Don't Give In To Fear

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Allow yourselves to enjoy your days dear friends, for so much time is wasted on worry and fear. When you reach our side someday you will see that life is meant to be lived very simply, one moment at a time, trusting in God, trusting in your own hearts, and knowing that all is in right order. "But how can life's challenges be in right order?" so many of you ask.

Dear ones, earth is a school and these challenges are simply lessons that your soul has created for yourself. When you walk in faith, knowing that in the end you are eternal beings and surrendering to the lessons in front of you, then the challenges become less challenging. Instead of wasting time on worry and fear, you free up your energy and your mind to receive the guidance that can get you through the challenges more easily and help you understand the lessons. Instead of wasting your energy on worry and fear, you direct it towards loving and creative solutions.

We know you have made fear an acronym on your planet for "False Events Appearing Real," and that is true. We would also offer you this definition:

Resisting Your Heart

For when you remember you are eternal beings here in the school called earth, suddenly the big problems take on a new scale and become simply lessons and challenges to be resolved. When you surrender to your heart in the present moment, then all of the sudden you free up your energy and you open yourself up to new solutions.

Dear ones, try not to give into the very human temptations of worry and fear. Try to remember the truth - that you are loved, guided, supported, and gently assisted in all your lessons, and that when you let go of fear, and embrace the truth of God's love your life can transform rather magically.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels




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