Don't Try To Fit and You Will

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

So many of you on your planet earth have had times in your life where you feel alone or unloved. It is understandable dear ones. You have been programmed to believe that life must look a certain way, by a certain age, that you must be with certain people, make a certain income, and live a certain way. But in truth, there are just as many "successful" and "love filled" ways to live as they are beings on the planet.

Each of you came with a different desire to grow, a different desire to share, and a very unique and precious design. As you learn to accept yourself as you are, you will naturally find "your tribe." You will attract life circumstances that match your highest good and utmost joy. You will draw unto you all that is necessary to fill your cup and runneth over. The question is not, "Does God love you? Does life love you?" but rather, "Do you love your unique and precious self enough to allow this love into your life?"

A puzzle piece does not try to "fit" amidst all the other pieces. It simply finds it proper place and there it rests with the others that match. So too, dear ones, when you stop trying to "fit life" or "fit" an idea of how you think life should look, or "fit" into other's expectations of you, suddenly you come to life! You are a rose blooming among tulips or a tulip blooming among roses! Or a wildflower blooming amidst a field of waving grasses.When you allow yourself to be "you" then as we've said many times before, you allow the world to "see" you, and to love you as you are. Some will walk away, run away, and criticize you, but these are the ones that don't fit your life and don't support your joy anyway. Ignore them. Let them go! Release them unto their own unique path.

Dear ones, the greatest joy in life is not fitting in where you "think" you "should" but rather being who you are. In this fashion and in this energy, you naturally find yourself attracted to the people, circumstances, and things that support your soul's true expression and your true joy.

God Bless You! We love you so very much... just the way you are!

-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

It struck me one night as I visited the backyard that I’ve been accepted as part of its ecosystem. What an honor! The pigeons wander around my chair as I sit and eat on the patio, and just walk away from me when I get up to walk around. The butterflies do fly by’s and occasionally attempt to land on me! The hummingbirds and I sit in quiet respect for one another. Even an angry big black bee settles down when I speak to him, “Hey! What’s up? I love you!” He lands and looks me in the eye! It amazes me how all aspects of God’s creation regard one another with curiosity and wonder when we are all just accepting ourselves as is. In nature, I feel complete acceptance. I am nothing lesser than anything else and nothing special. I am just an integral part of the whole.

Amidst the diversity of humanity it is a little more challenging to be ourselves. I have learned to do so over the years, by degrees. When I started writing this newsletter, I tried to sound educated, smart, like I had it all together, but that left quickly! The angels told me to be real and to my surprise the more real I got, the more everyone enjoyed the work and told me they found value in it. Well not everyone! The more real I got the more I got a few scathing criticisms too. That's the nature of being real. Many will love you and some will walk away in hatred, disgust, or condemnation. As the angels say, let them go. They're not your tribe.

Happily when you are real, people sort themselves out around you. If some leave, don't chase them and work harder trying to earn their love. Real love, must be given freely. Bless and release them. You want people in your life who accept you the way you are, naturally.

I now prefer only people who are honestly themselves in my private life. I'll never forget when I was forming a friendship with a soul who is now one of my best friends. I brought him some Christmas cookies. He liked most of them but upon eating one he promptly spit it out! I must have looked shocked because he started laughing and apologized. "I'm sorry. I just don't like the dry kind of cookies," he said! I started laughing too and knew we'd be awesome friends. I could trust him to be real with me even when it might not be something I'd want to hear. He was both honest and kind, and completely comfortable with himself. I like that sort of authenticity! Another person might have decided then and there that this wasn't the kind of friendship they wanted. As the saying goes, "Each to their own," but if we are honest with ourselves we know where we naturally fit, and we know who naturally fits our life and who does not!

So this week, try to be honest with yourself and life. That doesn't mean telling everyone else what you think they should do! It simply means sharing your heart about what you think, how you feel, etc. with no attachment to agreement whatsoever. See what happens. Many relationships will deepen and some may drift or drop away. But in the end you discover your place in the greater ecosystem of humanity. In the end, it is a joy to attract people who naturally love you as you are, and to release the ones that don't.

Love you all! Have a blessed week.




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