Your Guide to Living Well

Hello Beloved,

We greet you in love.


There is nothing more for you to do in life, than to follow your own flow.

When you allow yourself to flow, life becomes easy, fulfilling, free and effortless.


Most humans do not realize the effortlessness that is here for you.

It is far more typical to feel a need to strive, to “make things happen” than it is to feel the life is effortless, much less easy.

Yet it can be that way.

Today we’d like to share a few simple questions you can use to access your innate, natural wisdom.

You can use these at any time, and they will open up for you a new relationship with Life.


Within you is all that you need.

Most of you are far more wise and informed, than you allow yourself to take to heart.

You do have a sense of what feels right to you.


If we asked you, “What feels best to you right now? What would you like to do?” 

You have an answer.

Maybe more than one even.

You would not struggle to answer those questions.

You can quite naturally feel the inner knowing to these questions.

Learning to feel for that knowing. Your natural response to

These question is the way to live your life.


What feels best to me right now?

What would I like to do?


In the asking of these kinds of questions you become more aware of the inner you,

The vastness you are,

The fullness you are becoming.


You allow yourself to know you.

You as you are here, are also shaping all that you are.


All that you are is within you all the time.

You can feel for it and these questions help you know yourself, now.


What feels best to me right now?

What would I like to do?


When you dare to live in a relationship to yourself like this, you find ease.

Ease is within you. It is natural for you to be alive here and feel free.


Most of you think you cannot feel free until you accomplish some specific thing.

That thing is usually related to money and to ideas of how to be a better version of you.

We want you to start think of what you do and what you do next, 

As ways to know yourself by following your heart.

By trusting that inner sense of what will bring you ease and joy now.

By feeling your way.


If you’re not feeling good, ease and joy may seem like a stretch.

But if you would do what felt best to you right now,

If you would tune in and feel for: Now - what would I like to do?

You would make choices that would increasingly bring you into unity of spirit.

Harmony with all you are.

The world is energy in structure, vibrating according to focus and the natural expression of that structure.

Only humans have the capacity to be contrary to their very nature and choose to focus in ways that take them into discord. Splitting the energy within you.

Focusing yourself into dissatisfaction,

Into a state in which you feel ill at ease in life,

Scaring yourselves,

Making yourself feel nervous, unhappy

By how you think and what you focus upon.


Ruminating on the things, in the ways that take you out of good feeling states of inner harmony and unity with all you are? That is a purely human capacity.

But so too, is feeling for what you like, what you want and what feels good to you.

That too, is a human capacity and one you are skillful in discerning.

Far more skillful in this knowing that you allow yourselves to claim.

Or use.

What if you reclaimed your natural wisdom and begin to listen to that?

Your natural wisdom is knowing, in the present, what you want, now.

What feels best to you now.

What calls to you, what interests you.

You can build a life, by living that.

By letting yourself do that.

You will at first find, that perhaps you feel doing this may be living a very irresponsible life.

That you’re ignoring things that you should be doing. Should are about.

Ought to do if you knew what’s good for you.

It may elicit the practiced thoughts of “Who are you kidding? Who do you think you are?”


But if you persist, and allow yourself to choose what you want,

What feels best to you now.

You will find in not too long, that you feel differently about yourself and about life.

You will find that you can feel very clear and whole in your day to day life.


By listening to your inner knowing, you become aligned with All.


Even though in a sense you are simply tuning to you - the vastness within you.

Doing so aligns you with everything.

This is a substantial and very practical way to live.


Life opens for you when you play this way.

Living from your own inner wisdom,

Your natural wisdom, you feel 



Life become easy.


Life becomes natural.


You feel more relaxed and you learn you can trust yourself.

Because you discover you can trust yourself, you have more courage in life.

You live with more heart and soul.

You feel more alive and real.

You start to realize that you can feel really good and yet not that much has changed about life,

In a way.


And yet the way you feel is really different.

And you start to do new things. Small things perhaps at first.

You walk, instead of driving somewhere.


You eat too much for lunch and you forget that you did so, by dinner.


Your relationship to you is lightening up and with that,

New experiences are happening.


You’re expanding.


At first it may seem to be not very significant.

But the lining up with you, is a lining up with everything that is.


Things will go your way more often. And you’ll start to expect that.

You’ll start to feel that you know when something will work for you,

And when it won’t.

Because of this kind of trusting relationship to life,

You relax more.


Feeling more steady and relaxed,

You manifest things that feel smooth and spacious to you.


You realize sometimes you want and do then have ice cream for lunch,

Or a pastry,

And you don’t make too much of it.

Sometimes you forget about lunch and then eat a salad.

You don’t really pay attention to these details.

You stop trying to figure out the balancing act because

It all comes into harmony on it’s own.


You’re allowing LIFE, to express through you.


Your diet, your finances, your relationships, your self-expression,

Your family life, your home life, the way you feel the world.

All of it starts to shimmer and shine, with a kind of internal radiance.

That’s how you see life - it’s brighter.

Because, dear one,

You’re brighter.


You’re different, vibrationally and

Vibrational change is how you change anything.


Natural wisdom. You each have it.

It is that simple clear knowing within you,

That always tells you “yes” or “no,” with regards to now.


That can inform your life, and with that flow,

Liberate the manifestations in your life,

Showing you directly, the foundation of being,

The  loving benevolence of LIFE,

Fully flowing as you,

Fully experienced, by you,



The experience you might call

Soaring. AMIRIGHT? (Smile).

Soaring - riding the rising energy with the effortless know-how, of using your body-mind, here, 

Informed, by your soul.


This is naturalness.

This is who you truly are.



angelman66 1st March 2019 6:28 am

Wow! That was BEAUTIFUL; reading this gave me so much relief and joy and confirmation of my own inner knowing of our true freedoms! Thank you, thank you, thank you!