Beyond The Comfort Zone

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

When you honor your heart's guidance, it is likely that at some point in your life, you will guided to step outside of your "comfort zone." An acorn cannot grow until it bursts open. A chick cannot mature within its eggshell. Flowers must burst from the bud and babies must leave the womb. At some point in your lives you will find yourself leaving what is comfortable and expanding into greater being.

For some of you this expansion is simple. Open your mind to a new thought, a new perspective. Try a new restaurant where you discover more that you love. Listen to your guidance and help a stranger. For others of you this expansion is a leap of faith. Release your fears and open to love once again. Quit your job and start a new one. Tell someone you care about what is truly important to you. Share a newly discovered talent or thought with the world.

Taking such risks and leaps of faith can feel frightening. The human mind that does not easily surrender control!. Yet the heart expands with delight, following such guidance with faith, knowing that it is connected to nothing less than the creator who coordinates universes! The heart knows that change is the nature of life, and growth into greater awareness is on the path of every soul on earth.

So when you feel guided to try something, learn something, leave something, talk to someone, or walk away... listen. When you feel guided to help someone or to ask for help... even if you are not comfortable doing so, give it a try. Listen to that still small voice within, the feelings in your heart and your gut, the thoughts that come so effortlessly to direct you. Listen in spite of the fears, as love has a way of leading you beyond.

An acorn cannot know its full glory until it releases the seed's shell. A baby cannot know and grow into their full potential until they leave the womb. And you, dear ones, can never know the full extent of the love and joy you can share and receive, unless you too are willing to listen to your hearts.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

This is a long, but beautiful story...

Once again I have stepped outside of my comfort zone, taken a risk in being more vulnerable, and touched heaven. I went to film my show last weekend. The schedule is intense. We film 12 episodes in two and a half days. In spite of this however, we decided to livestream me doing a healing "gaze." As many of you know I'm a huge fan of Braco - a man from Croatia with a gift of channeling God's love and healing energy through his eyes. People have miracle healings while "gazing" with him by the thousands. And after I stood in his presence for the first time, the angels began to lovingly push me to get out of the way, as they say, and allow this love to come through me.

When they first told me to do so in a client session, my first thought was, "Who me?" The desire to assist my client, however, was stronger than my small-self. I surrendered. The love came streaming through my eyes and my heart, and this dear lady received assistance. In subsequent sessions people received both physical and emotional healing . The energy continued to get stronger each time I gazed with Braco and received the benefit of his gift, and each time I gazed on behalf of someone else.

When I told the team who films my show – the same team who used to film and livestream Braco in the US – they decided it would be a good idea to do a "test livestream" a few times, with me gazing and allowing this love to come through, just to see if people felt anything. It ends up they did. Some saw Jesus appear. Some saw angels. Some saw lights and auras, and some had their pain go away. Even I received a great gift...

The gentleman who films, set up the stage, set up the cameras, and got all the computers ready to go. He counted me down... "5-4-3-2-1, and the cameras were rolling live. At first I felt awkward doing my own introduction, but words soon came more easily. The energy was already starting to flow, and when it was time for me to gaze, the energy came on so strongly that I felt paralyzed, glued to the floor, and felt a river - a huge force - of love running through me. I saw nothing but blinding white and gold light. It was a state of "no-mind." A few times my own thoughts came back briefly. “Am I still looking into the camera? I can’t see it. Be Quiet Ann. Trust.” Silent mind returned.

It was beautiful to be engulfed in such light and love. That would have been more than enough. However, at the very end, right after the music ended... something so profound and mystical happened for me that I will never forget it. I've seen the light of heaven in visions. I have seen it emanating from Braco too. I have never seen it appear in front of me, in mid-air, as it does when it comes to bring us home at the point of our earthly death.

Yet, there right above the camera, a pinpoint of light brighter than a thousand suns began to appear out of thin air. It slowly, tenderly spiralled open. It got larger, and then rays of blinding white light started emanating from it, reaching back and forth and coming closer to me. My entire being remembered this light. It was alive, tender, sweet, loving and oh so accepting of all that I am. It was the light that exists before birth and after death. It was as if God's love was breathing, emanating from, and reaching back into this light, and reaching towards me.

I remembered this profound and deep and inexplicable love – this feeling of being loved beyond measure, beyond human reason, not for a reason but because this is the only reality that has ever existed no matter what, no matter how deeply we forget....

It was time for me to get off camera. I will always wonder what might have happened if I had stayed there and allowed the light to engulf me, but I trust and knew it was time to stop. I walked off the stage into the control room, sat down, and because the sound was still on, silently cried my eyes out. These were not sad tears, but tears of profound gratitude and humility. How was it that I get to experience “near death” not only in visions in the past, but here, with eyes open, fully alive? I cannot answer that question but I know it touched me so deeply in a way I will never forget.

The next day I filmed six episodes. The following day I was gifted by an experience of being able to attend a session with yet another miraculous healer and transmitter of God’s light. Abdy discovered he had a gift when he touched people and they started to heal. He gives energy as guided, and his guidance directed him to give me a big hug. I always ask my angels for hugs! Yet another wish granted! I felt that sweet light again – that love that exists in all of us – ignite even more deeply in my heart. Later, as Abdy continued to transmit energy to the group. I felt the spiraling of creation moving through me, incredible heat, and an electrified feeling that I know was an increase in my ability to channel healing energy. The session I was blessed to attend is available on "" If you enjoy healers and energy transmitters you might like it since this energy exists beyond space and time and his intent was to transmit to all who watch. He also does shorter free hourly transmissions on his website here.

There are times when we are given the choice to listen to our guidance, leave our comfort zones, take a risk, and trust. So often, it is in these moments of surrender, that the greatest gifts of all are allowed to unfold. When we get ours small selves out of God’s way - our fears, doubts, unconfident areas, etc. - and trust that if we are guided or drawn to something, it is right, then we walk past our fears and walk into the realms of the miraculous.

Love you all so dearly, thank you for being with me on the journey.

Next time I do this on camera, you are all invited - I promise I'll let you know!




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