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My dear friends, we love you so very much,

It is easy to think that your future is affected by your past situations. If you got in debt yesterday you may feel it will take you a long time before you can enjoy abundance. If you were sick last week, you may feel it will take you a long time to recuperate. If your heart was broken yesterday you might believe that there is no hope for you in future relationships.

While it is human to project the past upon the future, we in the heavens experience an entirely different reality. We live in an eternal now, and we know that the past exists only insofar as we bring it with us. In each moment, in every breath, dear ones, can you fathom that your entire existence begins again. Your state of mind, heart, and emotions right now dictates what you will experience next. And you can change this in the very next breath.

Take a moment right now. Acknowledge all you have been through in your past. The pain, the joy, the challenges. You do not have to think of every incident, but just allow a summary, so to speak, to bubble up with your awareness. Bless each incident as you remember it. Think of it as something that shaped you, must as wind and rain shape the mountains, but no longer exist. You have been carved and chiseled by challenges, built up by joy... and yet dear ones, none of those circumstances exist in this moment. All that remains is the you that you wish to be, right here, right now.

Take a breath and as you do so, remind yourself, "As of this very moment, I get to choose who I wish to be. I get to choose, via the gift of focus, the energies I want to call into my reality. I can see sunshine or rain. I can see opportunity or dead ends. I can see possibility or futility. I can see pain, or I can see hope. I can see abundance or I can see lack. It is my choice." Now, summon your willpower by breathing deeply into your solar plexus, that area just above the navel and imagine you are drawing in light. You are drawing in truth. You are drawing in the deepest, most profound, and beautiful aspects of yourself. Using your willpower now, ask your heart, "What would you like me to focus upon." Trust the first thing that arises within.

Maybe your heart wants to you to focus upon yourself with compassion. Maybe it wants you to focus upon the sunshine. Maybe it wants you to focus upon the fact that although your entire body hurts, the tip of your nose feels quite nice! Maybe it wants you to focus upon the home you sit in, in spite of financial difficulties. Allow your heart to guide you. "Heart, what would you have me focus upon." Ask this throughout your week. Use your willpower to shift your focus according to your heart's guidance. After all, it knows best how to create each present moment, and how to guide you into kinder, gentler, and more loving futures.

God bless you. We love you so very much!
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

One of the most beautiful things the angels have taught me is a concept I still seek to learn more deeply – that our life starts over with every breath. No matter who or what hurts or was hard a few seconds ago, this moment offers a new opportunity to recreate life. No matter how hard the lessons we've learned or what "mistakes" we think we made, God doesn't keep score. One loving choice right now in this moment, changes your life and your whole future. We are creating in each moment. All the love in the universe is waiting to pour into our lives, with each breath, in every moment of every day.

"An ocean of love awaits you, the angels say, "but you have your hands on the faucet determining how much pours into your life." The power of focus is the tool we use to open ourselves to this love.

I'll never forget one of the most beautiful examples of this I ever experienced. I had been having a very rough day. I had been pounded by nasty energies. Upset human beings had been unkind. I was hormonal and as sensitive as I can get, and life just all seemed too much to handle. I had been crying. I didn't want to sit and feel sorry for myself, but I didn't know how to pull myself out of it, so I prayed a simple prayer. "Truth please. Bring me back to the truth of Your Love God. Bring me back to myself." Suddenly, standing there in my kitchen, my attention was completely drawn to a single rose blooming in one of the bushes in my yard. Like a moth flying to the flame I walked outside without a single thought, held its stem gently between my hands and inhaled deeply.

Tendrils of perfume wove their way, not only into my sense of smell, but bringing sense into my soul. In that single fragrance was woven all that is pure, good, beautiful, and true about life. I remembered heaven. I remembered the truth of love behind it all. Amidst the thorns of life, beauty emerged. This was real. This was what was given to all of us - beauty, grace, joy, love... the rest was just human misunderstandings. All it took was a single moment of focusing intently on something beautiful to drive the rest away. Sometimes it has been a single smile, a single sip of good coffee, a single memory of joy...

So this week if you find yourself dwelling on something that doesn't make you happy, do your best to find something better that does. When we watch television we have a choice to tune away from negative programs to positive ones, and we have this same power in our every day lives. Focus is a powerful tool. The world often teaches us to focus on what is wrong. And while we must correct the world's ills by focusing on the solutions, let us not dwell on the problems but rather reclaim our right to focus on all that is good, beautiful, and true... and in so doing, coax it to the surface in our hearts, minds, lives, and in this beautiful world.

Have a blessed week. I love you all!


Deeni 29th February 2016 12:44 pm

Thank You, Angels.

Thank You, Ann.

What a powerful, and beautiful message.

Thank You.

Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All. : )


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