Even The Prickly Folks Eventually Blossom!

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

There is a mistaken notion upon your planet that being a loving person means you will make everyone happy, meet everyone's needs, listen to everyone's desires, and be “nice” even if that means putting your own feelings aside, ignoring your own needs, or being completely inauthentic. In reality dear ones, being a loving person simply means acknowledging that everyone has a right to be, exactly as they are, right now, right here, upon your planet earth.

That includes you.

Being a loving person means you will first look inside yourself in any given interaction and say to yourself, “What is my honest response to this person in front of me, and what is the most loving way to communicate, or the most loving action I can take… that include me?” This is new thinking for most of you. Most of you become defensive when you move away from another because you do not feel ok doing so. Many of you will put up with all manner of ill behaviors because you were not taught it is ok to remove yourself from unkind conditions. So many of you, because you love so deeply, will sacrifice yourselves to the point of exhaustion and resentment in an attempt to save and fix others.

This martyrdom, dear ones, does indeed spring from love, but is not the highest form of it. God's love says, “I create you all as magnificent beings. I live and breathe within you. I gave you free will so you can know my love or you can, if you insist, feel separate from it. I will not force you. I will allow you to come to this understanding in your own time. I will exist in a state of love and joy and patiently wait for you to come to know my presence within you.” If God, dear ones, who is the life and breath within you, allows beings on earth to continue in their illusions, so must you. God whispers words of love and encouragement in the hearts of all beings, and so can you, but if souls wish to continue in behaviors of misunderstanding and separation, grant them their journey, and simply withdraw your energies. Focus your sights instead upon the light.

You were meant to recognize the light within all beings. You were meant to allow others the dance they choose upon the earth. However, you were also meant to choose your own dance, your own dance partners, your own steps, and your own path. Rather than dancing to another's tune, falling into another's energy, or giving others the authority over your own life, dance to your own beat, stay in your own loving energy, give your own knowing the benefit of the doubt for your own life.

Being a loving person need not feel like martyrdom dear ones. If you are authentically including yourself in the equation of your own life, taking care of your own needs, listening to your own guidance, they you will become a beacon of light, and a soul who is naturally guided by God to assist those ready to receive the particular brand of love you have to offer. Bring your light into the darkness in others' lives when guided, or turn away from it. But in any case, dear ones, do not allow your light to be dimmed, for you are the lights here upon the world, and it is through your love, your joy, and your authentic expression here upon the earth that you do the most good.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
--The Angels

Message From Ann

I've been really happy lately, and of course, that means I've been finding a few souls along my path that challenge me to remain a loving person. I was at a spiritual gathering a month ago that was simply delightful. The room was wonderfully alive and uplifted as the angels spoke through a friend. Then a man in the audience spoke up and the energy in the room plummeted as he heckled the angels, his voice tinged with sarcasm and arrogance. I am usually able to shrug such things off but on this day, I felt my temperature and irritation rising. I had the feeling when I woke up that morning that I was in for some big spiritual growth. Now the opportunity was right in front of me. I usually just allow these angry souls to be. But today it was not going to be authentic for me to remain silent. I felt like I would burst if I didn't say something to him. I wanted to honor myself, and I also knew he had a right to be. I prayed with all the sincerity in my heart to allow whatever was needing to happen here, to happen with grace and kindness.

A bit of history is in order here. I've known this soul in past lives. 350 years ago he was responsible for cutting off my tongue and having his band of pirates rape me. I used to have vivid memories and nightmares of that lifetime, but that has long since stopped. After all, that was then and this was now! I wasn't holding grudge for prior lifetimes! Friends and I have worked with fragments of his soul in the other planes, trying to help him into the light, in the hopes of helping him find peace this lifetime. Unfortunately in all dimensions he remains stubborn, convinced he knows it all, while all the rest of us see his heart screaming out in pain, now knowing truly and deeply that he is worthy of God's love. We see beneath his façade, while he vehemently defends it. I realized as I was praying to know what to say, this soul was part of our soul family and we just wanted him to know that the angels and God really loved him. That was what I needed to say. That love was what wanted to burst through me. My irritation just stemmed from the fact that we had all worked so hard to help him through the centuries and he still didn't get it.

So after the meeting I went up to him. He knows me and he knows our past life history. “You know the angels love you so much,” I said. “We do too.” “Yeah I know,” he said rudely. Out of my mouth came (kindly thank God), “then why must you play such games with the angels and try to make them prove themselves. They love you.” He turned to me rudely and said, “Give it a rest.”

His words were straight from his soul to mine. I breathed them in. “Give it a rest!” “YES!” my soul screamed to me. “Give it a rest! Stop trying to save him Ann! Stop trying to convince him of God's love! Let him think whatever he wants and let him be whoever he wants to be. Withdraw your energy. Move away. Give it a rest!” In that moment I truly and deeply gave up the need to fix, save, or convince anyone of God's love. Of course, I'll keep proclaiming for all those who want to hear, but something finally shifted in me and I no longer had the need to “convince” anyone.

“Thank you! “ I said to him. “I've needed to hear that for centuries. I WILL give it a rest. I wish you all the best. I hope you come to know God really loves you some day. Thank you for the lessons. I'm cutting all karmic ties between us, and I release you to your own Thank you so much!”

I turned my back to him and erased his personality from my existence while wishing his soul all the best. As if I were sucking in strands of spaghetti, I pulled in all the roots and tentacles of my energy that I have invested in this man's lives in every dimension of space an time, sent him love, cut the cords, and gave him back to God.

I hadn't realized this soul had so much impact on my life. I rarely saw him, had more interaction with him in past lives, and didn't think of him often. Nonetheless, this angry, arrogant soul, was the one who finally helped me realize the futility of trying to “fix” or “save” someone who doesn't want it. He gave me a great gift, and I do still hold love for his soul in my heart and the hope that he someday really gets to know God's love.

A week later, after a long period without such things I received a vicious piece of hate mail from someone who found my website and had differing beliefs. It didn't even rattle me. I replied simply, “Thank you for sharing your views with us. All the best.” I didn't have any need to defend my goodness, nor any need to convince this unkind soul about the truth of my heart. He can figure it out what life is about on his own. Not only did I not breathe in his hatred, I was able to return kindness. Best of all I felt joyful after this interaction because I didn't waver from my loving truth!

For years, the angels have said that love always feels better. Now I know what they mean. It DOES feel better to love, but I didn't get to this space in my heart over night. I had to learn to love myself. I had to let myself be sad when I am sad, to allow myself to vent I private when upset. I had to look in the mirror when I was sick as a dog and see that there was something beautiful inside. I had to learn to ask for comfort when I felt tired, and to be honest with the world around me.

I'm sure the lessons will continue, but the angels are right. Loving does feel better. Start with yourself and from that space, all else follows.

Have a glorious week and if you aren't able to come to my seminar today, take a minute to tune in and receive the very loving energy we are sending out!

I love you all!


mari282 10th May 2012 6:20 am

I love your messages Ann. They always speak directly to what is occurring in my life. Thank you


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