The Promise of These Times Lies Within

Divine Ones,

The inner light grows and grows and each of you is rearranging, energetically, and cellularly. The incoming frequencies of this time in particular, offer to each of you, key templates of light that are beneficial and powerful. Use these energies and your inner knowing, to create a new way of being. Trust in your Divine Self. Call upon all that you are and invite that Greater Being that is your wholeness, to infuse you, embody more fully in you and light the way home.

Each of you are central to your own ascension. The energies and support are here for you to become a living field of expanded light and for you to evolve your human form into it’s next higher expression; an exalted form of being that will be your new home here, on an elevated planet of love and wholeness.

Realize the inner truth that calls to you. Let yourself give allegiance to inner knowing above all else. Discover the clarity, grace, joy and strength that is within you and here for you, to serve, nurture and support you as you are participating in an ascending world and building your lightbody.

Life on Earth IS changing. The shift into higher states is underway. Many have aligned with this new and higher potential for expression in being. Many are opening to Oneness, inclusivity the beauty of your diversity and the innate need to care for your planet as part of your very self.

Trust in this. Orient to it. Dream this new world into being and know that you are an important and beautiful part of what is coming into more LIGHT.

We are with you always and we are near now, more than ever before.