Choose a little more love each day, in every way...

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

You have the opportunity to change your lives one choice at a time. With each and every thing you say you can choose to speak in a loving manner or one that is less than loving. With each and every activity you perform, you can perform it in a conscious and loving manner or in a manner that is rushed or unloving. With every thought you think, you can choose to think more lovingly or to perceive the world through the eyes of anger and victimhood.

We are not saying it is always easy to choose love for the world has programmed you to protect yourself, to feel insecure, to rush through your days and get things done, and to feel that you must have pain to have gain. Far from this dear ones, we would say that love is the greatest protection. You are secure in God's love. The more you are present the more you can achieve without rushing, and that the less you choose pain the more you will gain what is of deep and lasting satisfaction.

Unlearning old habits takes time but we urge you to take ten minutes, an hour, or perhaps a day to attempt to infuse every thought, word, and deed with love. Although as with most habits, it may take time and effort to move into this new reality, the rewards are rich, long lasting, and deep.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

I have been trying lately to choose more loving ways of doing everything in my life. When I "have" to do something I try to make it fun. I play "Whistle while you Work," or other good music while doing my chores. I fill myself up via exercise and meditations in the morning so I have love to pour over into my clients' days. I put love into my cooking, and little by little these small choices have been transforming my life, which the past couple of years got pretty challenging, back into the magical, smooth sailing it used to be.

Things still happen. My car is old and when it breaks down I use the time during its repairs to get things done or to rest in the repair place. My pool pump recently sprung a leak but I assumed the best instead of the worst and it wasn't a bad fix. I have bad hair days so I put it up in a ponytail. Some nights the hormones keep me awake so I just get up and get things done. And lately when the urge hit to begin editing the sound files to my "Dancing with Angels" class, instead of locking myself indoors, I grabbed the portable PC, a Starbucks chai, and headed to a local outdoor mall that is buzzing with life. On went the headphones and I spent two hours of absolute bliss in a beautiful place with a wonderful breeze and happy people all around doing my work! Work doesn't always feel like "work" when we make it fun.

Even when I was back in Corporate America working 15 hour days, 7 days a week I did my best to make it more fun. I decorated my cubicle with pictures that made me happy, brought in aromatherapy and sniffed beautiful smells, put flowers and plants on the desk and a few rocks to bring in the outdoors. I ordered doughnuts and pizza for the meetings, and after hours played music while I worked. There are ALWAYS ways we can get creative and add a little more joy to life and the chores. I made my postage stamp organizer and the inside of my computer armoire beautiful and now when I open it up to do my work I feel inspired.

So this week, as the angels say, try to add a little more love to everything you think, say, and do. It costs little, and the rewards are a life that suddenly seems a lot more loving!

Have a happy week!



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