Embracing Death & Resurrection

Hi Dear Friends,

In this timely message the angels talk about the power of death and resurrection to expand ourselves beyond old situations and into more joyful ones, and give us an exercise to help. I'll share some fun stories about how I do and more suggestions. Happy Easter / Passover / Changing Seasons too!

Love you all!
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

If you celebrate Passover, Easter, or even the coming of spring or fall, you are celebrating the reality of life eternal, and the inability of death to vanquish that Life. Death seems so real in your third dimensional reality because the body can, and will, eventually die. Death was "built into" your experience here on the earth, not as some horrible end but rather, as a way in which you can return to the greater, more glorious dimensions from which you came.

Death – of the body, or one of the gazillion mini-deaths you experience throughout your life – need not be painful. Some of your masters upon the earth have simply shifted their focus into the greater reality, thus "dying" simply because the spirit withdrew. Illness, disease, and devastation are optional ways to expand beyond the body when one is complete. You can, instead, intend to simply withdraw in your sleep when you're done with your soul's desires at the end of this life. You can love yourself enough to embrace life as you desire, while you are here, thus allowing the healing and rejuvenating energies keep your body health, or restore it, until your soul is ready to expand back into the greater understandings of reality.

Likewise, the many "mini deaths" you experience throughout the course of your life can be either painful or joyful. The seed must die for the plant to rise above the soil, but it surrenders willingly. The child within must merge into the greater adult self as you mature, and if you allow this to happen kindly it is a graceful transition. When you reach for a happier career, you must leave your old one behind, and this can be done with enthusiasm and positive expectation. When you want a better life you must be willing to let go of what no longer resonates with who you want to become, but if you do so with zest for the adventure of life it is a joyful, albeit perhaps nostalgic, letting go.

Death, dear ones, is part of life itself. You were meant to expand. You were meant to grow. You were meant to create and to make use of the current unpleasant situations in life only as launching pads for a better reality.

In order to birth a new world, you as a collective human race, are dying to the old one. There will be no "going back" to normal. There will be only "going forward, and it is a glorious reality you are moving towards, even in spite of all the birthing contractions you continue to witness.

So as you celebrate Easter, Passover, Spring, or Fall, ask yourself, "What do I want to to die within me? What new life or situation do I want to resurrect? Do you want to let judgment die so you can be resurrected into peace? Do you want to let the fear of physical death die so you can be resurrected into feeling fully relaxed in the flow of life? Do you want to let old upsets die so you can experience freedom and joy? Do you want to let an old identity die – one that identifies with suffering – so you can embrace yourself as nothing less than a magnificent child of the Divine?

Dear ones, what would you like to release so as to resurrect something better?

If you like, divide a piece of paper into two columns. On one side, make a list of what you wish to let go, and on the other write down what you wish to resurrect in its place.

The items on your list can be simple of profound. I want my messy closet to "die" so I can resurrect order. I want my old diet to "die" so I can eat food that nourishes me, body, and soul. I want an old upset to die, so I can resurrect innocence, joy, and freedom. I want my complaints about XYZ to die, so I can resurrect hope. Write down a list of all that you are willing to allow to die, and what you want to resurrect instead.

Now, every time you focus on one of the items that you wish to release, quickly switch to the one you want to resurrect. For example, if you open your messy closet and start to mutter, quickly switch to your desired resurrection. "Oh yes! I wish to resurrect order!" Take a moment and see how that might feel. How would it feel to resurrect order? Just imagine it. If you feel like doing something about it, do it. If not, don't.

You will quickly learn what you truly wish to release vs. what you don't, and we have no judgment whatsoever about any of it. Maybe you realize you are fine with your messy closet after all, but even in doing this exercise you have resurrected a higher vibration of peace. Maybe you get the sudden urge to clean it out, and you have once again found a path to peace. In either case, you resurrected peace with you!

Likewise, suppose you want to die unto an old upset with someone in your past in order to resurrect emotional freedom and joy. When you think of your old hurt, catch yourself and remind yourself, "I wish to resurrect emotional freedom and peace." Take a moment. Imagine that. Feel that. What would emotional freedom and peace feel like? This has nothing at all to do with the other person. This has to do with the energies you are resurrecting – calling to the surface – within your very own heart.

Your resurrection is always within your power, no matter the external world.

Death happens within first. Resurrection happens within first. As you shift your energies within, then your outer world can change. The choice to stay in a situation or mindset or to expand beyond it is up to you... and you have eternity to play with these energies! There is never any pressure from us to rebirth yourselves. There is only support to help you keep what you want alive within you, and move beyond what you don't.

