God's love exists within us, just waiting to expand into being

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

In all things dear friends you can find God for indeed God is within all things. When you look at the sky, there is God. When you look at the grass, there is God. When you look into the eyes of those you love, there is God, and when you look into the eyes of a stranger or even those you cannot stand, there is God.

Our message today is simple dear friends, short, sweet, and to the point. Seek God within all things. Look for the miraculous presence of love within all people. The hair on the head of the person you hate is a miracle of God's love. The soul that is buried within such pain is a miracle of God's love.

All souls, all things, all beings are worthy of your love dear friends. Challenges yourselves to find something you can love, no matter how small, about every single situation and ever being you encounter, and suddenly your world will seem a lot more loving :)

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

I sat down last Sunday night to prepare this newsletter, because I really like to get them done ahead of time. "Ok Angels," can we channel this one quickly, please?" I asked. I had no idea they'd take me so literally and give me such a short but important message!

It is easy to find love in the things and people we love. When I am out in nature I see God's love everywhere. In the mirror of the unfurling fern I remember that all potential for everything we can become likes waiting to expand within each of us. In each blossom I see a ripened fruit, a seed dropped to the ground once again and a new tree. In the grasses that grow in the springtime, I see the fertilizer for next years fields.

It is harder to see God's love in the difficult people in life. I was cut off in traffic several times while driving home from my hike. It seemed that so many people on the road were impatient to get ahead of one another. "See love," I heard the angels say. Hmmmm. They are excited about something, eager to get where they are going, and enthusiasm is love. Hmm... maybe that's the most love I can see in them in those situations, but it is a start. Certainly I just got out of the way and sent them love. No need for me to get upset over their urgency.

What about the people who have hurt you? Can you see love there? That is a bigger challenge, but certainly a worthy one. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about a former boyfriend that I had in my early thirties. He slept with every woman he could get, the minute I drove out of town. I'd forgiven him years ago, but this time I realized I wanted more for myself. I wanted to see him as God sees him. I no sooner prayed than the prayer was answered. I saw a little boy reaching out for love in the only way he knew how. "Hold me," his inner child was pleading. Make me feel good about myself. I sent his soul love, even though we haven't talked in years and hopefully never will. I'm done with that dance, but it feels good to see only love, and to see as God sees.

It is hard to put into words how deeply every being, every single facet of creation is loved by God and the angels, no matter what. God does not look at us as if we are flawed. God sees all unkind actions as misunderstandings. God knows every being is deserving of love from every other being, no matter what. "Love the soul," the angels clarify for us, "but you don't have to like or even stick around for bad behaviors!" That bit of wisdom has changed my life.

You can love the so-called unlovable people, by asking to see as God sees. You can love yourself enough to change the situation or move on. You can love the so-called unlovable situations by blessing them for the lessons learned. The sooner you do, the quicker things change. You can love yourself even when you don't feel so perfect, because in reality we are all created beautiful souls who are perfect in God's eyes.

As the Beatles sang so many years ago, "All You Need is Love!"

Love and joy! Have a great week,




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