How to Pray More Powerfully

Hi Dear Friends!

You can pray weakly or powerfully. The angels and I talk about how to pray with your whole being, not just your words.

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You have all heard the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” We would like to give you another one,

"When the heart is ready to receive the answers to your prayers help and guidance appears.”

Your prayers are beautiful to us because we hear the love in each and every one of them. We work very hard to answer the true desires within each and every one, but you - yourself - are in charge of how much you are capable of receiving. You are in charge of how strong a "signal" you send out with your prayers and how much you are able to receive. There are ways to pray that are more powerful than most of you were taught.

First of all, you need not get on your knees – literally or metaphorically. You are not begging a God outside of yourself who needs your subservience and worship. You are, instead, calling upon the very power that gives you life in much the same way as the cell in the body sends the body a signal about what it needs. So, when you pray, remember, you are one with the power that creates universes. You are not simply a child of God; you are an embodiment of God’s love. God wants for you what you want for you, as long as it is loving. Say your prayers with conviction, knowing you are worthy, they are heard, and if you believe – on all levels of your being – you will receive.

It is more powerful to pray for what you deeply, truly want, rather than just what you want to be rid of! Instead of “Dear God please get rid of my horrible coworker,” try, “Dear God, help me find peace with my coworker.” That might involve the coworker leaving, you getting a better job offer, you learning not to take this person personally, or even at times, them having a change of heart!

Rather than praying, “Dear God get rid of this disease,” try “Dear God, I intend to be fully healthy and vital. Boost my faith. Give me courage and confidence to believe so I can receive. Guide me and hold my hand every step of the way.”

Instead of, “Dear God I need help with this debt! I need more money,” try, “Dear God, I want so very much to believe in your abundance and constant supply for me. Boost my faith. Help me feel your constant love. Thank you for all you have given me. I am grateful for all I do have. I am ready to receive more. Open my heart so I may. Help me pay all my bills with grace and ease and be open to receiving my dreams.”

Pray from your heart. Pray for what you really want, not what you think you should want, say, or have. Sincere prayers have more energy!

Lastly, wait for your prayers to be answered in a state of faith and trust. Know that they will be answered in the right way and right time. Rather than worrying about whether or not they will be answered, assume you will get “that or better.” Assume everything that happens is part of the answer. Assume things are going well! Enjoy your life. Wait for guidance.

In truth, every thought, every word, every action emanates an energy from you and that energy is a true “prayer.” When you pray formally, talking to God, you are not handing a petition to an external God. Rather, through the energy generated by your heart and your words, you are sending signals – prayers – out to the universe and awaiting the honest echo in return.

Your prayers dear ones are your emanations. Positive, loving, confident, expectant, grateful emanations are the strongest prayers of all.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I pray all day, every day. "God help me have a wonderful day and be of joyful service. Bless me, my loved ones, my clients, mother earth, and all of humanity. Help me feel your love inside of me. Help me find time for lunch. Help me find my keys. Please remind me to call the repair man..." The list goes on! I talk to God like my personal friend because what greater friend is there, than the one who lives within us and gives us life.

Lately, I have been praying even more than usual! "Dear God, I intend to create perfect health and vitality in my mouth, teeth and gums naturally, in the most pain free, least invasive, and kind way possible, please. Thank you in advance!” I really got strong minded last week, and very specific and committed to what I wanted. Of course, answers to my prayers started to appear rapidly!

I have an angel friend who just showed up with supplements I didn't know I needed, but ones that help!

Within days I found a tiny mention in a comment on amazon about ozonated olive oil which I'd never heard of. Guidance steered me to read more. It tastes icky but has rave reviews for helping gums heal, so I ordered some. In just one night on my gums, they started healing. It was miraculous!

Another dear client is using a Qi Gong Frequency software program that assists the body in healing remotely. She has had huge success running the program for both people and animals and I'm deeply grateful for her help.

And oh, I love energy medicine so much, that when another wonderful client offered me sessions on her PEMF mat I was beyond thrilled. (If you haven’t heard of it, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field – PEMF – therapy is what Dr. Oz called the “medicine of the future”. You lay, fully clothed on a mat that sends a gentle, and specific set of safe electromagnetic frequencies similar to what the earth emits as well as specific healing frequencies pulsing through you.)

To me it felt like laying in an energy jacuzzi as the sweet frequencies sent me into states of absolute bliss, while healing my body. Suddenly my gums began to improve even more quickly, I felt less muscle tension, totally relaxed, and even enjoyed a very gentle and kind detox. It was incredible! Talk about pain-free, non-invasive, and kind!

I read more and learned that NASA has researched it, there are over 2000 double blind scientific studies, that prove its effectiveness, and the FDA has certified it for pain, inflammation, bone healing, and more. If you are in Phoenix, I have to share that Dr. Nancy at is offering inexpensive mat sessions as well as an informative talk and sample sessions on PEMF on the evening of August 28th. Email her for details.

God is like that. The power that creates universes, loves us, and lives within each and every one of us wants to help us. We either allow it or block it. I’ve blocked my own prayers one too many times with fears and doubts. We all have. However, when I get strong enough in my mind to believe and receive, I am in awe of the elegant, kind, loving, and mutually supportive solutions to my prayers that seem to appear out of thin air.

God's solutions are, after all, better and sweeter, more loving, and more all-encompassing that anything I could come up with on my own! Here's a cheer for praying more powerfully!

Here are a few things to help you pray more powerfully….

1. Pray for what you want, rather than getting rid of what you don’t 

The focus on something exciting, happy, and elevating always creates a more powerful prayer than praying for something that drags you down just thinking about it.

For example, when I was praying, “Help me heal this infection” it just kept my focus on the infection. It scared me, dragged me down to think of that. It was not an elevating prayer! It just reinforced my negative energy while focusing on the problem.

When I came to my spiritual senses and started praying, “Dear God, I intend to have healthy, teeth, mouth, and gums. Guide me in the most natural, non-invasive, kind ways. Thank you!” that felt powerful and elevating. Sure enough… it worked!

The energy you emanate as you pray is more important than the words. Use words the elevate your energy.

2. Pray like you’re an important part of the universe, because You Are!

You are an integral part of the universe and just like every cell in the body matters, you matter. You matter to God, the angels, and to life itself. Pray as if you know you have a right to ask for what you want, and that the Divine listens. Pray as if your needs matter. Pray as if your heart matters. Hold your head up high. Don’t beg or plead.

If you can’t reach this state of being, try one of my favorite prayers:

"Dear God boost my faith in your miraculous power. Boost my faith in your love for me. Give me your confidence in these prayers being answered. Help me trust that you hear me, love me, and will answer me. Help me feel your love and Presence rise up within me."

3. Enjoy your days and trust the journey

Once you pray, let go. Imagine sending your prayer off in a bubble of light to the heavens, or hand it to the angels. Being too attached to "how" and "when" the prayer is answered does not put you in the right energy to receive.

Surrender "how" and "when" and trust that the answers will come in perfection. Enjoy your days Trust the journey.

I get more answers to my prayers when I’m relaxed, happy, and not at all concerned about how or when they’ll be answered. This isn’t a game with God. It is an energetic state of being in trust and faith. When we’re attached to how and when, taking the universe’s pulse, and wondering if God is listening, we really are not in a state of full faith. We are in doubt. As the angels say, "Doubt be out, because it blocks your from receiving fully!"

Prayers are always heard. To the degree we believe, we will absolutely receive. As the angels once told me through my friend trance medium Summer Bacon, "When you can walk by faith, and not by sight… then you will have absolute miracles." I believe! I receive!

Love you all!



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