Banish Unworthiness....

Hi Dear Friends!

Unworthiness and inadequacy don't even exist in a higher vibration! The angels and I talk about how to see them as the lies that they are and how to begin to rise above them, embrace your worthiness, and thus open up to more love in all areas of life!

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Each cell in the human body, dear ones, has meaning, purpose, and value. Without it, you would not be who you are. You cannot discount a cell simply because it is so tiny in comparison to the body, and the Divine cannot discount you because you feel so small by "comparison" to the vast reaches of the cosmos.

Just as each cell matters, each soul matters. Just as each cell is unique, precious, and valuable to the overall well-being of the body, each soul is unique, precious, and valuable to the overall well-being of the One.

You all serve a purpose. You are all adding to the awareness of what Love can collectively become. Just by being your unique, precious self, you matter. How could you ever imagine yourself inadequate or unworthy of love?

We know the answer, of course. You've been programmed to think you must be something, do something, or serve some external purpose to be worthy of love. Nothing could be farther from truth. You are loved, beloved, treasured, and cherished. You are loved unconditionally. You are love.

Inadequacy and unworthiness only exists as concepts in fearful and lower vibrations. They exist in the vibrations of those who were afraid and who taught you to be afraid.They exist in the vibrations of those who didn't know God loved them unconditionally and were afraid that you wouldn't be loved if you didn't live up to the "rules" and "conditions" that were placed upon them, and therefore upon you.

Unworthiness is a lie.

Inadequacy is a lie.

You are all worthy of love. Is a wave "worthy" of the ocean? The question does not even make sense when the waves knows that it is the ocean. Can the wave "fail" the ocean? That too doesn't make sense when the wave knows it IS one with the ocean.

So too, the notion of you being "unworthy" or "inadequate" makes no sense at all when you realize you are ONE with the love that gives rise to universes. You are Love.


Dear Divine Source, help me feel your love rising up within me. Help me know myself as a precious, perfect, and unique embodiment of the only LOVE there is. Help me see your love in my eyes, feel your love in my heart, and most of all, help me know Your Love as the essence of my very being.

Then, when you catch yourself thinking or saying, "I am not enough. I made a mistake. I failed. I am unworthy. I am inadequate," talk back to those voices:

Be Gone! You are lies! I am ONE with the POWER that creates Universes! I am ONE with the LOVE that sustains LIFE. I am ONE with all and I am simply growing into a greater awareness of truth! Be gone unworthiness! Be gone inadequacy. You have no permission to be in my mind, heart, body, and soul.

Make up your own version of this affirmation. Put it where you can see it. Repeat it often. See if you can feel it.

Dear ones, there is no such thing as unworthiness, inadequacy, failure in the eyes of God or your angels. These are seen for what they are – illusions of separation – in the higher levels of awareness.

Unworthiness and inadequacy are like the "monsters under the bed" that haunted you in kindergarten, but are no longer scary now that you see them for the illusions that they really are.

Just as you give up certain kindergarten notions as you evolve into higher levels of education, you will eventually realize that feelings of unworthiness or inadequacy have no more place in your heart, your mind, or your lives. And then dear ones, you will allow the love of the Divine to flow freely and unobstructed into your lives.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

In my twenties, I went to a very harsh seminar. I hated it. I was ornery, upset, and didn't know why I was there. I challenged the instructor. She nailed me in front of the whole room. She told me "I never felt good enough. I wasn't at peace with my humanity. I had to try to be perfect all the time." I felt like she punched me in the gut, and perhaps, energetically she did, with a truth so awful, I didn't want to hear it.

It changed my life.

I saw the pattern everywhere. I was as "People Pleaser." I apologized for everything. I morphed to make people feel comfortable. I anticipated people's needs and tried to fulfill them. My relationships were all based on wanting others to make me feel good enough. I was in a job I didn't love because it made me feel good enough. The list of behaviors all centered around not feeling good enough and trying to prove I really was went on and on.

It was a pretty tough realization to discover that I wasn't living my life. I was living a "not good enough" person's life, masked as the life of a person who had it all together. Oh, I did have it together. It just wasn't MY life.

I started to make myself identify more with the light that lived within me. This Divine light is always "good enough" - in fact it just IS. On days when I didn't look or feel my best, I'd go to the mirror and pray, "Let me SEE me through Your Eyes, dear God. Let me know the truth and beauty that you find way deep inside..." I wrote a song to that effect for friends. I sang it often.

Slowly but surely I started to see myself as a soul having an experience, learning and growing into an awareness about who I really was. Mystical experiences helped, but more so the discipline of catching myself trying to pretend I wasn't good enough, smart enough, doing enough... and when I caught myself to say, "Stop it! You are criticizing the Divine in human form! No more. Dear God, let me see me through your eyes..."

Unworthiness is a parasite in the human psyche. People who didn't feel worthy brainwashed us into feeling we are not. Unworthiness drives us into unhealthy relationships. Unworthiness blocks abundance. Unworthiness manifests in health issues because we don't feel OK having or expressing feelings. 

The good news is that collectively, humanity is awakening to a greater reality. Intellectually, we know we are One. Intellectually, we may know we are worthy. We're just working hard to bring that truth into our reality... and when you do everything starts to shift...

I dug out a lot of fears and past life feelings of unworthiness with the recent infection (which is healed!) and my life is now flowing once again with magic, miracles, and amazing grace!

Here are some pointers to start embracing the feelings of worthiness:

1. From this day forward assume and affirm you are WORTHY of LOVE; that you ARE ENOUGH

IF you have to put signs up around your whole house, in your wallet, everywhere that say something simple...

"I am worthy of love. I am always enough. I am Love. The LOVE that creates universes lives is having an experience through ME."

2. Treat God Well

If you really, really knew the presence of the Divine lived in you and as you, how would you treat God on a daily basis?

The Divine feels everything through us, the same way we feel our entire body. If our finger hurts, we want it to heal and feel good. What if your finger said, "I don't matter. I'm unworthy. Don't take care of me," and because you allowed it free will, you had to suffer with it, and through it? Now you understand God's love which allows us to choose. Do we ask for help? Do we believe we are worthy of it.

Be that part that knows the WHOLE wants to feel better - by asking for help. Assume, like a cell in the body, that when you send a message for help it will come in the best way, in the best time. Treat the Divine well by treating yourself well. Even Christ said, "Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers (and I'd add to yourself!) you do unto me."

3. Find ways to start treating yourself "as if" you are worthy of love and all good

If you felt worthy of all good, how would you act? Would you be defensive, or simply remain silent and not dignity unkind behaviors or alternately share a loving and calmly powerful response? Would you eat better or treat your body in a better and kinder way? Would you ever criticize yourself again or would you sweet talk yourself every day?

Try at least one new behavior this week that says you are worthy of your own love.

While there is never a guarantee that other human beings will make us feel worthy of love, we can choose to align our thoughts and behaviors with a deeper truth - we are, always and forever, worthy of love. We can learn to turn away from behaviors that aren't loving, while at the same time turning daily towards the behaviors that are. We can be the ones who decide we are, and always have been worthy!

Love you all!



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