Total Lunar Eclipse - January 20, 2019

January 20, 7:13 pm - Just after the Beginning of the Total Solar Eclipse

I tend to feel eclipses quite strongly. I often discover that an eclipse is coming, or happening, because I look to see if there is one. The prompt to see, comes from a certain kind of experience - one in which what I feel is kind of like a big, inexplicable pause. Often I’ve got a lot of positive momentum going and can feel where things are flowing, have sensed or glimpsed what I will create or do next, and then there is an interruption; that feeling of an unexpected, inexplicable pause…

I now recognize it, because I have learned that is how I feel when there is an Eclipse.

Tonight’s full moon Eclipse is the bookend to a Solar Eclipse on January 5. Eclipses always happen in pairs, sometimes a trio, never alone.

Tonight the eclipse is visible where I live, although it’s a bit cloudy. Not much is showing yet, but I tuned in and realized it exactly a minute before it was about to begin. Poetic and beautiful to feel so connected to Life.

A bit later I felt inspired to write / channel. I share the message I received, below.


Divine Ones,

It is I, Archangel Michael. Ailia and I often communicate during such alignments in your universe and today I am here to share a bit about what we see in you, as potential at this time, and how you might intentionally shape your lives, leveraging the energy an eclipse offers to you.

This Eclipse is in Leo. Leo is so much about the energy of visibility and boldness. Courage to be yourself. This Eclipse perfectly kicks off this year, which is a Universal 3 year, a year with the energy of self-expression as a theme. Creativity and authentic self-expression.

You might wonder why years have themes, or moons in different astrological signs, carry qualities. The reason is, everything is energy in vibration and the structure of energy in all varieties is expressive of unique and differing arrangements. Qualities of expression like qualities of a musical symphony, are present in all energy structures.

Everything has a function and moment to moment to moment, everything has “a vibe.”

The function aspect is similar to what you might think of as your soul, or your energy signature, the uniqueness of the eternal you. So there is a basic structural quality to all forms of Life, that speaks to it’s inherent functionality - which expressed in ways you might think of as capacity for expression and tendencies for joy.

Then there are the moment to moment momentums of each energy field - the degree of allowing and the location in time/space all of which create a present moment expression when energy is translated into experience and what you perceive of that present moment expression depends on you - you translate and perceive what you’re resonant with, within the possibilities of expression that are emanating from each and everything you encounter. The vibe.

Life is of your making and what you make of everything and everyone depends on you - you can only perceive what is resonant with you, now. More is always available and you filter life, by your present state of consciousness, which expresses vibrationally and interprets reality by translating the energy you connect with.

Now then, when there is an eclipse you can tune to this quality, of the moon - the moon in human experience is often seen as having affinity to the movement of water, and the moon is a way you might consider tuning into your own emotions and the moon may perhaps reflect to you, emotional potentials. So you can if you like use the moon, “to scry,” so to speak, for your own emotional opportunities and in the time of a full lunar eclipse, we would say what you see, is a blank slate.

A blank slate: the possibility for choosing emotional freshness. The possibility of experiencing life without prior emotional momentum. An opportunity to use this pause, to reset.

This is of course, up for grabs. Some will not notice it at all. Others will feel they are ruled by it.

You get to choose here, what you make real and no one is making your life as it is, except you.

So we want to be clear - we are not saying the moon “does things to you,” but we are saying - the moon is a powerful field that is within the time/space realm of your experience, that if you orient to it, you can learn to feel the vibe of the moon, the same way you can learn to sense the mood of your friends, or your favorite pet.

You often notice and by paying attention to, unconsciously even, pick up on those energies that are prominent in your life and it’s natural to vibe with them.

Now, with regards to the eclipse … If you like that feeling of a clear slate, you can vibe with the moon and use the energy of this eclipse, to your benefit. If you wish.

Think of this in a very practical way - comparable to perhaps say… you have a friend who is on a high, just had an awesome breakthrough in life. If that is so, you might be joyful for them and also inspired by that possibility for yourself as you feel their upward spiral and tune to it by paying attention to it.

You make real what you give your attention to. That is the point here.

So the moon is in Leo, and a total lunar eclipse is an interruption in that presence in your life, energetically, for just a little bit and you can feel that, within yourself too, for everything is within you as consciousness, as a reset.

What we suggest?

What if you drop all ideas about who you are and what is?

Given that the moon is in Leo, what if you give yourself in particular, permission to open up to new ways of being seen - by you and by others. Open up to being courageous - heart centered and authentic - and to empowering the flow of that to be unleashed a bit, allowed.

What if you allowed yourself to feel for joy, for spaciousness, for expansive wholeness.

Then in that state of openness and freedom, let life fill in.

Let your sense of self fill in.

Let it become clear to you.

Let who you feel you are, come to you, in joy!

Let what you feel like doing, come to you, in joy!

Let your sense of self accumulate from being, in joy.

Who you are is TRUE.

When you let go of ideas about who you are, you have a wonderful opportunity to rediscover yourself directly.


To feel yourself purely,

from within.

Happy new beginning beautiful being!

Enjoy life. Enjoy this day.

Enjoy now.

Feel the life that is within you. Then when it feels right to you. When you feel good and natural and eager for more, move.

From within, from the vastness of Life

Let yourself flow.

We are complete.

I AM Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light



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