Be Patient with Yourself...

Hi Dear Friends,

Today the angels ask us to be patient with ourselves as we grow through these tough times. I'll share a few ideas about how we can do this. Hang in there. We'll get through this together.

Love you all,

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Be a little more patient these days as you all strive to get through this difficult time upon your planet earth. Be kind to yourselves and one another, for no matter what the circumstances, each moment is ripe with opportunity to bring love to the surface.

Impatience is a very normal human reaction when life doesn't look as you wish. We understand. You are afraid this may go on forever. You want to say, "Hurry up universe! Show me this will end! Show me I will make money again! Show me I will meet my partner! Show me I'll be OK!" It is hard at times, to believe in what you cannot yet see. You get impatient for proof that your prayers will be answered.

While we understand this train of thought, it is important to remember, that you cannot create a better future from a point of frustration in the present. Instead, your willingness to embrace the moment, and accept yourself in each moment, is an act of love performed in a vibration of love... and it is this kind of love that will lead you to the best of all possible futures.

Take this time, challenging through it might be, to ask yourself a simple question throughout the day, "How can I bring more love into this moment, starting with myself?" Can you accept your own feelings and love yourself through them? Can you rest when you're tired (or as soon as you are able)? Can you be kind to yourself whether you think you are living up to your own expectations or not?

Self-love starts with self-acceptance. If, in the moment, you can embrace yourself when you are afraid, soothe yourself when you feel helpless, or breathe when you feel impatient or angry, then you will be granting the parts of self that have always needed love, the very thing they need the most. You will be healing your spirit.

Dear ones, be patient with yourselves. These are trying times.

From this place of patience with self, you will find greater compassion for the difficult ones among you, and you will not waste your energy focusing upon them. You will see people doing or saying things that you simply don't resonate with, but you will remember to grant yourself love first, to accept your own feelings, and to take the pressure off yourself to be anything other than you are. From that place, you will naturally be more guided towards the loving future that you seek.

For example, say you are obeying the regulations upon your planet perfectly. You are working hard to remain "socially distant" and yet you see people who seem not to care about their health or your own. You get impatient, angry, and fearful. You start to spiral into a deep angry, victimized space.

And then dear ones, you stop. You talk to yourself as if you are speaking to a little child, inwardly if you like. "It's OK. I'm creating health, and even though these people don't care about you, I do. I will keep us safe in a loving energy." The scared inner child calms down. The soul shines brightly. Suddenly these insensitive souls seem just that, rather than monsters who are trying, albeit unconsciously, to kill you. Suddenly you realize that you rest in God's peace and grace, and in the arms of your angels. In this space, even in spite of the inconsideration of others, you are safe, protected, and guided.

Be patient with yourselves. Accept your own feelings. Be kind to yourself. Only then can you dance with life and be "in the world, but not of it." Only then can you rise above the world's vibrations into a much calmer, kinder, and more creative space. From there you can dream marvelous futures into existence simply by placing your focus upon them.

Dear ones, patience is required, starting with yourselves first, for this too shall pass, but as it does, why not use the time to practice a little more patience and kindness towards yourself so when it does end, you find yourself walking "on higher ground."

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

Learning to be patient was hard enough. Learning to be patient with myself was not a skill I easily mastered. I can't tell you how many times over the years I've caught myself saying, "For God's sake Ann! You're a spiritual teacher! You should know better! You should do better..." I had to learn to lighten up about the infamous and seemingly infinite "shoulding" on myself! Luckily that is (mostly!) a thing of the past. I've learned to accept myself as is, in a given moment, even as I continue to grow into greater awareness.

If I get frustrated, the angels taught me to give myself love. If I'm sad, they taught me to comfort myself. I'm angry, they taught me to soothe and calm myself into a more peaceful space. It isn't always easy. It is often humorous. I can vouch for the fact that this loving acceptance really works. You can shift out of a difficult space far more easily with love and acceptance, than by making yourself wrong. Have you ever told an upset child to settle down? They cry louder! So do the upset children within us.

I caught myself the other day wanting to angrily respond to some unthinkably abusive diatribes on a community app. Several people had posted ideas trying to help one another and those in disagreement had felt the need to respond with horrifically unkind, scathing, sarcastic remarks. It was unthinkable! It angered me to see people beating each other up instead of building one another up, especially in these difficult times.

I caught myself wanting to educate these angry folks on a higher mode of behavior... until I remembered that it wasn't my job to teach people who hadn't asked for an education. My job was to love myself through my own upset, and to listen to my guidance. I hugged myself, reassured the inner committee that it was perfectly OK to not like this behavior then asked for guidance. The guidance was to simply withdraw. I turned off notifications and stopped visiting the app. I felt peace. I was able to peacefully and sincerely pray for the unkind.

When we grant ourselves patience and tolerance, we quickly move beyond the reaction and into a place of greater peace. We give ourselves what others didn't. We love what wasn't loved inside of us. We become the parents to our own inner children and we soothe the hurts inside of us. In so doing we become incredibly compassionate and far more tolerant toward others. We hear our own guidance. My upset, the angels say, is my issue – no one else's fault, no matter who triggers it. Believe it or not, this is an incredibly empowering way to live. It gets you out of drama and into clarity.

In these challenging times when many are writing me to say they feel the "shadow" side coming up and out, try to practice even greater patience and tolerance... starting with yourself first.

Here are some pointers to help...

1. Choose to be loving to yourself no matter what

When you are happy with yourself it is easy to be kind to yourself. When you find yourself in the throes of so-called negative emotions, it becomes more difficult. Most of us weren't trained to love ourselves when we're sad, upset, or generally not at our best.

It is doable, however. It just takes a choice. Embrace yourself. Talk to yourself as if you are talking to a child. "It's ok honey. I understand why you are angry, fearful, or sad." Soothe yourself. Give your little inner children reassurance that you love them even when they're not so perfect.

2. Take good care of yourself

It is much easier to be patient and tolerant with yourself (and others) if you take good care of yourself – eating food that nourishes you, getting rest, putting good things into your mind, body, and spirit. When you are deprived of basic self-care, it is far more difficult to be kind to yourself let alone anyone else. Your inner kids are screaming out for kindness and nurturing. When you do take care of your basic human needs, you will find it much easier to feel gracious and loving.

3. Lighten up

When all else fails, try to look at yourself as if you are a character in a comedy. When we can actually step back and watch ourselves from this perspective, we can't take our own moods so seriously. We can lighten up and laugh at ourselves, not making light of our feelings, but rather making light of how serious and large the relatively little upsets can become. In this mode, we can more easily be kind to ourselves.

It is a tense time on earth. Tempers are flaring, but thankfully so are the hearts of the many expanding into grace and greater goodness. Be kind to yourself even when you don't feel so perfect.

Divine love starts with self-love, because ultimately, the Self that lives within you is Divine.

Love you all!


Thedivineplanis... 13th April 2020 5:39 pm

Love, no patience is needed when in aligment with the Universe.

Patience means waiting, no yet manifested, the mind needs patience (space and time)

Relish each moment in sweet anticipation, no patience no countdown is necessary when living Life each moment fully, knowing that the blessings already are, on their way to realization, the key is to feel the certainty, and the feel of them through magical expectation.



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