Kicking The Worry Habit

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Worry is an unnatural emotion. It is born from feelings of disappointment, abandonment, lack, victimization, and helplessness. It is what humans beings have been trained to do and feel when they don't know what to do and feel. It gives the appearance of caring when in reality it masks true care. It allows you to focus on being helpless rather than taking responsibility for creating.

Yet, we would never judge it for we know it is an emotional "disease" passed along from generation to generation, culturally supported, and often used as a tool for manipulation. If you worry enough, you will watch the news more often to feel safe. If you worry about your health, you will spend more to prevent disease. If you worry about being lovable you will spend more trying to find a mate, become "more" beautiful, or dress stylishly. If you worry enough about someone, you hope they'll change to relieve you from your fear.

We say these things, not to be unloving, but to help you take a good look at worry and see it for what it really is. It is born from love. Beneath it is real love. Yet worry itself is not a very loving behavior, and serves little purpose. What lives beneath worry is beautiful. You care. You love. You want the best for yourself and those you love as well. This love is beautiful. It is the truth. The worry, however, reflects fear – a fear that something bad can happen, a fear that what you wish for yourself or others will not happen, a fear of feeling powerless to control your life or the fate of someone you love, or a fear of the past repeating itself.

If you want to relieve yourself of the habit of worry (and we do see it as a habit, not your deepest truth!), focus on the love that is underneath it. Focus on what you want to create.

Suppose you worry about money. You say, "I am worried I will not have enough!" The love in you says, "I always want more than enough. I have abundance. I live in an abundant universe! What was I worried about? I create abundance! I focus on abundance... Oh, whew... I am already there and more will come."

Suppose you worry about a loved one who is unhealthy or addicted. You say, "I am worried they will die or kill themselves! I am worried I am helpless to control that. I am really worried I will die of guilt and grief if they die. I am scared. I love them. I love me. I want to feel that they are safe. I don't want to feel all those bad things. OK, what can I do? I can focus on their light. I can focus on their radiant health and happiness. I can pray and get everyoneI know to pray. I can be healthy myself... Oh that's it! I can support the vibration of health on this planet! I can take care of my own well-being so even if they did die, I'd grieve, but I'd be OK. I wouldn't be dependent on their choices for my own happiness. There, that feels better... Now I still want them to live but I am taking an active role in supporting life in general."

You see yourself as powerless victims when you worry. We never ever see you as victims, but we know that through human habit and cultural conditioning, many of you have been programmed to play that role. Far more powerful to find the love beneath the worry and see how you can empower that love! You are incredible creators. Happily, you create only weakly with worry and strongly with love!.

Choose to kick the worry habit. It will require some effort and dedication, but the rewards for you and all you love will be abundant and beautiful!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

I didn't worry about much in life until my false life fell apart and I started living my real life! When I was an engineer, married, with a nice house and two dogs, life was pretty easy. I was doing what everyone expected of me and had a lot of support. Then I figured out who I really was. I got divorced, quit my job, became psychic in the window, and

All my external "crutches" were taken away. I had to start to generate my security from within. For the first time I didn't know how to "control" my life, and as a result, I worried about everything! I worried about whether or not I messed up my entire life. I worried about the friends I had lost and whether I'd ever be loved. I worried about my former husband and dogs. I worried about money. I worried about my clients. It was insanity and it hurt.

Little by little, the angels guided me to learn to manifest and to focus on what I wanted rather than on everything I thought I did wrong and everything I thought could go wrong.

Little by little things started to go right. I started to imagine the best instead of the worst. My business picked up. I travelled and found great joy, new friendships, and peace in my heart. I started to focus on people I cared about being happy and healthy. Not everyone stepped into those beautiful "energetic blueprint" as the angels call it, but I felt better, more empowered, and like I was giving all I could to assist.

Now I rarely worry about life's challenges. I know that either they will be solved as I am picturing them or in a better way. I know I'm loved, supported, and cared for by the universe. We all are. We just have to get our energy attuned to that love so we stop blocking it. The angels like to say, "God wants to pour a river of love into your life but your hand is on the faucet." When I have a financial challenge, I smile knowing God will come up with a solution or I'll have a bill to pay. When I have a health challenge, I embrace its lesson and picture myself well. When I see someone I love doing something self-destructive or in pain, I picture them feeling gloriously well.

Jesus, the yogis, and other spiritual masters have the ability to create miraculous healing because they picture the well-being and divine light of a person more strongly than the person pictures their illness.

Can you imagine a faith so solid it can "see beyond the illusions and appearances of pain and suffering in this material world, and instead see the truth of an abundant and glowing soul so strongly that this truth appears? I have achieved this a few times with clients, and am working on becoming stronger in my ability so I can help more people. We all can :) 

Here are a few pointers to help you kick the worry habit and embrace your soul's power to create a better outcome...

1. Turn every worry into a prayer and a powerful manifestation

Every time you catch yourself helplessly engaged in the worry habit, stop. Flip it. Find the love and the desire underneath it. Then pray. Picture the outcome you'd prefer. Imagine your bills paid, the world at peace, your loved ones happy and healthy.

This is how I've healed my body numerous times when very ill - I've pictured and remembered feeling good more strongly than I felt bad. It led to the guidance and solutions to fix problems that could have helped me into heaven otherwise!

2. Instead of telling others you worry about them, tell them how much you care

There is a bad habit in humanity of thinking others will feel your love if you tell them "you are worried about them." Instead most of the time it is annoying. It basically says, "I don't have faith in you. I want you to change so I feel better." Of course, that's not what we want to convey!

So instead of saying, "I'm worried about your health," say, "I love you! I am picturing you radiantly happy and healthy! I don't know how but I trust. I have faith in you and faith in God." That feels like love to your loved ones. They'll listen to your suggestions more easily. They'll be inspired. They'll feel your heart and care.

3. Embrace "not being in control"

I like to joke that it came as a shock to me that I don't run the universe and everyone else's life. We sometimes get so worked up because we want things to look a certain way and if they don't we're afraid horrible things will happen. In reality, the Creator wants a much more loving reality for all of us! our idea of a solution might just not be the one another soul needs to grow, or might not be the best.

It is fine to envision the outcome you want, to pray for and intend it, but always remember to add, "this or better." Thank GOD I don't run the universe! Or you :) We have only a fractional understanding of the greater good. So when you worry, by all means, intend what you want, but always leave room for better!

Surrendering control is not giving up on your desires but rather allowing room for something better.

 I wish you all a worry free week, or if you're not there yet at least a week of working to kick the worry habit.

Love you all!




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