Harvest time

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

In this season of fall many of you, no matter how old you are, are going "back to school" and this time dear ones the school is self-exploration! It is the season of harvest. Look at your lives right now. They are the harvest of all the choices and beliefs you have planted in the past. Is your life what the harvest you want it to be? If not dear ones, take time to plan a new garden of eden for yourselves. What is it you want in your future? What beliefs must you change to create that? What behaviors must you change? What must you begin in order to take the first steps towards your dreams?

Work on changing those beliefs. Get help in modifying those behaviors. Take those baby steps towards your dreams. You want to create more abundance? Speak abundantly. See the richness all around you. Take time every day to notice the areas in your life where you did experience abundance. Did you see the beautiful sunset? Experience a few moments of utter stillness? Look into the joyful eyes of a child? Get really creative here. You are trying to change your minds so you can change your lives.

Next, what behaviors support your abundance? Are you conscious of how you spend your money? Are you spending on things that make you feel abundant? Most would say, "Dear angels, we are spending all our money on our bills!" For some of you this is true, but if you want more abundance, be very honest with yourself. Keep a record and look at where your money goes. When you buy a cup of coffee or tea, do you sip it with love and appreciation? Does it make you feel abundantly joyful? Or do you simply gulp it down unconsciously and in doing so waste your own money. These may sound like simple things, dear ones, but these simple changes, change your vibration. Why did you not have a dollar in your purse for that lottery ticket you wanted? Is it because you gulped down a cup of coffee or tea and wasted it? Or is it because you bought your coffee or tea and savored every drop, and you feel so rich that you trust the money will always be there when you need it? Which is the richer reality dear friends? You know the answer in your own hearts.

Lastly, what steps must you take, in this example to create more money? What talents do you have that might become a side business? Where can you save a bit more? Be very impeccably honest with yourselves. Be creative. As you begin to take even the smallest steps towards having what you love, you tip your toes in a stream, in this case, of abundance. And as you witness the results, feeling more joyful and abundant in your own life, you will attract more.

Always dear ones, when you want to create, start by examining your beliefs, your behaviors, and your willingness to begin creating change. Be impeccably honest with yourselves. As you dig up the soil of your soul in this season of harvest, and look what the plantings of the past have given you, be ready to plan new garden of edens in your life, to plant new seeds of thought and try new behaviors. Prepare to take actions consistent with your goals! If you wanted tomatoes you would not plant potatoes once again! You are in charge of your lives dear friends, so much more than you can possibly imagine. You can create anything that truly arises within your own heart, for that seed is planted by God.

Enjoy the journey!

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann

I am very happy with my life overall these days. However, I do take inventory frequently and as I looked into all areas of my life, I saw one glaring spot in which I was not feeling bliss - and that was the area of my physical well being. I'm not sick by any means, but after injuring my foot in 2004, I never really got my physical structure back in balance. From time to time I did exercises, yoga, tai chi, etc, and although I love these disciplines, I recently started to feel that I needed more personal and specific attention to get my structure back in order.

I made a clear intention to be once again get strong, flexible, and aligned in my physical body. I know all manner of teachers and healers in the physical arena that I absolutely love, but I have never had clear direction on who to turn to for this help. Furthermore I've been somewhat reluctant to commit to large blocks of time away from home because I have so much at home I want to do! Finally one morning last week, it dawned on me to simply give the problem to heaven! I prayed, "God let me know very quickly and obviously who can best at this time in my life, assist me in becoming strong, flexible, and aligned. Please make this easy, convenient, affordable, and fun. Thank you."

Within two minutes I received a new friend request on facebook and thought nothing of accepting it. I pretty much view everyone as a friend! This new gentleman wrote back immediately and asked me if I would "LIKE" his business page. Ends up he is a personal trainer ten minutes from my home who specializes in strength and stretch flexibility training! His passion is helping people recover from surgery or injury. He also knows nutrition. Really! The angels outdid themselves on this one! It was obvious, easy, convenient, affordable, and I'm sure, it will be fun. So I had my first session this week and already feel encouraged. Neither pinball machines nor angel communicators are meant to "tilt" and I have been "tilted" far too long!

I talk to many people who, like me, have made decisions in the past that still affect them today. If I had it to do all over again, given the wisdom I have today, I would NOT have attempted to jump on a sawed off tree stump half my height in my tai chi instructor's back yard after he told me I was not strong enough to do it! Seven years later I'm still paying the consequences of that decision. However, the good news is that our life begins anew with each breath we breathe. If you don't like what you created in the past you always do something about it now, be it changing your attitude, your actions, your beliefs, or behaviors. I'm no longer willing to accept the pains of my past in any way, shape, or form. Life begins now, and now, and now again! And in this new breath that I breathe, in my new life beginning right now, I'm starting to get stronger, more flexible, and once again joyously excited to be in a human body that works wonderfully well!

Have a blessed week,


angelika 19th September 2011 6:09 am

Hi Ann,

I love your articles. They so often, like today's post, 'hit the spot'. It's such a 'happy' resonance.

I've noticed over the last week especially, that I'm becoming more aware when emotions that effect me are my own, or someone elses. It's quite magical and fun.

The angel message is accurate too. I've had money issues coming up for review lately and when I dug a bit deeper at what's behind it I notices a HUGE resistance to abundance. Fancy that! I'll do the prayer that worked so efficiently for you and expect the same good results!?!

Love & Blessings,

LordJesusChrist 19th September 2011 4:45 pm

Wonderful message, Ann! There are always abundant harvest but the workers are few. So, the Lord of the Harvest sends more workers to the field to gather the fruits. Alleluia! Amen! ******* My Good Wisdom
:thumbs: :angel: :smitten:

Tzaddi 20th September 2011 9:39 am

Thank you, Ann, for offering your perspectives on self-reflection and abundance. No matter how often these concepts are mentioned, they are needed now. I especially appreciated the personal example of your "foot journey." Blessings! ~Pam


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