A Choice for Peace

Hi Dear Friends,

Today the angels remind us that we can, through our choices contribute to the peace instead of the storms. We can be the love instead of the hate. In these higher vibes we can flow through these next few months of incredible change, supported in grace and guidance. I'll share more tips to help you easily tap into a higher vibe. We are the lightworkers. We are a powerful force of peace. We are needed.

Love you all!
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a moment. Breathe. Go to a place of peace inside of yourself. Allow yourself to imagine the most beautiful, heavenly world you can – a world where people walk freely, unmasked, looking into one another's eyes while knowing they are looking into the eyes of God. Imagine a peaceful world – a word in which all perspectives are understood to have value. Imagine a world in which there is an understanding that all races comprise a beautiful kaleidoscope called the human race. Dear ones, imagine a world in which you know who you are, what you are, and who everyone else is too. Imagine a world in which you see only One Love in countless forms.

Your world is going through tremendous and intense change right now. Human hearts have cried for unity, and yet many still allow themselves to be bound by hatred and judgment. Human hearts have cried for well-being, and yet many obsess over sickness rather than just dealing with life in a healthy way. Human hearts have cried for freedom, but focus on victimhood. The conflict between desire and belief, wishes and behaviors, the soul and the ego are strong right now. It is a time when opposing forces are clashing and the storms, both within and without, are raging.

Nonetheless, dear friends, you can focus on peace. You can build an energetic template for the most beautiful and kind future upon your planet earth. You can go within and build an energetic template for your own life that delights you and inspires you no matter what storms are raging upon your earth. You can go into your inner world and live in a reality that is so beautiful you are sheltered from the energies swirling around in the outer world.

You have, not only our permission, but our very strong guidance to focus on peace, joy, love, harmony, ease, grace, appreciation, and any of those beautiful qualities that weave a web of light and protection around you.

In every moment you have a choice. You can choose love or hate. You can live in fear, or you can surrender to the most loving thoughts you can think in this given moment. You can judge those with whom you disagree, or you can simply accept your own beliefs. You can become fearfully addicted to the drama and trauma this world is going through or you can revel in your own beautiful reality.

Will you contribute to the peace, or the storms, dear friends? The storms will be raging these next few months, but you need not participate in the energy that fuels them. You can instead be the peace you wish to see in the world, and in that reality, even if you should be in the path of an external storm, your internal peace will allow us in the heavens to protect you, guide you, and help you navigate these challenging times with grace and flow. You have choice.

Hatred dear ones builds a hardened wall around you which the higher vibrations that guide you cannot penetrate. Love elevates you above the negative energies of the planet where you can hear, feel, or sense the protection and guidance that is always there for you. Choose thoughts that feel like love. Choose thoughts that feel like peace. Even if you vehemently disagree with someone who has been hateful, hurtful, or harmful towards you, love yourself enough not to get sucked into the storms of their lower vibrational actions. Remain, if you can, in your own calm center. Rest in the arms of angels.

Love yourselves dear ones, enough to choose thoughts that make you feel your own loving heart.

Love yourselves enough to consciously tune into your place of peace as we have discussed the past few weeks.

Love yourself enough to remain silent or turn away from those who cannot exhibit loving behavior towards you.

Love yourself enough to sit, breathe, and receive our love, if only for a minute or two a day because you have legions of angels available to assist each and every one of you on this earth right now. We simply need your willingness.

Your world is not ending. You are not being punished. God is love, and only love, but to the degree humanity pinches off this love, those lost in illusion can twist minds and inspire fear. Ultimately Mother Earth must release the pressures that build up in human hearts. She loves you. She does not want to hurt you. She gives you warnings if you listen to your feelings. Where do you want to be in a given moment? Listen. Trust yourselves.

Dear ones, as the world goes through an intense re-birthing, countless beings in the other dimensions are here to assist you. We will love you, guide you, hold you when you are afraid, and bolster your resolve to live in grace, peace, and love. Call upon us.

You are never alone. You are never without assistance. You are, no matter what you see in your external world, eternally connected with love, peace, and all things beautiful in your inner world. Go there often when you feel the need, and give yourselves permission to dream a beautiful new earth, and a beautiful new life for yourselves, into being.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

With few exceptions many of the people I've talked to over the past few weeks have reported feeling stuck. Their dreams are strong, but their motivation low. It seems to be a common sentiment. The pressures on this earth are building. She feels like a woman 8 1/2 months pregnant, waiting for the baby to move, or a tea kettle near boiling point with great pressures that have built up. I feel her. I sit to meditate and I start shaking and releasing pressures. I just let it happen.

The angels keep reiterating that the world needs our peace now. Spiritual masters say it is important to pray, meditate and focus on emanating peace. The angels have been prescribing what I call "Hallmark channel therapy" – watching anything that makes you feel kind, cozy, and loving :) They joked with one client that watching these love stories was a great meditation for her! Whatever helps you find a vibration of love or peace is important right now even if that means sleeping longer, resting more, giving yourself permission not to push yourself or beat yourself up. Being kind and gentle with ourselves is very important.

