Focusing Out of Fear

Hi All,

Today in honor of the recent Halloween Holiday, the angels talk about fear and how to move beyond it. I'll share some tips and tricks too, and how you avoid getting sucked into the world vibe when you're a super-sensitive empath.

Have a blessed & beautiful week :)
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Many of you celebrated your holiday of Halloween last week. You make light of the fearful and dress in ways that express your fantasies, alter egos, and sense of humor. You share sweetness with the children and decorate with colors that even bring to life the relationship between opposites – orange, the color of vibrant, passionate life and expression, and black, the color of a womb-like stillness and potential. In so many ways, you temporarily free yourselves from the fear of death and bring it to the party of life, so to speak. Then on the very next day, many of you celebrate your connection with the dear ones in spirit, be it via All Saints Day, Día de Los Muertos, or a variety of other global holidays that celebrate man's connection to those beyond.

We love these celebrations because they temporarily remind you of the love you have for those who are in the awareness of the eternal once again.

They help you make light of the thing you fear the most and acknowledge the life beyond. They allow you to play around with various costumes and identities and to connect with the innocent little ones who love their outfits, be it the ones they put on for the holiday or the physical costumes they were born within!

Can you imagine living this freely all the time? Can you imagine thinking of death and the things you fear and finding they are powerless to drag you into the depths? Can you imagine looking even at the death of a dear one and realizing that although you certainly miss and mourn their physical presence, they are present to you in ways far beyond what you experienced together as seemingly separate beings?

Can you imagine taking all your political, financial, and physical fears and making light of them as much as you make light of the fearful during your Halloween holiday? Dear ones, from the perspective of your human self, your fears feel grounded in "reality," but from the perspective of your soul – knowing its incredible power to create – your fears are without a vibrational foundation.

We are not making you wrong for your fears! You are human, conditioned and taught through experiences to be wary of what might come. Being angels, we must remind you that you are spirit, vibrational tuners, able to attract safely, security, connection, well-being, and so much more. We must remind you that the minute you have a fear, you can take deep breaths to calm your biology and then, from a calmer space, remind yourself, "I do not need to create what I fear. Let me focus instead upon that which I love."

The violence in your world has its roots in fear. The anger in the world has its roots in fear. The disease in your world has its roots in fear. Conversely, peace and harmony in your world are rooted in love. Compassion is born of love. Well-being comes from allowing love to flow freely through your physical vehicle.

You need not fear, dear ones. The external world has little power over those who manage their vibration consciously. Even if you're not there yet, you can keep proving to yourself that you are a powerful vibrational being.

Take one thing you love and think of it often. It can be a quality like peace or humor. It can be a person that embodies the qualities you love to interact with. It can be an item or an animal. Focus on how much you love this. Think of how much you love situations or beings like this. Feel into it by imagining you already have this quality or being in your life and enjoy the sensations as often as possible. Then see how this focused love reflects back to you in your life.

At first, you may see only opposites as your old beliefs don't let go easily, but if you persist, you will begin to see more and more evidence that vibration creates. You deserve to see all your fears and phobias in the same light as your Halloween figures and decorations – perhaps spooky but powerless to affect your reality if you vibrate to a higher love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I love Halloween. I tend more toward the cutesy ghouls than the macabre. I like the owls, the happy pumpkins, my "blingy bat," the fun ribbon wreaths, and the "witch hat" decor. My house looks like an explosion of autumn leaves, pumpkins, and cute little characters this time of year. I made myself a small "haunted village" out of dollar store dollhouses painted black and gilded with gold paint. It makes me laugh. This type of decor is "so not me" most of the year.

Several years ago, I attended my first Día de Los Muertos celebration and was struck by the outpouring of love for those in spirit. There was an entire mural dedicated to people's dear ones, and everywhere you looked, golden marigold garlands perfumed the air. Painted "candy skull" faces were living works of art. People were dressed in gorgeous, lavish costumes, and the hundreds of flickering candles reminded one constantly of the light within. Spanish music filled the air. Dancers pounded with a passionate rhythm. It was a celebration of the "dead" filled with so much life that even grief had to rest temporarily while we celebrated love and connection. It was one of the most beautiful celebrations.

It seems there is so much in the world to fear if we look at it from the traditional human sense. When I sit down late at night to watch craft tutorials on Youtube I am bombarded by hateful, mudslinging political ads that would easily suck one into the fear that there are those who have power over us. A friend tells me about a shooting and stabbing over senseless road rage just a few miles from my house. Many are living with bombs right now, and children are dying from tainted cough syrups in Indonesia. The fears of disease are still being pushed at us every night in drug ads that would have us all think we're doomed after 50, and the fear-mongering over the economy is as active as ever.

Happily, God's love is still as active as ever and far more powerful than any of these situations.

