Dance of Head & Heart

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

The Creator never intended for you to struggle. You were never designed to handle a challenge or manage your human lives alone. You were not given dreams to taunt you, nor were you given the power of higher thought to control you. Instead you were meant to acknowledge the heart, to use your minds to figure out how to support your dreams, and to exist in a beautiful dance between the two. You were designed to live in harmony within yourself... and with the rest of creation.

Sadly, this is often not the case upon your planet earth. The mind has usurped the heart's power. Like a bad marriage, in which one partner thinks him or herself to be of more value than the other, a relationship with yourself in which the head negates heart is never pleasant. Nor conversely, is a relationship where the heart dreams but ignores the head, productive either. You were meant to live in a beautiful balance between the two.

So when you have a dream, by all means learn what you need to learn! Do what you know to do! But then dear ones, when you feel you do not know the next step, when you have "run out of options" as you like to say, when you start to lose faith in yourself, or when you begin to tire, or lose passion for what you are doing... Stop. This is not the time or place for the mind to take charge, because now it will simply start to make itself busy by finding reasons to fear, reasons to push you, or reasons to fail. Instead, this is the time, once again, to drop into the heart.

Ask yourself a simple question, "Heart what do you want to do now?" or
God what do you want for me in this moment?" The answer will almost always be simple and feasible given the reality around you.

Your mind may say, "Well I'd like to go on vacation now but I can't afford time off because I have get this business going," or "I can't afford it because I lent someone money and they didn't pay me back... and that just goes to show you can't trust anyone... " ... and down you go!

The heart will say, "I think I'd like to go for a walk. Call a friend. Shut my eyes and envision the best. Get a glass of water or eat, so I can restore my energy. Look at vacations to fuel my dreams and give me incentive to work. Exercise a little. Go somewhere. Call someone." ... Simple things

The heart gives you guidance that is easily achievable in the moment. Your guidance is often so simple that the head negates it. "That can't be of value! How can resting help my career when I have so much to do! I don't have time to exercise, eat, meditate... Taking a little time for recreation can't get me closer to my goals!" The head can always find "good" reasons to negate the simple guidance of the heart.

Nonetheless, we ask you to experiment listening to your hearts. The creator may be motivating you to do something to change your energy where we are allowed to help you more clearly. You may be guided to do something that relaxes your mind enough so we can get through with new ideas. You may be guided to go somewhere that seems unrelated to your dreams, so you can meet someone who will help you.

You are never alone. You are always loved. You are always guided. If you allow us to help you through your belief in Love, then we would be honored to assist – to help you hear your own hearts, follow your dreams, and live lives so much more joyful than you could even imagine.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

I LOVE my angels. They guide me in the "bigger things" in life – career decisions, help healing myself and others, and ways I can contribute to the world through joy while still earning a living!

They also guide me in things that appear to be "small" - helping me find items I need on sale, solve computer issues, telling me when to take my car into the shop, and this weekend sending me on yet another joyful and delightful adventure. To angels, joy is no small matter! It has great importance in our lives!

I have quite a few projects going on in my "spare time." However, when Sunday rolled around, I thought about taking a break late in the afternoon and going to the local butterfly garden... only after running a few errands.

You've heard the saying, "Tell God your plans and he'll laugh!" Some people hear this and think of a cruel, derisive. and judgmental God who mocks their plans. I know better :) Instead, Divine Love is laughing, saying, "You think that's good... I have so much better in store for you!"

I got the urge to drop all my plans and go to the butterfly garden immediately after lunch. So I tossed my camera and errand lists in the car and took off, trusting there was some reason I was going sooner rather than later.

Walking into the butterfly atrium is like walking out of our fast-paced, stressed-out society into a Garden of Eden. Mists filter through the sunlight, dripping into lush green plantings and flowers of every color reach for the sky. The delicate little creatures are drifting everywhere. They land on me, allow me to photograph them, and carry me away as I witness a collective dance of creation. That alone is enough to send me to heaven!

This weekend, there was more! Enchanting, beautiful music called to me from the back of the garden. I hadn't known that there would be live entertainment! To my great delight, I turned the corner and saw a duo playing Native American Flute, harp, guitar and the dijeridoo. I sat in front of them, shut my eyes, and starting dissolving into the Oneness. Vivid dreams of flying over forests and oceans carried me away as butterflies danced to the music overhead. I opened my eyes and was almost surprised to see people wandering around. I had forgotten where I was.