The world is going to be shaken, stirred, and cleansed in ways that might look frightening if we didn't know that have the choice to create our own reality by staying in a peaceful vibration in which we'll be guided in grace.

Those of you who have been with me for years, know that the angels never promote fear, and they are not now. They are giving us the vibrational tools to be safe, happy, peaceful, and to live through this upcoming time without getting sucked into the chaos. They are trying to remind us that our love, our grace, our prayers, our peace can calm storms and save lives.

Wednesday night, while Hurricane Laura was making landfall I asked the angels what I could do for the souls in its wake. "Sit and emanate peace," they replied. "There are hearts that need it right now." I sat and got peaceful and emanated that energy. In the altered state I had flashes of people sheltered in bathrooms, sitting in the dark, and I felt the love the angels flowing through me to embrace them. The angels are there for all souls directly but some people don't believe in that, so we, in our human form, can flow that love and peace through us and reach others with a "modulated" more compatible human vibration. I felt the immense love and peace of God, ever-present even in the midst of the storm.

It is "go-time" for light workers. It is time to catch ourselves when we fall into fear, and focus on something better. It is time to catch ourselves when we judge ourselves or others and instead choose to shift to more loving thoughts. It is time to take time to do whatever makes you feel peaceful, secure, loved, and loving. It is not a time to beat yourself up if you fall from these higher vibes, but rather a time to just get back up and try again.

The key is focus. We have the power to take our thoughts and focus on what makes us feel good. We have the power to choose thoughts that feel more loving, more healthy, more happy, more like life is one big adventure, rather than one big trial. We have the capacity to control our energy and surrender to what we can't control. We have the power that creates world's flowing through us if we stop pinching it off with lower vibrations. We are powerful. We can calm the storms. We can focus on delicious gentle soaking rains over the areas of wildfire. We can allow our own pressures to release in healthy ways so we can contribute to a kinder releasing of earth's pressures.

We can emanate peace. It is time. Our lives will get back to a new normal in the future. It didn't have to get this crazy, but humanity has a lot of growing up to do spiritually. There is a lot of fear, a lot of anger, and a lot of frustration that has come to a boiling point. While the light workers may represent a smaller segment of the population, those who remain connected to love, peace, joy, and the energies of the Divine are connected to the power that creates worlds, and become a powerful force of good, God, and peace.

The world is not ending. These next few months are going to be intense. Birthing is a force of nature. In peace, however, you'll be protected, guided, and able to be the one sharing your love, prayers, kindness, and healing. It is needed now. Celebrate that you know this. Celebrate that you know you have choice. Celebrate that you know you create with your vibration and that you can create a reality entirely kinder than others may choose.

I love you all. It is all going to be OK.

Here are a few more pointers to help you stay in a higher vibe

1. Play the "I Love You' game

The angels have been recommending this very easy exercise lately to shift out of fear, upset, etc. It may feel silly, but it works quickly.

Look around you and pick anything you see. The object is irrelevant. Now, engage in sweet talk! Examine it carefully. Notice everything. Tell it how beautiful it is. Compliment it as if you are acknowledging the Divine within (you are!). Really get into this. For example, I picked up a rock on my desk. I admired its colors, its shine, its sturdiness, and the coolness in my hand. In less than 60 seconds I was feeling love. Once you feel the love, you can flow the love. Sit with the feeling and imagine it flowing outward into the world.

Flowing love is one of the quickest ways to de-focus from upset, fear, etc., and to re-focus on a much higher and happier vibe.

When you get really good at the game, you can start flowing your love, either verbally or just as a stream of energy towards other people – both those you like and those you don't.

2. Know when enough is enough

While it is very human to focus on the dramas on earth, mind your moods carefully. If you watch the news and pray, you stay in a higher vibe. If it bothers you, turn it off. If thinking certain thoughts elevates you, spiral further into that good space. If thinking certain thoughts drags you down, see how fast you can shift to better-feeling thoughts.

If you listen to someone vehemently and angrily sharing their opinion, simply say something like, "I know it is a scary time but I believe in giving my problems to higher power." There's no need to engage in fear and anger-based discussions. You can observe without absorbing. Flow love and walk away soon as you can.

3. Focus on Service

Sometimes it is hard to elevate our vibe for ourselves, but we can do it far more easily when we think of it as a service to others. Pray. Emanate peace. Play beautiful music and imagine the vibrations emanating outward into your neighborhood, city, state, nation and world. Be kind, overly so, these days. Think of yourself as an ambassador of God's love, God's peace, and God's wellness. You don't have to be a martyr or sacrifice yourself to serve. You just have to make an effort to love in any way that resonates or feels guided to you.

It may look crazy these next few months but we get to choose what vibrations we're going to dance with and therefore what we allow into our lives.

My love and prayers are with each one of you. I'm doing meditations, mantras, and flowing love every night for all of us. Together we are strong in our love.

Love you all :)



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