Dream of What You Can Be

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

It is an incredible time upon your planet earth and ripe with opportunity. The energy is there to assist you, transport you into greater realities in your human and spiritual lives, and to help you recreate any circumstances which are no longer satisfying your spirit. And yet, dear ones you cannot control this energy. You must allow for it to assist you. You must believe in its loving Presence, You must focus your sights on the realities you wish to embody and remove your attention from the troubling circumstances of your lives except to handle them in a practical sense.

Miracles can happen if you can do this. Healing can occur. Relationships can transform. Hearts can be opened one again. You cannot change one another, but you can ask for your own heart to be opened, healed and transformed. Right now if you are willing, take a deep breath. Focus on the area in the center of your chest. Imagine the light there. Imagine that this light is welling up within you, growing brighter. Allow it, of its own accord to grow within you. Don't try to make anything happen. Just focus upon it. Feel or imagine its warmth.

In this space, think of a situation you want to transform and quickly switch your thoughts to the desired outcome. Focus on your heart and the light within it once again and as you keep a tiny portion of your attention in your heart, focus now upon the desired outcome. If it is healing, imagine yourself healthy. If it is a relationship focus on what that might feel like.

It if is financial security, imagine that you never have to worry about money again. Go into the feeling of both your heart, and the desired outcome. Do this until you truly feel your heart expand, your joy rise up, and a knowing that you are indeed now in the stream of consciousness that will carry you into that new reality.

In this fashion dear ones, you can allow God to assist you in recreating your entire life, with only joyful effort on your part. You can allow yourself to find and tune into the energies of the future you desire, and thus follow that stream of energy right into the physical manifestation. Every possible stream of consciousness exists in the universe. You will experience the ones you tune into either consciously or otherwise. Why not take the time each day to focus upon those streams that give you joy!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann

Hi Everyone,

I have been doing this exercise quite a bit lately. The heart energies I experience in the gazes with Braco (going on LIVE this weekend Sat-Monday and via live stream - see below) are so profoundly loveing that in that space it is easy to focus on all good things. And in that space, good things come so easily - healing, life flowing smoothly, etc.

A few weeks ago I dropped out of this space. As I wrote last week I worked very hard on my vacation to change a lifelong pattern of reacting to my dad's mannerisms. It wasn't easy. And honestly I got upset with myself for not handling it better at first. The energies I play in are too strong for me to beat myself up.

The day after I got home I woke up with the worst flu I have had in years. I don't catch colds or flu's often so it got me by surprise. My throat felt like fire. My chest was burning. I was hot and cold. My head was throbbing, and my entire body felt like I had taken a beating. I started down a traditional line of thinking, "Oh no, I just got back. I have to work. I don't want to cancel clients that have been waiting forever. I have so many fun things coming up and now they're ruined..."

Suddenly spiritual sanity set in and I thought to myself, "I know how I created this and I can stop it right now. I don't have to suffer and I'm not going to." The gazes with Braco in the past helped greatly. I remembered the love of God that I felt there and I focused on that love. I forgave myself for being so hard on myself. And then I dropped into my heart as the angels advised in the meditation above, and I focused with every ounce of my willpower and imagination on feeling wonderful.

I remembered breathing easily, swallowing easily, swimming, hiking, etc. Suddenly the heat in my hands began to burn. I put them on my throat. Heat flamed throughout my throat, chest, and head, and within minutes the burning throat and chest were reduced to just a minor irritation. I did this on and off all day and the next. I rested and every time I had an "oh no" thought about this condition I stopped, dropped into my heart, and focused on feeling well. Within two days what could have been a nasty three week virus was almost completely gone. The angels told me I was not contagious and I was able to work! I was so excited.

You don't have to accept suffering as a way of life in any area of your life. But you do have to exercise some mental muscles to overcome our conditioned way of being which is to accept it, focus upon it, worry about it, and therefore anchor it more deeply into our reality. Instead drop into your heart as the angels advise above and focus on what you DO want to have in your life. This is not denial. I rested and took all my natural remedies, knowing my body needed assistance, but I also decided not to catastrophize, worry, or focus unduly on the current condition - just enough to handle it.

Then with every ounce of willpower I focused away from the bad feelings and inwardly to those that were better. It works. In a way you are sending your spirit into the desired realitly by using all of your senses to imagine it. In that moment of being in the heart and stepping into the desired future, everything pulls you towards it. Don't ask, "Is it working? Did I do it right?" Don't check for symptoms of the old mess. Do handle what is in front of you but then soon as you can focus on imagining yourself in the desired future. It truly is a powerful way to live!

Have a blessed week,
I love you all,


Peter fox 25th September 2013 4:18 am

What a brilliant exercise,Ann. Thank you so much.

Dls 25th September 2013 6:41 am

Ann, thank you so much for this. It came at the perfect time, as always. And it is absolutely amazing how you can feel yourself and your worries becoming "lighter," as your heart "expands," and you place your trust in God and envision your life the way you want and know it can be. Have a wonderful (and healthy) :) day.

Deeni 25th September 2013 10:28 am

Thank You Angels.

Thank You Ann.

Much Love and Light to All. : ))

bets 25th September 2013 1:31 pm

A lovely and simple exercise to use at any moment. Thank you!

AnaSoul 26th September 2013 8:41 am

Thank you Ann !


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