Heavenly Money

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Today we'd like to speak to you about money. You love it. You hate it. You give it power over your days as you try to acquire it. You worry about it, wonder if you'll have enough of it, and want more of it. You spend it, give it away, save it, and sacrifice countless hours of your precious life for it.

In truth dear ones, money is meaningless to the soul if it does not represent your love. At the human level it is a great blessing if it is a symbol of love and a great curse if it becomes a symbol of fear.

Instead of praying for money, pray for what you want to experience. Pray for what you want to enjoy. Pray for what you want to share with the world. Money, in and of itself is useless unless it is used to create loving experiences in your own life or the lives of others.

Instead of praying for money to buy the car, pray for the car and imagine your joy in driving it! Instead of praying for money to pay the bills, pray for the ability to pay the bills and live comfortably, resting securely in the knowledge that you are always cared for by the Divine... and imagine what that security would feel like. Instead of praying for money for your children who aren't working as hard on their own manifestations – for what you want for them (yes we did say that - for what you want for them, because if they wanted something deeply enough, they'd manifest it!) – pray for your children to be happy and have all their dreams come true... and then envision them happy and content.

The Divine can work in mysterious ways. Say you want to rescue animals or feed the poor. You want a few hundred thousand dollars to open a shelter or a food kitchen. So you pray for money. Without realizing it, you are limiting how Divine Love can flow into your life and answer your prayer! It would be far better to pray, "Dear God, make me an instrument of your love. I want to help animals. I want to feed the poor. I want to do this in a big way and a meaningful way. I want to do it in cooperation with others of like mind. I want to find my tribe and make a contribution on this earth. Guide me."

This kind of prayer opens you allows so many wonderful possibilities for yourself and others. You have opened the faucet to allow God's love to pour into your life! You have allowed room for miracles! You might run into a farmer or restaurant owner who wants to donate excess food and needs someone to get it to those in need. You might run into someone who has a shelter and needs help raising money. You might marry someone who is doing what you want to do! Divine love is not limited but when you pray for money you limit the amount of Divine Love you can receive!

Here is another example. Suppose you don't know how you'll pay a bill. You are in fear. You start praying for money while feeling fear and lack. Dear ones, as soon as we say that you can see that you are negating your own prayers with your energy. Far better to say, "Thank you, God! I have a blessed life now. I have a roof over my head. I have shoes. I have comfy clothing and there are good people in the world. Thank you for the one who smiled at me in the grocery store yesterday. Thank you for the sunshine. Wow, I feel abundant! Oh, by the way, I have a bill but you've managed to run the universe so I trust you will help me." That is powerful dear ones! In this secure and confident energy, you cannot help but attract the assistance in paying your bills.

Your loving energy is of far more value than your money... and far more powerful. The stuff, the situations and the people you attract and direct will respond to your energy, so focus on, and pray for what you want to create, not the money to "get" it.

Money is only one of an infinite number of ways the Divine can help you exchange love upon the earth. Use it always as a symbol of love and so doing you will always have not only the money but also the love you wish to experience and express in your life.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

Many of you have heard this. I quit a lucrative career in engineering on guidance.Within a year had a job as "psychic in the window" at a local bookstore. If I was lucky I made $6 after taxes on a good day. I worked on the slowest day of the week, since I was the newest psychic there. It was, honestly, very frightening! My savings was going down and not much was coming in.

I prayed for money. Instead of sending me more clients, the angels taught me how to shift my energy... and therefore shifted my capacity to receive and allow for the Love that wanted to circulate through my life and work.

I didn't work harder, advertise, or get a second job. Instead I listened to the angels advice. I advertised on the "inner net" and focused on gratitude.

Every morning the angels told me to sit and feel how wonderful it felt to do something I loved. It was true. I loved talking to angels. I sat and thought about the love until my heart was filled with gratitude. Then they instructed me to imagine beaming that light out in all directions - like rays of sun, and simply to say, "If my work can help you and you'll honor the exchange, please find me." That was it. That was my "advertising."

After each client, the angels told me to give thanks for the ability to help someone and make it clear I was ready to serve more. So after each client I prayed, "Dear God thank you so much for giving me work I love that can help others! I'm ready to serve more." Another person would walk in a few minutes later.

