Choice In Every Moment

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

In every moment of your life you have a choice - to align with love or not. You can allow the rivers of grace flow through your heart and move with this energy, or you can try to control the flow, and therefore slow it down. In each moment you can allow God's grace to carry you towards a happier reality or you can try to control the outcomes of your lives. To trust "God" is to trust "Love" and Love wants to flow into every area of your life.

Suppose for example, you are not sure about how you are going to pay the bills. You can stress, worry, burn yourself out, or you can say, "OK God, what next? What now?" and then drop into your heart and do the thing you find in there right in this very instant. Suppose you feel, "Well I just want to take a nap, but I don't know how to pay my bills." Dear ones, take the nap. Trust that maybe while you are sleeping, God-given ideas will come. Maybe you will get the rest you need to work more. Maybe you will simply wake up with greater faith and in an energy where your angels can help you more easily.

Suppose you want a relationship in your life, be it a new baby, a friend, or a partner. You can make yourself do things that are not in your heart, or you can drop into your heart and trust the love that guides creation. The question is never ever whether or not God wants more love for you. God IS love. Divine love wants to rise up within you and spill into every area of your life. It is who you really are. Surrender to that. Perhaps you stop "trying" to have a baby, relax and just enjoy your relationship and suddenly your body allows for this beauty to occur. Perhaps you stop "trying" and get new guidance. Perhaps you stop "trying" to find a partner and instead simply enjoy your life wherein the right partner will appear. Surrender to what you truly feel is the most loving choice in each moment and you cannot help but attract more love, and in so many ways!

The illusions of control are so deeply entrenched in human reality. There is a notion that you must control your own true hearts desires or else you will not survive. There is a deep rooted belief that you must "get" others to love you by "earning" their love. There is a widely accepted belief that you must "protect" yourselves instead of remaining rooted in the security of God's love. And while of course, there are times you are guided to do things that help you survive, enjoy things that make you feel more attractive, and take precautions simply because you are praying and being guided to be safe, it is far more kind and productive to do these things based on love, than on fear.

If you keep choosing love, to the best of your ability in the moment, then your life will begin to transform. After all, Love wants to love you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

It is such an easy concept to surrender to the heart in each moment, and yet such a challenge to unlearn all our old programs and allow ourselves this natural flow of life. I've been working so hard lately on projects I truly love - with clients, the newsletters, Facebook posts, the Internet show, and I'm now setting up to do healing transmissions on the Internet eventually. It is a juggling act. But when the hot weather started to arrive I thought to myself, "Dear God, I want to enjoy this summer too. I want some lazy days. I want time to do all these projects that I have a passion for and still feel like I'm living a balanced life. I have no idea how, but You do. Adjust my life. Adjust my heart... I surrender to your wisdom. I choose to believe so I can receive!"

I prayed this over a month ago. At the time I had the sudden urge to block off a weekend on the calendar in June and make sure I prepared as if I were going to be taking a few days off. I didn't know why, but I did it. It didn't make sense because I've been saving up to go film my shows. Nonetheless, when I get these feelings, I trust. I queued up my Facebook and newsletters in advance. Three days before the time off I didn't have any guidance as to where I was going or what I was doing. Two days before, the guidance came. A client whom I am deeply grateful for gave me some free airline passes and suddenly I knew that I could spare two days to go on a little excursion to the beach. I trusted that even flying standby I'd get on flights. I trusted that even during the summer I'd find an affordable room and car. Two hours later a coupon for rental cars came in the email. A little motel came to my attention. Within hours I had a little trip to the beach scheduled. Needless to say I did get on the flights... in fact there is a wonderful story about that which I'll share in a future newsletter .

And after two days off work, even with getting up at 3am to fly early, playing all day for two days then flying home, I feel like I've had a great summer vacation before summer had even arrived! I'm rejuvenated and have more to give. It was "irresponsible" of me to take time off at the moment, according to conventional standards, but completely in-response to my soul's needs to get grounded after some huge energy work, and to refill before preparing the next series. So while it is not always "logical" to listen to the heart, if you trust in the Love that wants to love you... really trust... you open up to better possibilities than we can even imagine!

Love you all! Have a blessed week.


Eyewitness 1st July 2015 2:40 pm

This sounds so perfect... so loving... so true. Then I look at a lifetime of homelessness and suffering. From where I sit this is simply not true. Nothing Ive ever thought has had the slightest effect on my finances or health. Everything seems to be the direct result of cause and effect. I have no control over anything. It makes me feel bad when people tell me all I have to do is trust and love and think happy thoughts and 'stuff' will happen. When you say this works for you... how am I to feel then? Either you are delusional... or God doesn't like me. If I have to choose which of those statements is most true... I see little choice... :)


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