Divine love is the underlying current in the universe. When we pinch ourselves off from it, we get the unpleasantness we see in so many areas. When we remain vibrationally attuned to it, there's nothing to fear. We're eternal beings. We can tap into God's odds, a heavenly economy, and Divine protection. We can live in a reality so tuned into love that the rest of this nonsense may go on, but we don't have to participate in it. We can be "in the world but not of it."

After last week's little adventure with the unpleasant energies, I took a step back and looked at the vibrations I was sending out in several areas. I mostly attune to love. I haven't worried about money in years, although as a self-employed person, it ebbs and flows. I made a little pact to trust in God's economy a few years after I quit engineering, and even when I have a big bill, my first thought is, "Something will work out," and it always does.

I trust in the Divine ability to heal my body. When I accidentally do something to it, I remind myself, "My body knows what to do. The Divine lives within, and all I have to do is focus on something that feels like love. Everything is going in the right direction." I believe that, and so reality cooperates.

The area where I had to do some work on my vibe had to do with my empathic nature. I'm a tuner by trade. I tune into people, their loved ones, angels, pets, and even physical bodies in readings. I've tuned into inanimate objects and felt their reality. I feel everything at very deep levels. I never feel bad in readings because there, I'm focused on loving the person I'm with – no matter what they bring into the space. The focus on love dominates all other vibrations. People can be sad, mad, despondent, you name it, and I feel that, but I'm so focused on love that nothing altars my loving reality.

II must be more aware during my "downtime," where I sometimes forget how sensitive I am. I watched several tutorials on Youtube last Sunday. Within minutes, I started dropping things, tripping, and feeling insecure. After being barraged with political ads, I realized that I had started to feel a concern for the world. I was tapped into an icky vibe, tripping myself up! "Woah!" I nipped that energy in the bud instantly. "God is and always will be my God, and no one has more power over my world than that love," I reminded myself. I tuned into beautiful nature. I tuned into the love in heaven. It was amazing how instantaneously my day shifted back into grace, flow, and ease. A small vibrational shift can make a huge difference in your actual life. I love the stories so many of you have sent me about how your day changed when you got in a better vibe. We can all do this.

I have good news for all the super-sensitive empaths who read this. We are not victims of our sensitivity. We are powerful tuners who have to be a bit more responsible about how we tune if we want to feel good.

Just as easily as someone or something can grab our attention, and we feel it, we can choose our focus and feel what we've decided to tune into. This one single realization has shifted my whole perspective on empathy. I used to feel like a victim of my sensitivity. I used to dread being around unpleasant people or in crowds where people were worked up. Now I love my empathy. I can empath with a warm apple pie and practically taste it. I can empath with my angels and feel their love within seconds. I can empath with the light inside of someone displaying disturbing behavior and feel compassion or love for them. I can empath with the angels and all who love me and feel their outpouring. I can empath with the little wasps nesting in my garden who are sensitive as I am, and we can enjoy a shared moment of love and appreciation without any fear at all. Empathy can be fun when you choose your news and find your own focus.

So this week, focus on fun, not fear. Look for the good. Think about all you love. And in that reality, you'll find that fear becomes like a little Halloween ghost – just something to look at and not take too seriously because, after all, you are a powerful creator.

Here are a few tips to help you focus out of fear...

1. Calm the biology

We live in this beautiful biological life form called a body. It responds to our fears by shooting stress hormones into the system that alert the muscles to fight or flight, rob the brain and digestion of blood flow (no time to think or digest when you face danger), and at times, can even paralyze us. It isn't trying to harm us. If a tiger is sniffing nearby, these are useful functions!

The quickest way to calm the body is to trigger the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve tells the body to rest or digest. There are numerous videos on youtube showing how to do this. Singing, chanting, putting cold water on the face, or, best of all, deep, slow breathing will do the trick. The best breaths are slow inhales followed by even slower (boring-ly slow) exhales. I once asked the angels why this works, and they told me that after the danger is over, the first thing we do is release a big sigh with a giant exhale. The body developed this as a sign that "things are safe."

If you calm the biology first, it is much easier to focus past the fears.

2. Get present

Fear is almost always about what might/could/will/should happen. Rarely are we actually fearful about anything right in front of us. If the frightening thing is in front of us, we'll handle it and move beyond it more quickly than if the fear is imagined.

So stop. Look around. Touch your furniture. Sniff the air. Listen deeply to the sounds around you. As you draw your attention into the present, imagined fears start to lose their energy.

3. Focus on or flow love

Focus on something or someone you love. Think about it/he/she/them and let yourself feel the love you have for them. Really focus on the sensation. You can focus on people, food, places, shows, characters, you name it! Anyone or anything that inspires love will do.

Alternately flow love. Appreciate something or someone. Do something for someone else. It is impossible to feel fear while flowing love.

Fear is going around a lot these days, but we don't have to let it have power over us. We don't have to indulge our fears even, and we don't have to absorb the ones offered. As always, focus is the key. In the space of love, the fears can't exist, and while we might bounce back and forth for awhile while learning to focus more on love, love is the stronger energy and will always triumph over fear!

Have a blessed week :)



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