People started walking into the bookstore on the slowest day of the week. Soon I was booked and my day became the busiest day of the week. When another psychic left I was given another day to work. That day started to book up in advance too! When the bookstore closed three years later, I had such a large base of clients I was able to survive on my own.

I now understand that praying for money is useless. The soul doesn't care about money. It cares about experience. Focus on the experience you want, the joy you will feel, the gratitude for what you already have, and absolute miracles can happen!

Here are a few pointers to help you make money a symbol of love, rather than a symbol for fear... and therefore keep it flowing in your life!

1. Give thanks for all you do have

The angels say, "A Grateful Heart is Always Full" and feeling this fullness puts you in a very abundant vibration.

A few weeks ago I took my 1998 car into the shop. This year she needed some very expensive repairs, but I love her and it is still less expensive for me to maintain her than buy a new one. However, I had just paid for a trip to donate my time and speak at an conference. I had just helped a friend. So it was a bit of a stretch at this time!

Nonetheless, after seeing so many miracles, I knew everything would be fine. I gave thanks for a car that has been so dependable, for a great mechanic, for the ability to sit in air conditioning while it was being fixed, for the Internet which gave me the ability to work, for my health, safety, etc...

I went home and several clients who had been behind in paying me, all of the sudden – that day – had paid me. I hadn't asked! A credit card suddenly announced some money back. People were suddenly generous. The bill was nearly all paid off within weeks, without me doing a thing other than keeping my energy in the vibration of abundance. Gratitude is the key...

2. Remember... The Power that Creates Universes Can Manage Your Life!

That statement always makes me roll with laughter! How is it we believe the creator can make our lungs breathe, our heart beat, coordinate the stars in the heavens, turn the seasons, move the tides... and yet we stress out that God can't or won't help us pay a bill? It's absurd to be afraid when you actually think like this and yet most of us were trained to worry!

One of the "Ann & the Angels" show viewers had some seriously large back taxes to be paid on her home. She was watching the manifesting series (2) and got into the vibration of faith. She mentioned her faith that she'd receive help to a friend. The friend was so impressed she was connected with a generous donor who paid her back taxes! This is how God works!

All things are possible with the infinite. Don't limit the Divine. When you don't know how, Source does.

3. Don't Plug Up God's arteries...

If you have money and you want something you can afford, enjoy it! No guilt, no shame, no worry about "what if I don't have more later!" You don't want to clog up God's arteries by letting fear pinch off the flow of abundance in your life. When you genuinely get something you want, you feel happy. You celebrate. You give thanks for your abundance... and that puts you in a vibration to attract more!

Every time I pay a bill, I say, "Thank you God. I'm ready for more." Every time I get something I like I say, "Thank you God for the abundance you have blessed me with."

I am not rich in the world's sense. I still work with clients every week, so I can pay the bills and give away all I do for free. But I live in a flow wherein I get what I need and give what God wants, realizing I don't have to worry about money, but rather can trust that I am only a conduit for love. I receive. I give, and in that flow everything is cared for.

Have a blessed, grateful, and abundant week... starting in your own heart!

Love you all!



ShelleyT 7th June 2017 11:47 am


kiwimuzz 8th June 2017 8:59 pm

A great reminder :thumbs:

Toni 9th June 2017 2:26 am

Yes...awesome... everything flows with love and the magnetics of gratitude. It does indeed.

Our car broke down today too... She does that...just stops & won't start again for a bit...(It's been an on going situation...We've replaced all the parts & the only thing left is the electrical fuel wire.) I am grateful she usually only conks within walking distance to home. Today when we went back to start her I got to see the most brilliant full sky rainbow. After much gratefulness for such an awesome sight (me that is...my son was thinking of Leprechauns) and a few attempts to start her we told her that if she didn't start we were going to give up and leave her there for the weekend and she would have to experience the humiliation of being towed come Monday. The next turn of the key after I said "I wish you would start" we could finally hear the fuel noise and sure enough she started. She reminds me a bit of Herbie...has a mind of her own. I wouldn't have seen that rainbow if she hadn't done her cantankerous thing tho. A gift.


GAF 12th June 2017 12:33 pm


Set your goals WITH the Divine, then allow the Divine - with Its higher perspective - to determine the "how."



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