I shut my eyes again and began to pray for everyone I know and love, as well as the two creating these wonderful sounds. Another man sat down. He started raving about their music too. It was yet another divine synchronicity in the works. It ends up he founded a large retail chain that most of you would recognize. He "just happened" to be visiting. He started talking business with the musicians, and it appears they may have a wonderful partnership. I couldn't help but smile at the joy of seeing the universe working its magic.

We all tend to struggle too much when we have a goal. We were given these minds to help us get where our heart wants to go. But at times, we don't know what to do next. Never fear! The universe does. Always. Without exception.

I ran my errands on the way home, cooked dinner, did a newsletter, and have a full office day now to work on the website! Go God! Go angels... again!

Here are a few tips to help you out when you have a dream or goal and don't know what to do next, or when you're simply tired and losing steam...

1. First of all, remember from last week...

"If you can't change your situation, change your vibration!"

We live in a world that responds to our energy. Most of us learned that if you're good you'll be rewarded and if you're bad you'll be punished. Things don't really work that way. We have free will. If you put out a loving vibration, you'll attract love. If you put out an energy that believes in your dreams, and anticipates them, you'll receive help to make them come true. If you put out a vibe that says, "I don't believe anything good will happen.Or I don't believe anything will come to me if I can't figure it out myself," the universe must by its very design, say "OK."

Keep your energy in a loving, happy space, and when you cannot, at least love yourself enough to avoid judging the state you're in, then ask for help and comfort!

2. Listen to your heart!

When you get the sudden urge to do something, call someone, or go somewhere, jump at it! Trust. You may not have a clue why. I have a dear client who is manifesting a relationship but is getting the very strong urge to go house hunting! I can't wait to see how this turns out. She knows, from years of listening to her guidance, to trust these things.

I didn't get invited to speak at big conferences way back because I contrived it. I got the urge to toss a manuscript I'd just finished in the car. That created a chain of events that led me to speaking at conferences that featured others such as Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, & James Van Praagh. Following the heart also led me to shift from that path and create more of my own seminars. It led to my Internet TV show... and then to take a break from filming. Guidance occurs inthe moment. The heart may shift and change, but always for your joy and the greater good!

3. Prioritize your Joy!

This goes hand in hand with the first two points. Never ever wait for something in your life to change before you allow yourself to be happy. Don't put off your joy. Find even the tiniest shred you can.

Even before you sell your house, you can be joyful in the one you're in. Even before you pay the bills you can feel the sun on your face. Even before you are totally healthy you can count your blessings. Even before you get the money to do what you love in a bigger way, you can do what you love now. You can always find a reason to be happy now if you're willing.

Life challenges us on this point but if you create joy now you attract more later.

When I had twisted intestines a few years ago, it was miserable. But instead of focusing on the pain, I focused on the fact that I could walk, breathe, listen to beautiful music, and be mildly amused by the fact that I looked like a baby walrus. As a result I healed quickly and without medical intervention.

When I had just quit engineering and became a psychic in the window of a local bookstore, I was terrified about money. Still, I made time to count my blessings, be grateful for every penny earned and more so the chance to help people, and challenged myself to find free things to enjoy... a habit that has filled my life with grace ever since.

And this weekend, in spite of massive amounts of work, I listened to the heart went for joy, and had a glorious experience that refilled my spirit.

There is a whole system of energy that we never learned about in school. There are angels who stand by waiting to help. Trust your hearts. Seek your joy. Get your vibration to match your desires... then watch the magic start to happen!

Love you all!

Have a great week and if you'd like to hear music by the group I met in the butterfly garden, check out their site here! Nouveau Papillion means "New butterfly" and their motto translates into "In Peace we Fly"

Shut your eyes and dream your dreams. Then when you're done open them... "Heart what is next?" You'll know!



Toni 4th August 2016 7:24 pm

Yes the mind and heart have limited evolution alone. In equal union and balance we can evolve physical reality to its grandest potential.

Woke up to the most awesome sunshower today that lasted for at least half an hour… I do love the beauty and harmony that creates joy for my heart…Earth’s awesome at Magic...All I need to do is wake up and be present.

:angel: Thanks Ann :thumbs:


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