Divine Synchronization

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

The entire universe is designed to operate in a harmonious dance of divine synchronization. If you listen to your heart's guidance, you will find yourself easily drawn to those you can assist or uplift and as well those dear souls who can assist and uplift you.

You are never alone and there is never a time when your needs are ignored. Look at all of creation! Ecosystems operate in a delicate and beautiful balance. Planets revolve precisely around stars which revolve in a graceful dance in the galaxies. Everything and every being in the natural universe is guided, cared for, and cherished in the heavens.

The human mind, however, loves to think of itself as separate. It is like a computer – a beautiful, amazing computer that you were gifted with upon your incarnation into this earthly life. It is a tool to be used, but not ever intended to be an authority over your heart.

So when you have a need or desire, before you even try to "figure out" how to handle or create it, stop and sit quietly. Breathe and focus on what it is you wish to create - perhaps a problem being solved, a challenge overcome, or an dream you would love to see manifest in your life. Place your attention there first. Then say a little prayer... "Dear God, Dear Angels, I love this reality I wish to create. I would like your help. Please guide me. Let me know the nextstep." Then sit and breathe and see if anything comes to mind. It might be a quick thought, words in your head, a feeling, or just a knowing. If nothing comes to your awareness, relax, there is nothing to do at this time. Enjoy your day! Give us your worries! The Divine will let you know when it is time to act. We will guide you and help you understand any energies you need to shift within your heart and soul to allow for this good to flow into your lives.

Dear ones you are an integral part of creation. Your needs matter. Your desires are born from the heart of God. And this same creator wants very much to help and assist you with the live you are being guided to live. In very human terminology... Stop stressing, start asking for more help from the heavens, and trust that you are loved and guided beyond anything you could possibly imagine.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

I love watching how the Divine creates this beautiful dance in which we are all set up to help one another. A few weeks ago I was flying home from filming my latest series of Ann & the Angels (Magical Self Love!) and even though the flight was pretty full, I found a seat between a sweet lady and a very kind man. Sometimes I am quiet on flights... this time we all wanted to talk. Talk about Divine Orchestration...

The lady and gentleman started comparing their careers which were amazingly parallel in some very unlikely ways! All of us had started out in one profession and changed our lives completely for things that felt closer to the heart. I love to write, and it ends up the gentleman, who still had a "regular" job had also taken a leap of faith to represent wonderful children's books that are spreading like wildfire while teaching children to be safe in an entertaining andinspiring way. The enchanting stories feature "Annica" the good witch who learned not to text on her broom, and had quite an adventure learning to beware of web creepy crawlers!

The books are for kids 6-13 to start teaching them good habits from an early age... that could easily save their lives. It ends up that big organizations loved them and so do teachers, social workers, etc. I've talked to plenty of people on the "other side" who have died from lapses in attention while driving and was thrilled to see someone sending out such a positive message without being preachy! (You can check out the books here! I read both on the flight and they're wonderful rhyming stories with great characters and beautiful illustrations.

So there I was, right after airing an "Ann & the Angels" series on "Living in the Flow of Grace" and right after filming a series on "Magical Self Love" – treating yourself with the respect your soul deserves and allowing your light shine – and I was flanked by two beautiful souls who were doing just that! A segment in the upcoming series is about not hiding your gifts, talents, abilities etc. Because these two wonderful souls did not hidetheirs, I was blessed not only with good conversation, great stories, good books, a whole hour full of smiles about divine synchronization, and the ability to share something wonderful with those of you who have children and want to teach them to be safe. As I like to say, "Go Angels! Go God!!" When you open your heart, and if guided, open your mouth...wonderful things can transpire!

Love you all! Have a blessed week being sweet wonderful you!




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