Open to New Ways of Being

Divine Ones,

We greet you in love. It is time for us to show you new ways of being. The energy is shifting and we want you to know that new light is informing your cells, the very structure of your body and this light is opening up the avenue to new experience of time and space.

The knowledge of this new inner light is something we invite you to feel for within yourselves. See if when you tune into your own energy system, if you don’t feel an energy, a quality of light, that is more transparent and more etherial. This energy will also feel vast to you. Take a moment now and check-in.

Yes, Ailia went right to her heart chakra, the area in the center of her chest. This energy is finer. More delicate and also more spacious. It is the energy of Infinite Light. It is your timeless, eternalness, an emanation of that quality within your own wholeness. And it is here now, to open up within you a deeper and more constant connection to your true Self.

The true Self is always within you in so many ways, and yet your awareness of it, is intermittent and mostly fleeting. When you feel in sync with your true Self you feel so good, so natural, so calm and centered. You feel like you, in the best way possible. And you also are fully present, and there is no feeling of dissatisfaction or fear. It is a state of timeless being in which you know the present and feel joy in being yourselves.

This is a way of being that is becoming available to you, now. In much greater ways, the inner resources to support this way of being, are coming online. It is not that you couldn’t do it before, for in fact you could and we just described how it felt when you did do it. But now, more and more, and more than ever before (enjoy the rhyme!) you will have greater access to this state of being.

And that is as it should be. It is part of the evolution of consciousness happening within your species. The expansion of inner light and the evolution toward true expression, divine expression. That is what is developing here. The capacity to be here, knowing your divinity and recognizing the sacredness of All Life. All Life forms and everything that is.

The opening of this state of being, becoming more normal, more naturally human, integrated into your species and coming online as a natural state of human awareness, will have great impact on your lives and your world. As you become more aware of how it feels to be yourself fully and freely. As this occurs more often and the feeling becomes more familiar, you become more consciouses of feeling this way. You will start to change. The very experience of being who you truly are, more often, and with an awareness of how right it feels, how good it feels, how natural it feels, will change you.

You will start to center in this feeling, when it arises and begin to wonder how to bring it about. You will start to savor this feeling and it will start to affect your behavior and choices as you intuitively start to understand, realize and align with the choices that liberate this way of being, more often. All of this will happen consciously, but subtlety, as you do this naturally. Led from within.

And eventually it will start to shape your awareness of others in the world. You will grow in your capacity for empathy. You will understand other people more than ever before. Understand them, unconditionally, aware that you can realize the humanness in them and love them, regardless of anything they are. Or have done.

In fact, this expanded capacity to love really won’t be about anyone else — it is more that you will know the sacredness of your own life and yourself and simply begin to assume the same for others. And in doing this, you will find that you love, more and without evaluating before you love. You will find that you are loving, more often, more generously, simply because THIS IS WHO YOU ARE. YOU ARE IN LOVE.

That beloveds, is where this is all headed -- wouldn’t it be natural, friends, that the fulfillment of Life on Earth, the fulfillment of this planetary expression would be about Being Love?

Aren’t you fundamentally, at the most basic level in your embodiment, all about love?

Feel within you for the know of this truth. Feel how some part of you knows you feel most like yourself when you’re in love, being love and present as a field of love and openness.

This is your true nature. This is what is opening up in your world. It will take some time, as you know it, for this to permeate the world and in fact should you look at the world right now you will likely think this message is pure fantasy.

But beloveds know that things are not as they seem.

We know you and we know if you look within you, you can feel the truth of what we are saying, because you know this is true, within. The timeless aspect of you, within you, knows the fruition of all this, knows the Divine is All, and it here now, to recall you in love, give all you are, to you. To support you with knowing, insight, strength and courage as the world births a New Creation. The Divine Self, your eternal-ness, your inner light, knows how to participate and be who you truly are.

As you are willing and align to this, it will be so.

We love you very much. We are complete.

I AM Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light



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Ailia Mira

Ailia Mira is a channel, artist, author and inspirational speaker. An embodied member of the Council of Radiant Light she is a translator and transmitter of these energies.


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