A Year of Being More True to You

Hi Dear Friends!

This year, Mother Earth, and many of us felt a desire for more balanced relationships, work, and lives. Listen to the angels' discussion about this and I'll share some ways that you can live a more honest and authentic life too!

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Celebrate! You have achieved the miraculous this year! You have soothed the heart of Mother Earth and although there are volcanoes blowing, "the big one," was mercifully calmed because of your love and prayers. Through your love, Mother Earth was calmed and soothed, and thus able to dissipate the pressure she's been feeling as a result of the divisions within the human race.

The year has been a challenge for many of you. As Mother Earth pulled within to re-evaluate what she is willing and able to "put up with," so too many of you have been re-evaluating your lives and looking at the balance.

Many of you, like Mother Earth, are selfless givers. You are lovers. You want to see everyone happy, healthy, and comfortable. That is beautiful dear ones and we love and appreciate your shining hearts. However, many of you have given to the point that you forget your own needs, hearts, and balance. Our recommendation always, is that you fill your cup first, before you spill it – financially, energetically, and emotionally – and you give only when guided by joy.

This year more than ever before, it became apparent to many of you that you want more balanced relationships, more equitable jobs, and more satisfying lives. Many of you found yourself less tolerant with "takers," less "OK" working without appropriate compensation, and a little less willing to live off-balance.

This year many of you wish to "cocoon" more than usual – to pull within, spend time at home, with close friends or family, or in silence.

Dear ones, these changes are healthy changes. In fact we celebrate your awakening to greater self-love, and your commitment to live more authentic lives. We celebrate your desire to connect more deeply with God and self and therefore to bring more of your true self, into all other connections. We celebrate that in the midst of a very divisive planet, so many of you light workers have found greater unity within your self, and therefore a greater ability to live and let live.

Be kind to yourselves. Allow yourselves to bask in the holiday spirit of love. Allow yourselves to rest, and to "cocoon" if desired. Spend more time doing what is meaningful or uplifting to you and less time living out of a sense of duty.

You are perfect just as you are. Your old tendencies to either "struggle or make nice" are being replaced with a more organic and easy way of being – simply honesty, and innocent authenticity. In the balance, these are very good changes indeed.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

Thank you from my heart and the heart of our earth for your prayers. I got to speak to my friend in spirit and he said we did indeed collectively, in partnership with multitudes in the heavens, help avoid what could have been a climate changing eruption on the planet! Woo hoo! Now that is good news!

I see the effects of our planet's energy in my clients when I get waves of email saying basically the same thing. This year, a common theme for many of the light workers was a frustration that they didn't feel as tolerant of imbalances in relationships or work.

It seems that collectively we are all emerging into a more honest reality – one in which martyrdom and its oft-accompanying victimization are no longer celebrated by the masses, and one in which controlling our own minds is more important than controlling one another.

Happily, self love is "in" and greater self-responsibility is an emerging awareness. This is good news!

I used to joke, sadly, that I could be a founding member of "martyrs anonymous." I used to do things I didn't want to do in order to be a "good person" or a "nice person." The angels called me out on it years ago, reminding me that it was not holy to be a martyr unless truly called to be one and if so, I would find it an act of love, not an act of self-sacrifice!

Wow. That woke me up to the inauthenticity of doing things I didn't want to do! I've learned over the years to be true to my own heart and guidance.

Being true to yourself doesn't always win you a popularity contest. It often causes a major upset in your life. The angels once said, "Ann your old friends are going to be saying, 'Where is our old Ann?' and you're going to have to reply, 'the real Ann is more present than ever before.'"

Being authentic about what I really wanted to do or not do rocked the boat in my life years ago. Sometimes it still does. Friends dropped away. Family members questioned my sanity. I was severely tested as to whether or not I'd go back to being a people pleaser, or whether I'd stay the course and listen to my Divine Direction.

I now listen to my inner compass almost all of the time. When I don't the pain of ignoring it becomes quickly apparent! However, when I do listen to my heart, do what I authentically want to, and am honest when I can't, then my life flows. Giving up the proverbial "disease to please" has actually allowed me to serve in a larger way, and to do so through joy!

If you too are feeling the desire to be more honest and authentic in life, to have more equal, organic relationships, and more balance, here are a few pointers to help you create and accept this new reality...

1. Ditch the Guilt and refuse to be "tripped!"

You should never feel guilty for listening to your own heart, for wanting kinder treatment and more balance. You should never feel guilty for taking time for yourself to connect with self and God. You should never feel guilty for wanting to be healthy in all areas of life – mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Guilt is simply an old habit created to please those who guilt tripped you. Using guilt to make someone behave as you wish is just a form of manipulation.

Allowing someone to manipulate you through guilt is allowing an "ego" to control you, instead of listening to the Divine within. In effect, you are saying to the guilt-tripper, "your opinion of me is more important than God's direction within." Put that way, guilt-trips aren't worth listening to.

So next time someone tries to "guilt trip" you, remember, they are likely innocent but ignorant. They probably don't even know they're attempting to manipulate. There's no need to point it out.

They may not have learned how to communicate honestly and ask for their needs. However, you can be a teacher, by opening your heart, speaking kindly from that place, and refusing to become bitter. You can be the one that, at long last, says no to being manipulated through guilt.

2. Take time for "Inventory"

Every now and then, perhaps once a month, or once a week, check in with yourself. What are you doing in your life that enlivens you? What drains the very life out of you. What can you change? I often step back, evaluate where I'm spending my energy and make adjustments to be more honest with myself.

We get into our habits, but once we notice whether or not they enhance our lives, we can make change.

3. Accept the fact that you WILL disappoint people

I've never met anyone who loves disappointing others. I don't like it either. It isn't pleasant. I'd rather make every one's wishes come true. However, in order to be true to myself, I've had to disappoint many people. It allows me to serve many more. If you are true to yourself, you are almost certainly going to have to disappoint others at some point. This is all part of a beautiful Divine dance of growth... for all involved.

If you don't have the feeling or desire to do something, and that means you have to disappoint someone, realize that you're all simply growing. You're growing in self-love, self-wroth,and self-acceptance, and hopefully the person you disappoint will grow into the realization that God's love and support are with them always, even if not in the form of you!

I hope this helps you accept yourself as you grow into greater authenticity. The more "real" we are with the world – the more we honor our guidance and our hearts – the more light we able to shine and share.

You are pure light, and perfect as you are, even as we collectively grow into more. Shine on!

Love you all!



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