utterly dissappointing. I have never been able to manifest Anything at all that did not come thru Cause and Effect. My thoughts can change my day... but they can NOT heal my body, they can NOT make me more money and they can not attract experiences that I value. I can say without argument that NOBODY I've ever heard of on this planet has tried harder to understand their own power and to change their life than I have. Thoughts may be 'things' but so are atoms and they are simply too small to affect my life in any noticeable way. All these lovely metaphors, however encouraging, simply do not allow for making any changes in your day to day life. If you know exactly HOW to influence the events of life, then please show me how you have managed to do this in your OWN life, really healed yourself, not just kinda felt better...because this belief system simply does NOT work for me... or anybody else I've ever met. Thanks. :)

Toni 11th November 2016 5:55 pm

Hi Eyewitness, you need to embrace the you that is the failure and release the emotional density from your dna to get answers and see change. Feel your grief... Seems like you got yourself in knots with your NOTS really. Too much mind, NOT enough emotional embracement, within the now moment. Until you feel all there is as failure it won't polarize as can only keep going round in circles perpetuating itself bigger.

:angel: Delivered with love.

cyndy 11th November 2016 7:11 pm

From my standpoint. I have been dissolving and releasing:
adaptive patterns
emotional memories
All these things can be from this life time and other life times. It's been a big job. As something comes into my life that feels unwanted, I look to those categories and where it is there is something remaining to dissolve and release.

kingjack 12th November 2016 7:33 am

Thanks for the Information

kingjack 12th November 2016 7:39 am


Jfountain 14th November 2016 6:55 pm

Hello Ailia,
Thank you so much for your words, as I read them I can feel there resonance, I look forward to your posts, please keep them coming.

Much love to you,


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