Happy Passover dear ones. Happy Easter. Happy Spring, and to those of you in the southern hemisphere, Happy Autumn. Allow yourself at this wonderful time of year, to look at that which you want to keep alive, that which you want to release, and that which you want to resurrect within.

There is great Love moving to you and through you every day, but it is especially intense upon your earth at this time. Enjoy it, make use of it, and allow yourselves to resurrect yourself in any way you choose.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I got a composter for my birthday. I know that doesn't sound so exciting, but it was to me! I expanded the garden this year and the thought of recycling a lot of waste to turn it into rich, fertile soil appeals on so many levels! It arrived in quite a few pieces and took two hours to put together, but I couldn't have been more enthused. Immediately I filled it with shredded paper, kitchen scraps, a shovel full of good dirt, and a heaping scoop of compost starter. Every day more scraps go in, and every day I give it a few good turns. I'm letting my garbage die so I can resurrect fertile soil for the garden. What a joy!

In the past my shredder was one of my favorite spiritual tools. When a belief wasn't working in my life, I wrote it down and shredded it. When people wrote to me with unkindness I printed their words and shredded them. When something wasn't working in my life I wrote it down, and shredded it. When I was all done I lit a candle to symbolize the light I was resurrecting in place of the old. Now my composter is going to do a great job of allowing the old to "die" so the new can be resurrected!

We have many ways that we can let go of the old, and while my shredding/composting is humorous, a really effective way to shift to a new and better reality, is looking forward to and empowering the new life that we are creating. As the angels say, we can resurrect the energies we want to see.

Throughout this entire pandemic, I've been focused on a better, kinder life and world, not on avoiding sickness. I've worn my mask, washed my hands and disinfected, but I "whistle while I work" because I've no room in my spirit for the energies that tried to wreak havoc in our world. Likewise, rather than fighting racism, I've spent my life celebrating diversity, empowering equality, and speaking up about our true nature every chance I get. Rather than fighting political ideas I don't care for I'm working in my life to let behaviors I don't like die, and the ideals I do believe in resurrect at all times. I try to empower what I want, rather than fight what I don't. In this fashion I resurrect the energies I wish to experience.

There is a fine line between fighting something and letting it die off while resurrecting the new, but you'll know when you're focused on resurrection of the new because you feel good. It feels good to empower and think about a world where diversity is celebrated. It feels good to empower and think about a world of peace, freedom, allowance, and health. It feels good to focus on all the good people performing loving acts and speaking loving words, and all the kind and loving people in my life rather than fighting those in the world who are hateful or those in my life who wish me ill. It feels good to resurrect my happy, peaceful self, and let anything thoughts or beliefs that don't feel happy and peaceful die from lack of attention. Resurrection feels good.

So as we move forward, let us allow the things and thoughts and beliefs that don't empower us personally and as a human race to simply die off from lack of attention. Let us resurrect the things and thoughts and beliefs that do empower us personally and as a human race by paying attention to them, and empowering them with our actions and beliefs.

Here are a few pointers how to gracefully embrace death and resurrection:

1. Do the angels exercise from this week:

Get a piece of paper and divide it into two columns. On one side, write down the beliefs, situations, etc., that you want to allow to "die" in your life, and on the other right down what you want to resurrect.

I want to let my mess die / I want to resurrect order.

I want to let my complaints die / I want to resurrect hope.

I want to let my physical challenges die / I want to resurrect health

Do as many of these as you like. When you catch yourself focused on a situation or belief that you want to let die off, instead ask yourself, what would it feel like to be in my resurrected state? Imagine it. Feel it. Act if you are motivated, otherwise just enjoy the feeling.

As the angels say, you'll quickly know what you truly want to resurrect vs. what you really don't care about! And that is all OK, because either way you'll be resurrecting in a higher, happier vibe.

2. Compost, shred, burn, or bury your old beliefs

Write down beliefs that are no longer serving you as they arise. Burn(safely!), shred, bury, or compost them. Now light a candle and as you watch the light, imagine what you want to resurrect instead.

If you're a gardener, you can bury the old beliefs and when you're ready put a new plant over them that symbolizes what you are resurrecting.

3. Allow for nostalgia

Sometimes it is easy to let go of the old because we're so excited about the new. Sometimes we're just plain nostalgic and have a hard time. That's OK. You can take pictures, journal all the gifts the old situation gave you, write love letters to your old life, old beliefs, old house, or old job thanking it, or do any number of things to remind yourself – You keep the energy and gifts from all situations. You simply release either the form or the negative energy.

Happy Easter. Happy Passover. Happy change of season. We, as a human race, are changing seasons and, gracefully or not, moving towards a wonderfully resurrected world.

Love you all!



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